Mike alley

Michael Alley, MS

Clinical Audiologist in Rock Springs

Master of Science, Audiology
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American Academy of Audiology

About Michael

As a boy growing up in Wyoming in a ranching family, I became familiar with and loved the outdoors. These experiences formed and shaped who I would become. One expression my father would use as we would take livestock to the mountains was, “Let’s go to the high country.” As I grew, the “high country” became my passion. Packing, hiking, fishing and hunting in the mountains was what I loved. When it came time to begin my own business in Audiology, it seemed natural to name it High Country Hearing Center, which I did, and 20 years later I have joined with the Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics family. Indeed, the high country is in many ways the essence of where we live. So, join me on a new, fresh, exciting journey to better hearing in the High Country. Hear the wonders of your world. Welcome to High Country Hearing Center and Intermountain Audiology.

Mike was born and raised in rural Wyoming, attended the University of Wyoming, receiving his M.S. in Audiology in 1974. He worked for the state of Wyoming and the University for a short time. In 1979 he moved to Lander joining a private practice with two Ear Nose and Throat Physicians. After 20 years in this practice, Mike began working on his own and opened another office in Rock Springs. These two offices serve West Central and Southwest Wyoming. He has never had a desire to live anywhere else and remains entrenched, engaged and in love with the High Country of Wyoming and it’s people.

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Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

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