Valerie Dempsey, BSc - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Indianapolis
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Valerie Dempsey, BSc

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Indianapolis

Bachelor of Science - Indiana University
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Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences International Hearing Society

About Valerie

I'm a board certified hearing instrument specialist, with dispensing experience with multiple brands of hearing aids since 2000 through current.  I specialize with wireless and made for iPhone technology.  I can be booked at any of my 6 central Indiana locations, and I make house calls too.  Locations can be found at  I am passionate about helping people dealing with hearing loss reconnect with the precious sounds of life, and their loved ones.  

Expert Answers

Val with ear

When will direct audio streaming from Android be available for the LiNX Quattro hearing aids?

I was told that it is in the works and it is up to Android when it will be released.  It will only be for the Quattro products from my limited understanding.  I expect that... Read more

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