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Expert Answers

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Is Phonak Audeo V a significant upgrade to Audeo Q ?

To be honest, I really do not know the difference and I have not had any of my patients compare the V's to the Q's.  I do know that when a hearing aid manufacturer comes out... Read more

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Is there a product I can purchase to reduce the chance of losing my hearing aids? I lead a very a...

I would also recommend EarGear.  The other recommendation would be to have custom earmolds made to put over the end of the reciever.  These will help keep the receivers... Read more

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Does Starkey plan to market a TV streamer for Halo 2

While attending a conference at Starkey in May, I asked the Starkey people at my dinner table about this very thing.  The basically said that they were working on it.  They... Read more

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Is there an in-the-ear hearing aid available for high frequency profound hearing loss?

l would suggest a Resound custom hearing aid with a remote microphone. This unique design has the advantage of placing the microphone outside the hearing aid and tucked... Read more

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Is it worth spending the money to buy higher technology hearing aids from the big brands?

As a hearing aid provider,  I often let my patients try more than one level of technology.  The happiest hearing aid wearers are the ones who purchase the premium products.... Read more


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