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NewSound ROCKER MINI Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Not Rated
  • Dust
    Not Rated
Push Button
Disposable Batteries
Volume Control
Listening Programs
Noise Reduction
Processing Channels

NewSound ROCKER MINI Product Information

Product details from HearBetter website:

Digital Rocker Switch This technology combines Volume Control and Memory Switch, making the hearing instrument smaller and smarter. Push the Volume Up /Volume Down once to increase / decrease the volume. Press the Volume Up for 3 seconds, and the current listening program will shift to another.

Product features from HearBetter website:

  • High-performance DSP hearing aid
  • 2 Channels WDRC Multi Memories Amplifier
  • I2 Bands Frequency Shaping
  • I0 Bands Layered Noise Reduction
  • Low-level Expansion * Advanced AFC Technology
  • Widebrand MPO Control
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Switch Tones
  • Digital Rocker Switch
  • Size: Hearing aid unit is 2.4CM X 1CM X .5CM without the tube installed
  • A10 Battery
  • 3 Listening Programs

NewSound ROCKER MINI Purchase Options


Price: $187.78 each
Warranty: Unknown
Return Period: Unknown
In-Person Care:
Remote Care:

NewSound ROCKER MINI Features

The NewSound ROCKER MINI has push button, disposable batteries, volume control, processing channels, noise reduction, and listening programs.

Hardware Features

Push Button

Push Button: Program control

Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 10

Volume Control

Software Features

Listening Programs

Noise Reduction

Processing Channels

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