Rachel Magann Faivre, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Oklahoma City
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Rachel Magann Faivre, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Oklahoma City

Doctor of Audiology - Northern Illinois University
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About Rachel

Dr. Rachel A. Magann Faivre is an Audiologist and Adult Clinic Director at Hearts for Hearing. She earned her B.S. in Zoology at the University of Oklahoma, her Doctorate in Audiology at Northern Illinois University, and completed her clinical fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.

She has a passion for being active in state and national audiology organizations, particularly concerning advocacy, patients’ rights issues, and teaching student leadership. She empathizes with patients when discussing hearing loss and is dedicated to creating a positive and integrative hearing healthcare experience so her patients leave informed and confident. Outside of audiology, she finds peace in her marriage, animals, crafting, network of supportive friends and family, keeping active, reading, and traveling all over the world. An Oklahoma native, Dr. Magann Faivre works with patients of all ages and levels of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Expert Answers

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Are LiNX2 ITE hearing aids more susceptible to moisture than Phonak Virto hearing aids?

Custom hearing device products do not have IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, only behind-the-ear devices do. For moisture, the highest score a product can receive is an 8, which... Read more

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Does Starkey plan to market a TV streamer for Halo 2

Currently there is no accessory/TV streamer option for the Halo 2. Starkey's accessories run off a 900MHz wireless technology, which work with all but their Halo 2 devices. The... Read more

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Is there an in-the-ear hearing aid available for high frequency profound hearing loss?

If you have a profound hearing loss in the high frequencies, you more than likely are going to need a hearing aid with frequency lowering technology. This technology is widely... Read more

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Which company makes the best rechargeable hearing aids?

Phonak has released the latest version of rechargeable hearing aids. They also offer many accessories to accompany them.

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What is the best Personal Sound Amplification Device?

There are several good and bad personal sound amplification devices (PSAPs) available. What will work best for someone depends on where they have difficulties hearing or... Read more

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Sometimes my Resound LiNX 7 suddenly disconnects and then immediately restarts. Instead of hearin...

The double beeps you hear indicate you've put your devices in airplane mode. This typically happens when you open and shut your battery doors two times in a short time period... Read more

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Where can I donate hearing aids?

Hearts for Hearing is a 501c3 non-profit in Oklahoma City. We accept and appreciate donated hearing aids and are able to send a tax letter if desired. 11500 N Portland Ave,... Read more

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Is there a sound receiver for my deaf ear that can send sound to my hearing ear?

Yes. What you’re looking for is a Cros/Bi-Cros system. Widex, Phonak, Starkey, and Signia all make them. My patients tend to prefer the Widex ones, however, all of them are... Read more

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