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  • OPN 3 review from OPN 1 owner’s perspective
    I’ve been wearing the Oticon OPN 1 since November 2016 (almost a year now). Recently I had an opportunity to review the OPN 3 courtesy of Audiometrix. They sent me a pair of OPN 3 on...
  • First time HA, Oticon opn3 or opn2? Anyone upgraded from the opn3 to opn2 or 1? mid tones, especially in my left ear. So, time for HAs. After chatting and asking a few questions, the audiologist quickly zoomed in on the Oticon opn3 as being good enough. She’s had good luck with them, and in my hearing test I did amazingly well at the part where I distinguish a voice among backg...
  • OPN 1 or OPN2?
    ...hey’re no help. So, today’s question: In desperation, I’ve decided to visit my healthcare provider and get fresh testing and a new HA order of Oticon OPN 2 hearing aids. The only questionnaire she asked was things like “Do you live a quiet solitary life?” “Do you attend meetings often?” “Concerts?” The...
  • Oticon Opn is now available in three performance levels
    ...tion of technologies working together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform in. All three members of the Opn family provide the unique open sound experience, with access to multiple speakers. However, they differ in the amount of support they give the brain...
  • What to look for Opn 1 / Opn S1 Comparison
    I currently have Opn 1 HAs (miniRITE 312). I will be evaluating Opn S1 HAs (miniRITE 312). I have a 60 dB vented mold for my left ear and a 105 dB non-vented mold for my...
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