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Timothy Charles Steele, PhD

Audiologist in Overland Park

Doctor of Philosophy in Audiology - University of Kansas
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About Timothy

Timothy C. Steele, Ph.D., FAAA, president of Associated Audiologists, Inc., has extensive experience in the field of audiology. He is a clinical assistant professor and has an ad hoc graduate faculty appointment at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he has taught audiology coursework and provides clinical instruction. He also provides clinical instruction for audiology programs in the region. He earned his doctorate of philosophy in audiology degree from the University of Kansas. Dr. Steele’s research interests and passion are in the areas of hearing loss rehabilitation and hearing aids.  Clinically, he see patients and provides supervision and guidance for the practices six clinics and 15 audiologists.

Expert Answers

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Is there a product I can purchase to reduce the chance of losing my hearing aids? I lead a very a...

We recommend otoclips which are adult versions of the critter clips mentioned in another expert answer.  These cost approximately $5-15.  I would probably suggest the binaural... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Which hearing aids have the best directional microphones?

Technically, I believe all manufacturers use the same microphones but the algorithms that each digital hearing aid uses for processing vary greatly.  I think it would be... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

How do hearing aids help tinnitus?

First and foremost it's important that you work with an audiologist to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation performed if you are experiencing bothersome tinnitus. In some... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

My 9-year-old daughter just got over an ear infection, she has been finished her antibiotics for ...

It can take time for the middle ear swelling and fluid to resolve even after completion of antibiotics.  If she is experiencing pain or drainage in her ear canal, then you... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Just got new hearing aids today. How many hours a day should I wear them to begin with?

There is certainly no harm in wearing them regularly during your waking hours and probably more evidence to support consistent use being tied to better long-term outcomes.... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

We are considering a behind the ear hearing aid for my adult son with special needs. There are ti...

This is a common question but we rarely see it as a problem.  However, without knowing your son's specific needs, I can appreciate your concern.  We've had success in the past... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Where can I donate hearing aids?

Another option for hearing aid donation is through the Sertoma organization.  They can utilize donated hearing aids to help support those in need in local communities. Here's a... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

I have profound hearing loss and the Naida V50 with the UP RIC sounds great but can be too powerf...

I believe these are important questions addressed between you and your audiologist.  There are many variables that make decisions like this such as your... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

How do I stop my hearing from getting worse?

Although it is true that some aspects of decreased hearing may be out of your control (such as genetics, pre-existing conditions, etc), there are some variables that you can... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

What are the options for dealing with hyperacusis and hearing loss?

Each case of someone dealing with hyperacusis and hearing loss is highly individual.  The treatment plan and options vary greatly but usually include delicately treating the... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

I have severe to profound loss. Hearing aid companies are boasting about advances in feedback can...

It's difficult to answer without seeing your ear canal or understanding your exact hearing loss but it's likely not appropriate for someone with a severe-profound hearing loss... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

How important is having my hearing aids fit in person versus buying over the internet?

The most commonly misunderstood variable to successful rehabilitation with hearing aid use is the belief that it is due only to the device.  Although the hearing aid is one... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

I have a severe to profound loss in both ears. I've always worn the full shell ITE aids. I like...

Without consulting in person by examining your test results, discussing your preferences or seeing your ear canal, the most likely answer to your question is yes.... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

What hearing aids have special features for tinnitus?

As others have indicated, there are many hearing aid options to assist with tinnitus.  In fact, we find that utilizing appropriately fit hearing aid technology alone can assist... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Can hearing aids cause further hearing loss?

When a hearing aid is appropriately fit, programmed, verified, and validated, there should not be any concerns of hearing loss caused by hearing aid use.  Documenting a... Read more

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

I feel like I am hearing my heartbeat in my ears. It's driving me crazy. What should I do?

I would recommend you schedule a diagnostic hearing evaluation with an audiologist and then they can determine if an ENT/Otologic consultation would be warranted following the... Read more

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