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About Matthew

We have over ten years serving the patients of central London & the surrounding area.

zone1hearing has curated a list of what we consider to be the finest hearing instruments in the world and work tirelessly with the manufacturers to understand how to deliver the ultimate in performance from their technology.

In addition, we offer the Hypersound Clear 500P which is a phenomenal programmable speaker system for people who cannot hear their TV clearly.

This special system delivers their own personal beam of super-directed audio allowing them to enjoy viewing TV with others without disturbing them!

It is even programmed to the individual's hearing profile to take into account the unique characteristics of their hearing!

We have available free trials & hearing instruments which are exclusive to the independent market.

We also offer the revolutionary Vanish Reciever wire system to enable us to match your receivers to match any one of nine different skin tones!

Expert Answers

Hearing aids london

I am looking to get hearing aids for my grandmother, but I was wondering, are there any traveling...

A good audiologist testing at home should check the level of sound with a sound meter to see if the levels are appropriate. He or she should then either test with insert... Read more

Hearing aids london

What hearing aids are easiest to use for an elderly person?

Phonak Audeo Belong the rechargeable version would eliminate the need to change batteries. If dexterity prevents the use of domes custom tips for some patients can be easier to... Read more

Hearing aids london

What is the Roger Pen, and how can it help me hear better?

The Roger Pen in addition to being used as a mic (that can be used up to 20 meters/60 feet approx from the aided individual) can be used in conjunction with a neck worn device... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is nerve damage to the ear due to loud noise reversible?

Yes and no! If you are exposed to excessive levels of noise ie a concert you may get a temporary threshold shift ie your hearing ability will reduce temporarily however... Read more

Hearing aids london

I am 62 and new to hearing aids. My test shows loss in mid-range freq. I have to turn the TV up a...

Both manufacturers make good quality devices. At the moment the Opn (in the UK) is only available in the "1" spec ie top of the range. It may be that this is over... Read more

Hearing aids london

How much do hearing aids cost?

In the UK the answer ranges from £0-£3500+. The National Health Service (NHS) provides Hearing Aids for free for UK citizens. However the Hearing Aids tend to be "mature... Read more

Hearing aids london

I currently wear Phonak Audeo Q aids and need to purchase a new cell phone. Current phone (4s) h...

I have just spoken with Phonak about this very issue. A patient's Android connection to her ComPilot is rock solid but her iPhone tends to disconnect regularly.Apparently there... Read more

Hearing aids london

What are the best hearing aids for musicians?

In my experience because of their large dynamic range, proprietary fitting formula & option of a dedicated music mode or dedicated music streaming mode I would say Widex... Read more

Hearing aids london

Just got new hearing aids today. How many hours a day should I wear them to begin with?

My advice would be to wear them as much as possible but have the ability to adjust them down typically with a physical remote or a remote in the form of an app. Having them set... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is the Oticon Opn hearing aid available with a telecoil option?

In the UK it is available to order from the end of May 2017 & will be shipped from early June 2017.There is also a firmware upgrade in the UK giving "speech rescue"... Read more

Hearing aids london

Does Oticon Opn work with Android phones?

Currently, the answer is yes and no!Using the On app the Opn's can be turned up and down and any additional programs which have been set up for the hearing aids will be... Read more

Hearing aids london

Does Resound LiNX 3D work with the Resound Relief tinnitus app?

The LiNX 3D range features Tinnitus Sound Generator with nature sounds.The tinnitus feature is activated in the Resound Smart 3D app which is the latest version.You click the... Read more

Hearing aids london

How long do rechargeable hearing aid batteries last? Do they need to be replaced frequently?

The Z-Power battery used in Unitron & Starkey devices among others should be changed once a year.If you have forgotten to charge them one advantage is that you can change... Read more

Hearing aids london

What is the best brand of hearing aid battery?

As well as standard batteries you have Z-POWER silver zinc batteries which are rechargeable. Once charged they should comfortably provide a full-day's worth of use and it is... Read more

Hearing aids london

Will Oticon release a microphone like the Resound multimic for the Oticon Opn?

To answer the question, at the moment: no. With regard to The Connect Clip which should be coming later in the year (will connect the Opn's to Android phones) Oticon's tech... Read more

Hearing aids london

Why are in-the-ear hearing aids skin colored? It makes them look like a phone from 20 years ago.

If you look at the inside of the aid (if the shell is clear) you can see all the wiring & components. If the faceplate were also to be transparent it would probably look... Read more

Hearing aids london

What are the risks of buying hearing aids online?

In the UK a company recently tried this route & suggested patients find an audiologist local to them to look after them & provide aftercare.There are a few drawbacks... Read more

Hearing aids london

I have severe to profound loss. Hearing aid companies are boasting about advances in feedback can...

A great feedback manager will never compensate for a poor fit. Simply put, some patients are a great candidate for a power dome and some others must have a custom tip to... Read more

Hearing aids london

Are there any rechargeable hearing aids that fit right in the ear?

For any UK based patients the answer is currently no. Unitron currently make the smallest rechargeable RIC (receiver in the canal aid, so a behind the ear device). It is pretty... Read more

Hearing aids london

How important is having my hearing aids fit in person versus buying over the internet?

Think of the hearing instruments as the building materials & the hearingcare professional as the builder. You could theoretically buy the hearing aids over the internet but... Read more

Hearing aids london

Are there any TV hearing devices that can help amplify the sound from my television?

I would suggest if it was audiologicaly appropriate then the Hypersound Audio 500P system would be a great option as it can transmit a super directed beam of sound based on the... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is the Phonak Audeo B Direct Made For iPhone?

