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Roberta Singer, MS

Roberta Singer, Audiologist in Wakefield

Master of Science, Audiology
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Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology

About Roberta

Home Hearing Help is a concierge service designed to bring the best in hearing health care at the lowest cost directly to your door.  We are open for help every day, including weekends.  We have over 30 years of success and experience.

Expert Answers

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I am looking to get hearing aids for my grandmother, but I was wondering, are there any traveling...

There is a new breed of audiologist out there for just such circumstances.  We are concierge audiologists.  We come to you  (or your grandmother) to avoid transportation issues... Read more

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I have sloping hearing loss that is moderate to severe at high frequencies. I am 47, male. My low...

Generally speaking, open fit hearing aids may be a best first choice; however there are many people who have your hearing loss and would prefer to have the "no hearing aid"... Read more

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I have a wax filter stuck in my ear. How do I get it out?

Two things you want to do now are:1.  Have either your audiologist remove it quickly and easily.  This will be free v. going to your doctor.2.  While there, have your... Read more

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Adult Hearing Evaluations

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