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Doctor of Audiology in Deerfield

Doctor of Audiology - Arizona School of Health Sciences
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About Sheri

I was born and raised in Chicago by two wonderful parents who insisted that my sister and I attend college. I am extremely lucky to have an established and wonderful career where I change people's lives every day. Our practice is small and we take great pride in the care we provide our patients. We know our patients, their families and they know our families as well. Personalized service and attention is always at the forefront. I am happily married with two beautiful daughters and recently added to our family one son!


Expert Answers


Are LiNX2 ITE hearing aids more susceptible to moisture than Phonak Virto hearing aids?

In the ear products are not rated for moisture resistance. All of the big manufacturers have well made products. Because you are putting an electronic device in a dark and... Read more


Which in-the-ear hearing aids are best for moderate-to-profound hearing loss? I'm a 45 year-old l...

All of the big manufacturers have custom products powerful enough to accommodate your hearing needs, however, it is more important that you find a provider who will care for... Read more


What's the difference between an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist?

A hearing health provider's title is distinguished by level of education which determines the type of service and care allowed. A dispensing license can be obtained with the... Read more


What is sensorineural hearing loss?

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss in adults. It is a result of damage to the hearing nerve and is irreversible. Treatment for most... Read more


Are the new Oticon Opn hearing aids really that much better in background noise? I am considering...

We have only fit a handful of patients so far. But, so far the feedback (no pun intended) has been great for hearing in noise! We all have different abilities to hear in... Read more


What iPhone apps are good for people with hearing loss? What are you recommending to your patients?

In my opinion. It is not which app is best, but which hearing solution/app meets your specific needs. The solution should be customized for you according to your specific... Read more


Why doesn't the hearing aid push button change the sound when I press it?

The button needs to be "adjusted or programmed" by your provider in order for it to function. Or maybe the button is broken. I'd make an appointment to see your hearing... Read more


Is Phonak Audeo V a significant upgrade to Audeo Q ?

Yes the sound quality is much cleaner and clearer as the new technology works harder and smarter. You won't be disappointed!


Is it true that some hearing aids are locked? I am considering purchasing hearing aids at Costco,...

The answer to your question is yes. But consider this as well as I play the devil's advocate. There are 6 major hearing aid manufacturers in the market place and if you move... Read more


Does Oticon Opn allow me to stream calls directly from an iPhone like the Linx or Halo aid?

Yes, the new Oticon product is iPhone compatible and will stream through both ears as the Resound and Starkey products do. An iPhone 5 or greater is needed to accomplish this.


I have the StreamLine TV, Pure 13 BT Primax, and a Samsung Android phone. Which apps do I use to ...

An app that will stream live TV through your devices is called Tunity.  It will be of help when you are not at home. 

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