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Raji Parangad, MAud

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Wellington Point

Masters of Audiology
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Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner Audiological Society of Australia International Hearing Society

About Raji

Adult and children hearing test. Adult rehabilitation including but not limited to hearing aids. Tinnitus assessment and clinic. Work with local GP's and ENT's to give you the best solution for your hearing health needs..Local independent clinic. 20 years of experience. 

Expert Answers

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What hearing aids are easiest to use for an elderly person?

It depends of the dexterity and eye sight along with of couse the degree of hearing loss. Your Audiologist usually will have demonstration models which you could try on. Try... Read more

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Why is it difficult to understand words with hearing aids?

Understanding speech ( which we take for granted) is not a passive proces. It involves many higher level processing and interpretation. Hence if you look at hearing literature... Read more

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Is nerve damage to the ear due to loud noise reversible?

The effects of noise damage deoends on duration and frequency of noise exposure along with the intensity of sound. Get an audiogram done to see if there is a  damage to... Read more

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What is the Roger Pen, and how can it help me hear better?

In essence it is an acessory that works in conjunction with your hearing device designed mainly for better speech underrstanding in noisy environment. 

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I have a cochlear Baha 5 SuperPower implant on my left side and wear a ReSound hearing aid on rig...

Depends if you are a candidate for BAHA in the other ear. Which will be determined by your ear health professional. I get the feeling you are not doing too well with your GN... Read more

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My ENT recommend Soundhawk to help with tinnitus is this possible?

Tinnitus is a  symptom not a desease. I am assuming all medical tests have been conducted are any underlying medical pathology ruled out. Ypu need to see an Audiogogist , get a... Read more

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My grandparents are in their 90's and are interested in hearing aids, but they are also nervous t...

Hearing aids would be highly benificial ti improve their quality of life. Modern aids are very simple to use and manage. The newer rechargable aids will take the hassle of... Read more

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Is Phonak Audeo B a significant upgrade to Audeo V?

Audeo B has faster processing time and teh main difference would be the introduction of rechargable hearing aids in certain models. 

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I'm suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss of maybe 10-20%. Would the Oticon Nera2 would help me?

It is a good device. A hearing aid will not only improve your hearing acquity but will also have the added benefit of masking the tinnitus noise giving yu some relief from the... Read more

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I am considering upgrading from the Resound Verso to the Resound LiNX2 962. How much improvement ...

Better processing speed means better speech discrimination in nosie . It will be  a plus. 

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What is the expected battery life for a hearing aid with moderate wireless iPhone use?

One of the most important questions to ask would be what is the size of the battery? The larger the battery, the longer the life. For example, a power behind the ear hearing... Read more

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I have the flu and my right ear feels blocked and is ringing constantly. It is impacting on my he...

If you have an upper respiratory tract infection there is a chance that your middle ear ventilation is effected due to fluid build up. You should see your local doctor. Get... Read more

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How do I find an audiologist who is good at programming hearing aids for reverse slope hearing lo...

The simplest way to answer the question is if your hearing aid provider solely relies on manufactures software for fitting and programming an aid for a loss predominantly at... Read more

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Do Made For iPhone hearing aids stream audio directly from Apple TV? If not, what's the best way ...

The 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV allows blue tooth compatibility only with a blue tooth key board. So direct streaming to your hearing aid is not possible. Depending on the... Read more

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Does healthcare insurance ever cover the cost of hearing aid accessories like TV streamers, etc?

In Australia, so far in last 15 years I haven't come across any private insurer cover the cost of accessories including streamers.  However, may be worthwhile calling up ur... Read more

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My Eustachian tubes close frequently and I open them with the usual jaw movements. How does this ...

looks like there is more going on here. See an ENT to look for underlying pathology. 

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I feel like I am hearing my heartbeat in my ears. It's driving me crazy. What should I do?

You need to see your doctor,  get a diagnostic audiogram done. There could be underlying medical condition.

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