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Hearing Matters Podcast Relaunches with a New Website

The Hearing Matters Podcast has unveiled its new website dedicated to empowering professionals and consumers about hearing healthcare.

Hearing Matters Podcast Delfino Beck

Blaise Delfino, MS, and Douglas Beck, AuD, are audiologists who host the Hearing Matters Podcast.

CHARLESTON, SC — In celebration of Better Hearing Month, the Hearing Matters Podcast proudly unveils its new website, dedicated to empowering professionals and consumers about hearing healthcare. As the global conversation around hearing loss and related matters intensifies, the brand new Hearing Matters Podcast website bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology, best practices, clinical expertise, and academic knowledge.

Blaise Delfino, MS, HIS, founder and host of the Hearing Matters Podcast, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking venture, stating, "As a hearing care professional, I am thrilled to relaunch the Hearing Matters Podcast to offer an easy-to-navigate centralized hub for hearing healthcare information. Our aim is to equip professionals and consumers with the knowledge they need to effectively and efficiently navigate the complexities of hearing healthcare."

Dr. Douglas L. Beck, AuD, a globally recognized audiologist, prolific author, and highly sought-after lecturer stated, "As an audiologist for 40 years I can report that the Hearing Matters Podcast relaunch is among the most impactful launches I’ve been associated with.” Dr Beck served as the first Editor-in-Chief and President of AudiologyOnline from 1999-2005. In addition, he served as Editor in Chief for,, and was the online editor for the American Academy of Audiology from 2007-2015.

Beck joined Delfino as co-host of the Hearing Matters Podcast in 2023. They have been working collaboratively to successfully release ground-breaking and insightful podcasts with tens of thousands of listeners, while creating the new website. The Hearing Matters Podcast provides cutting edge interviews, opinions, and actionable insights which professionals and patients can integrate into their quest for better and more efficient hearing and listening.

The new website will serve as a repository for their widely acclaimed podcasts, and will include free access to the Hearing Matters Podcast library, as well as the latest professional news, insights, and resources in hearing healthcare.

For more information, please visit the Hearing Matters Podcast website.

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