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Driven by a heritage of audiological expertise, Phonak has spent more than 75 years creating key hearing solutions that address the most challenging listening situations. We innovate with purpose and understand that each person is unique. And as your hearing is unique, you should have a solution that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Personalization is ultimately going to provide the best outcomes for you.

There is no question that we offer the broadest, most comprehensive portfolio of solutions to support you and your needs. Phonak truly is for everyone. Regardless of where you are on your hearing journey, together with a hearing healthcare professional, we can be there meeting you where you are. From pediatrics to adults with complex listening needs, Phonak hearing solutions provide unrivaled hearing performance so that you can be present during those celebrations, important discussions, and life’s most treasured moments.

While much has changed over the past 75 years, our position remains that the best patient outcomes are achieved through our advanced hearing technology coupled with skilled professional services.

Conversations shine with Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Speech understanding is essential. It is consistently rated as a top need that those with hearing loss continue to seek improvements in. Everyone should be able to actively participate in conversations without any barriers. It is vital for people’s well-being to hear clearly and maintain connections, and Phonak has been providing solutions to help people establish new relationships and maintain existing ones for more than 75 years.

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Experience the evolution of speech understanding.

With Phonak’s latest portfolio, you can fully immerse in conversations and enjoy easier listening in many situations. Lumity intelligently boosts conversations in noise, connecting you to the world around you and even provides health insights while allowing more control over your hearing.

Phonak has developed features to boost hearing in even the most challenging environments. All of this is on top of our established evidence-based, evidence-backed features that are automatically managed by the new AutoSense OS™ 5.0.

Lumity utilizes Phonak proprietary technology to deliver universal connectivity, ensuring you stay connected to the world around you and enables convenient appointments between you and your hearing care provider with Remote Support.

The new features in Lumity deliver a huge audiological jump in speech understanding.

Well-Hearing is Well-Being™

Well-being is personal, multidimensional, and fluid. Each of us has a unique take on well-being and what healthy aging looks like. Untreated hearing loss is highly prevalent and can adversely impact many areas of overall well-being. By creating significant communication barriers, hearing loss can separate you from those around you. Phonak’s broad portfolio of  hearing solutions support social, cognitive, and physical well-being by re-connecting you to what matters most.

Have you ever felt exhausted? Lonely? Nervous? These feelings could actually be tied to not hearing well. “Exhausted” could have nothing to do with physical stamina and actually be caused by how much listening effort is required to follow everyday conversations. “Lonely” may not be a reflection on the physical distance between family members or friends, but social isolation as a result of untreated hearing loss. And, “nervous” is often a feeling expressed by those with hearing loss who feel unsteady in their environment.

With Phonak Lumity, you will experience reduced listening effort in quiet and in noise. Scientific literature has shown that reduced listening effort may also reduce feelings of fatigue,1,2 making you feel less tired at the end of the day. Plus, improved listening effort frees up cognitive space to focus on things other than hearing.3

With Phonak products, you will have features such as AutoSense OS, StereoZoom, Dynamic Noise Cancellation, and Speech Enhancer (to name a few) for better speech understanding and less listening effort ultimately supporting your social-emotional and cognitive well-being.

Another aspect to consider is how well you can monitor changes in your acoustical environment and how that effects the sense of environmental awareness. Hearing loss can make this more challenging by reducing your ability to detect subtle sounds or make it more difficulty to localize sound sources4. Hearing well in your surroundings may actually contribute to a greater sense of safety. Phonak provides Motion Sensor Hearing, Tap Control, and Roger technology to empower health and support the physical domain of well-being.

With Well-Hearing is Well-Being, we provide a deeper understanding of the importance of hearing health.  We believe that hearing plays a vital role in overall wellness, and with Phonak hearing solutions, well-hearing is well-being.

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