Melissa Wikoff, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Marietta
Melissa wikoff

Melissa Wikoff, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Marietta

Doctor of Audiology - Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
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About Melissa

Dr. Melissa Wikoff received her Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree from Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine’s Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences. Prior to receiving her doctorate, Dr. Wikoff completed a Capstone research study entitled: Role of Alpha-Synuclein in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. While studying in Maryland, Dr. Wikoff was a University Scholar in the Life Science Program and studied abroad in Belize, Central America. 

Dr. Wikoff is licensed to practice audiology in the state of Georgia. She is a board certified audiologist with the American Board of Audiology (ABA), a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), a fellow member of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), and a member of the Georgia Academy of Audiology (GAA). Dr. Wikoff was the first student ever to be appointed to the Board of Directors of the American Balance Society (ABS).

Originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Wikoff now resides in Atlanta with her husband, their daughter, and two lovable-but-crazy dogs. Dr. Wikoff loves to spin on her stationary bike, practice yoga, and play Mah jongg. Having seen the frustrating effects of hearing loss that affected her grandfathers after their service in World War II, Melissa dedicated herself to better, more personalized hearing healthcare, which she is now proud to provide in Marietta!

Expert Answers

Melissa wikoff

Does the Resound LiNX2 have a hands-free capability of talking on iPhone without bringing the iPh...

Yes, you will need to speak into your iPhone using the Reound Linx2.

Melissa wikoff

Why is it difficult to understand words with hearing aids?

Speech understanding is a complex process. During your audiological evaluation you may have testing done that can assess how you comprehend speech in both quiet and noisy... Read more

Melissa wikoff

Is it possible to upgrade my current hearing aid without purchasing a new device? I wear Phonak.

It depends on the manufacturer and model. Currently, you must purchase a new Phonak device to upgrade. Check with your audiologist to see if you would benefit from... Read more

Melissa wikoff

My provider only carries one brand of hearing aids. Is it important to have several brands to cho...

It is very important that a clinic work with a variety of manufacturers and devices. Every patient has a unique combination of hearing loss, sound perception, and lifestyle.... Read more

Melissa wikoff

Are there any rechargeable hearing aids that fit right in the ear?

Currently, there are no custom rechargeable devices. If you would like to recharge your hearing aid batteries, you will need a behind-the-ear style device. There are many small... Read more

Melissa wikoff

I have a wax filter stuck in my ear. How do I get it out?

I am so sorry to hear that. Please call your audiologist. Your audiologist can look inside your ear canal to confirm that something is stuck inside and we have tools for... Read more

Melissa wikoff

Are there any hearing aids that are safe to use while surfing?

This is a great question! I used to practice in Southern California and work with a lot of surfers. I am an amateur surfer myself! There is no hearing aid currently available... Read more

Melissa wikoff

Are Siemens hearing aids still available for purchase and is product support available?

Yes, Siemens hearing aids are still available for purchase and support! They are now under the brand name Signia.

Melissa wikoff

Is Costco a good place to buy hearing aids?

A big box store is definitely not a place for quality medical care. I shop at big box stores often for essentials like paper towels and soap.  I even use their butchers from... Read more

Melissa wikoff

How do I get rid of the constant whistling sound from my hearing aids?

If properly fit and programmed, you should not hear a constant whistling (called feedback) from your hearing aids. This almost always needs to be assessed by your audiologist.... Read more

Melissa wikoff

Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

I completely agree with the points stated by Dr. Tomko above. You must consider the patient as an individual person. The way we perceive sound, the sound environments we are... Read more


Hearing for Holocaust Survivors

Dr. Melissa Wikoff of Peachtree Hearing and Atlanta JFCS team up with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to provide free hearing aids and services to Holocaust Survivors in Atlanta, Georgia.

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