Rechargeable Hearing Aid Best Practices

01 March 2019

Zpower Rechargeable Tips 2

The ZPower Rechargeable System for hearing aids has exploded in popularity over the past two years. Initially only available as a retrofit rechargeable system for the Beltone First (in late 2015), ZPower has expanded its product lineup rapidly to add support for flagship hearing aid models from eleven hearing aid companies. With retrofit rechargeable systems available for the ReSound LiNX 3D, Oticon Opn, Starkey Muse, and Widex Beyond Z, and integrated solutions available for multiple Unitron hearing aids, there are now more options than ever for hearing aid users looking for rechargeability in their devices.

Getting the most from your rechargeable hearing aids

Given all the new rechargeable hearing aid models, and ZPower’s rapid expansion, it’s safe to say that there are now more people benefitting from the convenience of rechargeable hearing aids than ever before. One downside? Many consumers have little to no experience with rechargeable hearing aids and aren’t familiar with best practices for handling and maintaining rechargeable hearing aid batteries. This means they aren’t likely to get the most from their rechargeable batteries in terms of performance. Some bad habits may even lead to a reduction in the maximum charge capability, or even short circuiting, of their rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

Every consumer who purchases a new ZPower-driven hearing aid receives a short instructional orientation on their ZPower Rechargeable System from their hearing care provider. This is to help them understand how the ZPower system works, when to use the charger, how to handle the batteries, etc. Unfortunately, the reality is that consumers have a lot to learn when they are purchasing a new pair of hearing aids. Everything from how to adjust the volume of their new hearing aids to how to put their new hearing aids in their ears. And for those purchasing Made For iPhone or Android compatible hearing aids, or any additional wireless accessories, there are even more learning lessons to absorb. The bottom line is you probably won’t remember everything your hearing care provider tells you at your hearing aid fitting, and sometimes a refresher is needed to be the best hearing aid user you can be!

Rechargeable hearing aid refresher course

To help jog your memory, ZPower has put together the following refresher course for silver-zinc rechargeable batteries, including a helpful video from Clifford Olson, AuD. Here are ZPower’s top five tips for getting the most from your rechargeable hearing aids:

  1. Fully charge every night – Place your hearing aids in the charging dock every night until the flashing green lights are a steady solid green. This may take up to seven hours, depending on how depleted your batteries are.
  2. Charge when not in use – If you remove your hearing aids during the day (i.e. to take a shower, go swimming etc.) put the hearing aids back on the charger. Rule of thumb – if the hearing aids are not on your ears they should be in the charger. The batteries will not overcharge, and this will not decrease the overall life of the battery. If the charger is not available, it’s ok to open the battery door for a few hours until you need to wear your aids again or can put them on the charger**.** If you are not using your hearing aids for an extended period, take the batteries out.
  3. Forget old habits – Have you ever opened and closed the battery door on your hearing aids to eke out a little bit more battery life? While this trick may work for traditional disposable-battery hearing aids, it’s not advisable for rechargeable models. If you hear the low battery signal, place your hearing aids in the charging dock and ensure they’re powered on, or insert disposable batteries and keep the rechargeable batteries safe for charging later.
  4. Don’t short circuit your batteries – If you need to remove your ZPower batteries for any reason, do not place them next to other metal objects. This means watch out for keys and coins in your pocket or purse!
  5. Keep everything clean – For maximum charging efficiency, wipe off any moisture on the hearing aids or charging dock before charging using a soft tissue.

5 Tips To Maximize Your ZPower Batteries [VIDEO]

ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries | 5 Tips To Maximize Performance

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