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MDHearingAid Pro Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

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Disposable Batteries
Volume Control
Power Switch
Listening Programs

MDHearingAid Pro Product Information

Product description from MDHearingAid website:

The MDHearingAid PRO changed the hearing aid industry by proving that real, FDA-Registered hearing aids didn't have to cost thousands of dollars. More than 75,000 happy PRO users love the crisp, clear sound that is allowing them to enjoy conversations once again. Start your risk-free, in-home trial today!

Product features from MDHearingAid website:

  • This premium Behind-the-Ear Analog Hearing Aid fits either your left or right ear and is so discreet, only those close to you will realize you are wearing one!
  • Customize your hearing with the simple to use Two-Program Toggle Switch and Volume Dial. Decrease background noise and choose the best program for your hearing loss.
  • The PRO amplifies the critical frequencies of the human voice, without amplifying background sounds, so you can enjoy a crisp, clear conversations.
  • The included thin, clear tubing helps create an almost invisible profile. And should you need more volume, thicker tubing is also included.
  • Comes with multiple sized Open-Fit & Closed-Fit Ear Domes. Find the perfect size for your ears, plus tailor your sound and comfort further by choosing either closed or open fit domes.
  • The PRO can accommodate Mild, Moderate, and Moderately-Severe hearing loss through the two programs, thin and standard tubing, plus open and closed dome combinations.
  • A free set of Size 13 batteries are included.
  • Every MDHearingAid comes with a 45-Day, Money-Back Guaranteeso you can be confident a PRO is right for you.
  • Purchase a PRO Hearing Aid today and get on the path to better hearing.

What's included:

  • Open & Closed Ear Domes for each aid
  • Thin Tubing for each aid
  • Traditional Tubing & Domes for each aid
  • Cleaning Tool & User Manual
  • 2 MDShield Protection Plans
  • A year's supply of batteries
  • FREE Shipping in the USA!

MDHearingAid Pro Purchase Options

Price: $199.99 each
Warranty: 90 days
Return Period: 45 days
In-Person Care:
Remote Care:

MDHearingAid Pro Videos

MDHearingAid PRO: An Affordable, Analog Hearing Aid

MDHearingAid founder and board-certified physician Dr. Sreek Cherukuri offers an overview of the MDHearingAid PRO, an analog hearing aid that is affordable and discreet. An inexpensive hearing aid, the PRO features two program settings and multiple ear dome and tubing options for customizable control to suit your hearing needs. For more information about MDHearingAid’s doctor-designed, FDA- registered, affordable hearing aids, check out our line of products at comparisons/.

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MDHearingAid Pro Features

The MDHearingAid Pro has disposable batteries, volume control, power switch, and listening programs.

Hardware Features

Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 13

Volume Control

Power Switch

Software Features

Listening Programs

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