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Tina Patton, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Phoenix

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
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About Tina

Living in Arizona for over 20 years, Tina has worked in hearing healthcare for nearly a decade. She is Arizona Board licensed and has been certified by the National Board in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

In her late twenties, Tina’s brother, Bary, discovered her hearing loss. A doctor of audiology, he noticed she was missing certain sounds and phrases. Born with a congenital hearing loss, Bary had worn hearing aids since he was five years old. Tina has worn hearing aids now for over 20 years. With her brother as mentor, Tina began working in the hearing healthcare industry several years ago. They worked together in Peoria and Mesa. When Bary retired, Tina opened her own office in Ahwatukee, where she currently resides.

Expert Answers

Tina exceptional hearing care phoenix 253x300

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