Hearing loss is a personal journey for each person from accepting that there is difficulty hearing to deciding to do something about the loss. No matter where you are on this journey, in the hearing aid world, sometimes one of the most difficult challenges is overcoming the perceived stigma of wearing hearing aids. A new hearing aid concept, Signia Active X, provides a unique opportunity to experience the improved sound quality of advanced hearing aids without wearing traditional looking hearing aids.

Key Features

  • Sound quality: While the Signia Active X may not look like your traditional hearing aid, the Signia Xperience chip within the Signia Active X is the same chip found in Signia’s most advanced hearing aids. This means you’ll get the same sound quality that you’d expect from other premium Signia hearing aids.
  • Instant fit product: the Signia Active X is designed to fit for most hearing aid wearers with the use of Signia’s Click Sleeves 2.0, which are available in different sizes. The sleeves are designed to keep the hearing aids comfortably snug in the ear canals. This reduces the risk of the hearing aids slipping out of your ear canals as you go about your daily routine. 
  • Rechargeability: Signia Active X provides up to 26 hours of listening time. The devices fully charge in about 3 hours, but in a pinch, a 30-minute quick charge will provide you with approximately five hours of listening. Moreover, as an added bonus, in situations where charging is just not possible, the portable charging case can provide you with three additional days of use. 
  • Bluetooth Streaming: If you have an Apple device, like iPhone or iPad, you can stream audio directly from your device to your hearing aids. However, if you have an Android product, an additional accessory, the Streamline Mic, is required to enable wireless streaming.
  • Signia App: The Signia App allows you to make volume and tonal adjustments to your hearing aids, and provides access to Signia Face Mask Mode, which improves your ability to hear when listening to a person wearing a face mask. You can also connect remotely with your hearing health care provider to receive hearing aid adjustments, and access on demand support via the digital assistant. 

Model overview

Signia Active X comes in two performance levels: Active X and Active Pro X. The base model, the Signia Active X, is available at a lower price point, and includes four customizable sound presets, automatic directionality, Bluetooth streaming, and access to the Signia App. The Active Pro X is the premium option, which offers everything from base model, more processing channels, six presets, and premium Signia features like Own Voice processing (OVP), tinnitus therapies, HD Music, and echoshield. Both the Active Pro and Active Pro X are available in three color options: Snow White/Rose Gold, Black/Silver, and Black.

Is Active X for me?

To determine if this Active X is right for you, there are a few considerations worth mentioning. First, direct streaming is only possible with iOS (Apple) devices. If you have an Android phone, you’ll need to purchase and carry around a streaming accessory. There are a number of modern hearing aids that support direct Android streaming via the ASHA protocol, so please consult our Bluetooth page if this is a must-have feature for you. 

Because Active X is a unique form factor, certain features, such as volume control, program and/or on/off buttons are not available on the device (adjustments can be made using the Signia App). If you want control of the hearing aids at the ear level, this product may not be right for you. 

Medical-grade hearable

Active X medical-grade, FDA-registered hearing aid that is fit by a licensed audiologist or hearing aid dispenser, and may not be purchased over the counter. The device is customized specifically for your hearing loss and the price point is more in line with other medical-grade hearing aids than it is with consumer-grade hearables like the AirPods Pro or Nuheara IQBuds Max.

Addressing stigma 

With Active X, it’s clear that Signia is interested in thinking outside of the box when it comes to addressing the stigma of hearing aid use. This product presents a novel hearable-like form factor to deliver the technology and benefits associated with advanced hearing aids. If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss and want rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity in a unique, first-of-its-kind design, this may be the ideal product for you. If you have hearing loss and would never consider wearing traditional hearing aids, this really may be a great solution to address your hearing loss.