Sarah Curtis, AuD - Audiologist in Concord Township
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Sarah Curtis, AuD

Audiologist in Concord Township

Doctor of Audiology - University of Tennessee
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About Sarah

Following 8 years of community nonprofit and hospital-based audiology, treating patients of all ages and from diverse populations, both well and medically complex, I was inspired to begin my own practice.

I believe that far too many people suffer from hearing loss but also from inadequate, overpriced low value hearing services.

As a doctor of audiology passionate about the best interests of my patients, and patients to be, I keep up with the latest research, technologies, tips, tricks, and tools to not only thoroughly evaluate hearing and diagnose hearing loss, but also to rehabilitate hearing loss and other hearing disorders. I am an innovative provider and every patient and family is involved in their own care.

Whether you're the parent of an infant with hearing loss, a child with auditory processing disorder, or an adult who has given up on the things they love in life because of hearing loss, I am here for you - improving your life is my mission!

Expert Answers

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Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

Simply looking at an audiogram does not provide enough information to select a hearing aid. Many patient-related factors must be considered. For example, the shape or texture... Read more

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Sounds of Life Hearing Center
8007 Auburn Road, Suite 1
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Adult Hearing Evaluations

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