Ronna Fisher, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Cook County
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Ronna Fisher, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Cook County

Doctor of Audiology - Pennsylvania College of Optometry - School of Audiology
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About Ronna

Dr. Ronna Fisher, Au.D., FAAA established Hearing Health Center in 1984 in honor of her father, whom she never had a chance to help. “My dad died at 53 years old, while I was still in graduate school. Because I couldn’t change his life, I’ve dedicated mine to making sure my patients don’t miss the important moments and voices in their lives.”

“My dad started having trouble with his hearing in his thirties as a result of rheumatic fever. As his hearing got worse, my parents stopped doing a lot of things and going to places they once enjoyed. They quit going to movies and plays because he couldn’t understand most of what was said. Restaurants were torture – he missed the punch line of jokes and couldn’t participate in most of the conversations. Places that had background noise or lots of people were always sources of embarrassment and humiliation. My dad’s inability to hear clearly didn’t just affect him. If affected everyone around him. My mother would accuse him of not listening and not paying attention to her. His colleagues thought he was “stuck up” when he didn’t acknowledge their greetings. Clients were disgruntled when he misheard what they said. His children, including me, were impatient and angry at having to repeat everything all the time. The most common phrases around our house were ‘never mind,’ ‘forget it,’ and ‘it’s not important.’ Well, it was important. My dad missed so much of my life – and it didn’t have to be that way.”

Dr. Fisher founded the Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care, a not for profit organization, in 2005. The goals of the Foundation are:

Provide-“No one should ever be denied the ability to communicate because of money. We provide hearing aids and services to anyone that can’t afford them and get help through other means.”

Educate-“You don’t hear with your ears. You hear with your brain. Most people don’t realize how much just a little bit of lack of clarity can impact their brain. They think difficulty hearing and getting older are normal. It is never normal not to hear. And even a little bit of difficulty means the brain isn’t getting stimulated. Any lack of stimulation causes memory problems, increases the risk of losing your balance and falling, and causes a degeneration of brain tissue and grey matter. People need to know this.”

Donate-“We want to give back to those that help and protect us. The number one disability of our troops returning from overseas is hearing loss and tinnitus. The exposure to gunfire and land mine explosions cause irreversible damage to the brain and auditory system. It can be prevented with adequate protection.

Dr. Fisher received her doctoral degree in Audiology from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, has earned the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, and is an active member of the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists, American Tinnitus Association, and the Illinois Academy of Audiology.


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