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About Matthew

We have over ten years serving the patients of central London & the surrounding area.

zone1hearing has curated a list of what we consider to be the finest hearing instruments in the world and work tirelessly with the manufacturers to understand how to deliver the ultimate in performance from their technology.

In addition, we offer the Hypersound Clear 500P which is a phenomenal programmable speaker system for people who cannot hear their TV clearly.

This special system delivers their own personal beam of super-directed audio allowing them to enjoy viewing TV with others without disturbing them!

It is even programmed to the individual's hearing profile to take into account the unique characteristics of their hearing!

We have available free trials & hearing instruments which are exclusive to the independent market.

We also offer the revolutionary Vanish Reciever wire system to enable us to match your receivers to match any one of nine different skin tones!

Expert Answers

Hearing aids london

I am looking to get hearing aids for my grandmother, but I was wondering, are there any traveling...

A good audiologist testing at home should check the level of sound with a sound meter to see if the levels are appropriate. He or she should then either test with insert... Read more

Hearing aids london

What hearing aids are easiest to use for an elderly person?

Phonak Audeo Belong the rechargeable version would eliminate the need to change batteries. If dexterity prevents the use of domes custom tips for some patients can be easier to... Read more

Hearing aids london

What is the Roger Pen, and how can it help me hear better?

The Roger Pen in addition to being used as a mic (that can be used up to 20 meters/60 feet approx from the aided individual) can be used in conjunction with a neck worn device... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is nerve damage to the ear due to loud noise reversible?

Yes and no! If you are exposed to excessive levels of noise ie a concert you may get a temporary threshold shift ie your hearing ability will reduce temporarily however... Read more

Hearing aids london

I am 62 and new to hearing aids. My test shows loss in mid-range freq. I have to turn the TV up a...

Both manufacturers make good quality devices. At the moment the Opn (in the UK) is only available in the "1" spec ie top of the range. It may be that this is over... Read more

Hearing aids london

How much do hearing aids cost?

In the UK the answer ranges from £0-£3500+. The National Health Service (NHS) provides Hearing Aids for free for UK citizens. However the Hearing Aids tend to be "mature... Read more

Hearing aids london

I currently wear Phonak Audeo Q aids and need to purchase a new cell phone. Current phone (4s) h...

I have just spoken with Phonak about this very issue. A patient's Android connection to her ComPilot is rock solid but her iPhone tends to disconnect regularly.Apparently there... Read more

Hearing aids london

Which hearing aids reproduce music cleanly with no artefacts or distortion?

In my experience because of their large dynamic range, proprietary fitting formula & option of a dedicated music mode or dedicated music streaming mode I would say Widex... Read more

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