To answer simply, no. It is made for any Bluetooth equipped phone be it an Android, Apple Windows or a simple clamshell phone like a Doro so you are not forced to have a Smart... Read more

Hearing aids london

I have sloping hearing loss that is moderate to severe at high frequencies. I am 47, male. My low...

The honest answer is if there were 10 options to cover your hearing loss, this would be choice 10 on the list!If you have normal/near normal low frequency hearing then you are... Read more

Hearing aids london

I have a wax filter stuck in my ear. How do I get it out?

In the UK you could go a couple of routes. The free option is to visit your GP who will most likely refer you to the ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) department of your local... Read more

Hearing aids london

Does the Phonak Vitro B Titanium go far enough into the canal to prevent the echo sound and heari...

The Virto B Titanium has had special blocks to be deeply inserted into the canal (to protect the ear drum during the impression taking process) with a "window" for your... Read more

Hearing aids london

What hearing aids have special features for tinnitus?

To echo what others have said here most hearing instruments have tinnitus maskers these days & amplification alone may provide sufficient masking effect that a masker isn't... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is it worth spending the money to buy higher technology hearing aids from the big brands?

When we as hearing care professionals use QuickSin (a hearing test which indicates how well you process speech in noise) it gives guidance as to how sophisticated a device you... Read more

Hearing aids london

I live in a Senior Home. Noise in dining room makes hearing impossible. I have tried Oticon Alta ...

This, unfortunately, is a common complaint I hear from a lot of patients. Part of the issue is that there are normally a lot of people talking in this kind of environment &... Read more

Hearing aids london

What is the average cost of a premium hearing aid? Should I purchase from Costco or an independe...

If we are to define the Premium as each manufacturer's top of the range device then in England the answer would be as little as £2500 a pair to as much as £5995.Often the... Read more

Hearing aids london

Are some telecoils better than others? The telecoil mode on my new Starkey Muse hearing aids isn'...

The default settings may be set to half loop half mic, you may want a loop which is loop only. It is also worth checking with your audiology professional that you have the... Read more

Hearing aids london

Do Made For iPhone hearing aids stream audio directly from Apple TV? If not, what's the best way ...

No you cannot connect currently to Apple TV.The best way to achieve hearing your TV better if you want to utilise a made for iPhone hearing aid is to use the manufacturer's TV... Read more

Hearing aids london

Are hearing aids waterproof?

As the dry (get it) technical information has been given I will give a few experiences of my patients. Approx 12-13 years ago when I qualified I would find patients visiting... Read more

Hearing aids london

What hearing aids are best for sensorineural hearing loss?

To add to what my esteemed colleagues have already said, sound quality is also certainly an important factor, so if you can (having had the hearing instruments correctly set... Read more

Hearing aids london

My audiologist recommended AGX hearing aids, but when I look at all the information on the intern...

I have to admit I have been qualified 13 years & I haven't heard of them!In the UK where my company operates there are a couple of the larger High Street Chains which... Read more

Hearing aids london

Are there any surgeries that can fix my hearing loss? The doctor says it's 'age related' ...

I think unless a full audiological assessment has been carried out saying it is age related isn't possible. If you are referring to a GP (General Practitioner) examining your... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is there a sound receiver for my deaf ear that can send sound to my hearing ear?

Yes there is a device called a Cros aid that can work with a regular aid to transmit the sound to the better hearing ear. These devices have really improved over the years... Read more

Hearing aids london

How do I know if rechargeable hearing aids are right for me? Which patients do you recommend rech...

I would recommend rechargable hearing aids to patients who want a behind the ear solution as in the ear hearing aids are not currently rechargeable.One trade off is the size of... Read more

Hearing aids london

Does any company sell hypoallergenic hearing aids?

It is possible to order a laquer-free custom shell with some manufacturers but if you were to have an adverse reaction to even that it is apparently possible to gold plate a... Read more

Hearing aids london

Which hearing aids provide truly hands-free calling with an iPhone? With or without additional ac...

Phonak & Unitron also allow a direct connection but you only get the call in one ear. One advantage though is you can connect not just with iPhones but Android phones in... Read more

Hearing aids london

How do I get rid of the constant whistling sound from my hearing aids?

One common reason for whistling from a hearing aid is a wax build up in the ear meaning the wax prevents the sound getting to the eardrum & it leaks out from around the... Read more

Hearing aids london

My first set of hearing aids were Resound. When I lost one, I was told I needed two brand new Res...

I don't think that sounds correct. If somebody can adapt from not wearing an aid to wearing one then then adapting from one brand to another should be far easier!

Hearing aids london

I have a high tone in my right ear. Do I need to see an audiologist or can I see any hearing prof...

It sounds as if you are referring to tinnitus.In the UK any audiology professional should be referring you to your GP who should then refer you on to an ENT Specialist to rule... Read more

Hearing aids london

My hearing aids are apparently "obsolete". Are there any aftermarket hearing aid repair shops?

In the UK manufacturers need to keep offering repairs for 5 years after they stop manufacturing a hearing aid model (warranties can last up to 5 years) but after that support... Read more

Hearing aids london

When will direct audio streaming from Android be available for the LiNX Quattro hearing aids?

Currently, it is slated for 2019 but no firm date has been set yet.The first phone thought to have the capability is the Google Pixel 3 with other phones to follow later.

Hearing aids london

What are the best ear plugs for comfort and noise protection?

In my experience custom solutions work far better for most people than off the shelf solutions. Sure the initial investment is a little higher but if you factor in the fact you... Read more

Hearing aids london

Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

Quite simply no.Quite often in forums an audiogram will be posted & the question will come up "What would you fit for this loss"?It is simply a starting What us... Read more


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