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  • How can I cope with my hearing loss?
    ...The question of ‘how do I cope with hearing loss?’ is an interesting one. The Oxford dictionary d...
  • How can hearing loss be prevented?
    ...A common cause of hearing loss is loud noise. Noise at damaging levels can cause both permanent a...
  • How much do hearing aids cost?
    ...Association of America (, who agreed to survey their followers as w...
  • Best Hearing Aid Brands in 2018
    ...ecently conducted a survey – with the help of the Hearing Loss Association of America – to learn more about the cost of hearing aids in the United States. Our survey showed that the overall average price paid for a single hearing aid was $2372. For a breakdown of hearing aid prices by brand, please read more on our hearing aid prices page (/hearing-aid-prices-survey). ## Which Hearing Aid Brands Do Audiologists Prefer? We surveyed hundreds of audiologists ( (September 2016, December 2016, and most recently in March 2017) to find out which hearing aid brands are the best on the following metrics: * Value for money * Sound quality * Reliability * Ease of fit * Ease of use * Support service * Aesthetics * Connectivity * Battery life We also asked them about patient satisfaction with hearing aids with the following questions: * How would you rate your patients' satisfaction with the following hearing aid brands? * Which of the following brands has the most returns by patients? Results for the survey can be found in the infographic below. If you are looking for our popular "Hearing Technology Industry Map" keep scrolling past the survey results. ## Disclaimer Survey results reflect the attitudes of audiologists, who may or may not be familiar with all hearing aid brands. For better or worse, each audiologist has their brand preferences, and our survey results reflect those preferences. Take the results with a grain of salt. All questions are property of UBS and cannot be replicated without consent. ## The Rest of the Story Let's get back to the three remaining questions. How are brands related? Which companies own retail outlets? Who really manufactures brand X? To provide a very quick (and visual) answer to each of these questions, we have put together the following Hearing Technology Industry Map: // ( Check out the image above for a larger version of the map. We tried our hardest to make the interactive map easy to read, but if you have difficulty, please checkout the outline below (not updated as frequently). We used online information as well as information from a few industry insiders to put this list together, but please let us know if you see any inaccuracies and or additions. Feel free to use the commenting system at the bottom of this page! Please note: The brand map depicted in the image above (and outline below) reflect our best educated guesses as to associations between companies, brands, etc. Linkages do not always indicate full ownership of brand x by company y. Any corrections may be suggested using the inline commenting system or by contacting
  • Paying for Hearing Aids With Health Insurance
    ...earing Loss Association of America (, Hearing Tracker asked ~2000 hearing aid consumers how much they paid for their hearing aids, and whether their medical insurance helped to cover some or all of the cost. Sadly, our results showed that only 1 in 4 people had help paying for their hearing aids, with fewer than 1 in 20 receiving full coverage from their insurance company. ### A silver lining Our results suggest that more people than ever are receiving help from their medical insurers. Data gathered in 2008 ( showed that only 13% received help from their medical insurance (or HMO) when paying for hearing aids; Hearing Tracker’s survey suggests 25% are now receiving some level of coverage. If our numbers are correct, this would indicate a doubling of the number of insured in the past decade. ## How much of the cost is covered? In our survey we asked participants “How much of the cost of your hearing aids did your insurance cover (in US dollars)?” The average consumer (with some form of insurance coverage) reported receiving $1,257 in coverage per hearing aid from their insurance company. Those with full coverage predictably reported greater numbers than did those with partial coverage: ### What about the insurance companies? We found most of the major hearing aid companies to be in the same ballpark with coverage somewhere around $1000 per hearing aid. Please remember that the dollar figures below represent recollections and guesses of hearing aid consumers, and may not accurately depict differences among companies. Again, please check with your own insurance company to see what is covered by your specific policy! *Blue Cross and Blue Shield ## Stay tuned for more This is the second article in a multipart series of articles covering our hearing aid consumer survey ( In follow up articles we will be addressing hearing aid preference and recommendation ratings, local service trends, and an analysis of accessory purchases. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates ( ### More survey results * Part 1 - How much do hearing aids cost? (/hearing-aid-prices-survey) * Part 2 - Paying for hearing aids with medical insurance (/hearing-aid-insurance-coverage)...
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