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  • iHEAR HD
    ...) costs $827 plus the cost of batteries (see discussion below).   The iHEARHD began its life on the...
  • Eargo Hearing Device
    ...of help hearing bass tones. These devices cost less than the average pair of hearing aids, at around...
  • Audicus Oro (Previously Alto) RIC
    ..., the Costco Kirkland Signature™ 7.0 hearing aids cost about $3 more and come with built-in Bluetooth...
  • MDHearingAid Pro
    ...hearing aids didn't have to cost thousands of dollars. More than 75,000 happy PRO users love the crisp...
  • Hear Clear HCX
    ...unnecessary bells and whistles that just add to the cost. Virtually invisible when worn, the HearClear HCX...
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