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  • Bose Hearphones versus Alango BeHear NOW
    ...hone. However, I have not tried any of the hearing improvement features, and curious if anyone in this forum has? Hearing Tracker
  • Personal Bluetooth Headset with Ambient Hearing
    ...few know about our company, I would like to add some credibility to what we do. BeHear is a first in line of Wear & Hear concept products launched by Alango Technologies. We are a small Israeli company, but we supply digital sound enhancement technologies for 15 years. If you use Bluetooth handsfree in yo...
  • New Knowles AISonic™ Audio Edge Processor Optimized for High-Performance Mobile, Ear and IoT Devices
    ...s to pull in our speech technology features, previously executed on the application processor, to now run on Knowles optimized audio edge processor.” Alango, Dr. Alexander Goldin, Alango Technologies Founder & CEO “The IA8201 is, simply put, the chip we’ve been waiting for. Customer requirements and expec...
  • The Hearables Market - A Covid Update
    ...ling direct to consumer (DTC) or offering sound amplification devices like Eargo , Nuheara and Alango , have benefited, although they currently only represent a small fraction of the market. Whilst there has been a recovery i...
  • Hearing Aid Prices Under Pressure From Consumer Electronics
    ...iness/hearing-aid-business-feels-pressure-from-consumer-electronics.html?_r=1&referer#modal-lightbox Alexander Goldin, founder and chief executive of Alango Technologies, showing off the Smart Assistive Listening Transceiver (SALT) at the Audiology NOW! convention. DAVID JOLKOVSKI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES J...
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