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About ReSound LiNX2

The ReSound LiNX2 bills itself as "the world's first full family of smart hearing aids." What does this mean exactly? As far as we know Resound is the first to offer made-for-iPhone hearing aids in a full family of styles (includes everything from behind-the-ear to "invisible in-the-ear" instruments) . Beltone offers a very similar line of hearing aids, but considering that Beltone is a subsidiary of GN ReSound, we think ReSound really does have a claim to fame here. The LiNX2 is the upgraded version of the original LiNX hearing aid model, which was only offered in behind-the-ear (BTE) models.

The RIE 62 model (the product featured on this page) is a welcome new addition to the family, as it is the smallest BTE model with a size 13 battery. This means greater battery life for all that battery-intensive audio streaming, and a break from the battery-life woes of streaming with a 312 battery

ReSound LiNX2 Models

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

ReSound LiNX2TM RIE 62

27 reviews

Release Date: 02 March 2015

The ReSound LiNX2 RIE 62 has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button (program control and volume control), water resistant coating, uses size 13 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:
  • Phone Compatibility:

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

ReSound LiNX2TM RIE 61

36 reviews

Release Date: 02 March 2015

The ReSound LiNX2 RIE 61 has a push button (program control and volume control), water resistant coating, uses size 312 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:
  • Phone Compatibility:

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

ReSound LiNX2TM BTE 77

1 review

Release Date: 02 March 2015

The ReSound LiNX2 BTE 77 has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button (program control and volume control), water resistant coating, uses size 13 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:
  • Phone Compatibility:

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

ReSound LiNX2TM BTE 88

4 reviews

Release Date: 02 March 2015

The ReSound LiNX2 BTE 88 has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button (program control and volume control), water resistant coating, uses size 13 hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Made For iPhone.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:
  • Phone Compatibility:

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ReSound LiNX2 Model Comparison

ReSound LiNX2 RIE 62 ReSound LiNX2 RIE 61 ReSound LiNX2 BTE 77 ReSound LiNX2 BTE 88

27 reviews


36 reviews


1 review


4 reviews

Android Compatibility
Disposable Batteries Battery Size
Battery Size
Battery Size
Battery Size
Made For iPhone Lowest iOS Version
Lowest iOS Version
Lowest iOS Version
Lowest iOS Version
Push Button Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
Push Button Options
  • Program control
  • Volume Control
Volume Control
Water Resistant Coating

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ReSound LiNX2 Technology Level Comparison

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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ReSound LiNX2 Accessories



  • Remote Control
  • Smartphone App

Micro Mic


  • Remote Microphone

Relief App


  • Smartphone App

Smart (App)


  • Smartphone App

Smart App for Apple Watch


  • Smartwatch App

Unite Mini Microphone


  • Remote Microphone

Unite Phone Clip+


Unite Remote Control 2


  • Remote Control

Unite TV Streamer 2


  • TV Streamer

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ReSound LiNX2 Videos

ReSound LiNX2: see how you can rediscover your hearing with the ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid
ReSound LiNX2 Video

ReSound LiNX2: see how you can rediscover your hearing with the ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid

18 March 2015

The ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid lets you rediscover hearing thanks to the ReSound LiNX2 Smart Hearing – top-rated sound with LiNX2. ReSound LiNX2 is...

Introducing ReSound LiNX²
ReSound LiNX2 Video

Introducing ReSound LiNX²

16 April 2015

This video shows the new RIE 62 model of the LiNX2 in a great level of detail. You can get a good idea of the dimensions and physical...

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ReSound LiNX2 Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome. Hearing aids are manufactured with varying levels of quality; some hearing aids are extremely durable, while others suffer frequent breakage. Battery life also varies between models, and manufacturer predictions of battery life are often optimistic. By collecting feedback from consumers, we can get a better idea of real world product durability and battery life... Continue reading

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Hearing Improvement
Member 14 August 2018

Overall my Linx2 hearing aids have been very helpful and I'm glad I got them. I've had two occasions where they developed issues and had to be sent back to Resound to be fixed. So I'm somewhat concerned about their long term reliability considering how expensive they were.

Member 14 August 2018

Life is much better with my HA's. I must admit that I do not notice them at all which unfortunately means I often go to town forgetting to put them on. I am religious about putting them in the Hal-Hen desiccant jar overnight. I often work in a noisy environment and wear hearing protection = over the head "headphone style" muffs. I take off the HA's when wearing the protection; no point in amplifying sound when Im attempting to protect from it and I'm worried that the super-moist atmosphere inside the ear-cup would damage the HAs. The Bluetooth features of the HAs take some getting used to. My pickup truck seems to win the war about who gets the audio output of my iPhone 8. If the truck's engine is running and I'm within 30 feet of the truck my phone conversation or music app output will be grabbed by the Toyota sound system.

Tom H. 14 August 2018

I've had them less than a week but so far I like them a lot.

Kellina J. 14 August 2018

Telecoil is fantastic compared to other Resound HAs I have had. Phone Clip is great and doubles as a remote. With it I stream music, take phone calls, watch Netflix, etc. I also have Multimic to connect me to other devices like walkie talkie and ipod. I can connect as bluetooth headset also. When driving in my noisy convertible, I mute outside sound and stream music to my ears. It is better than a normal hearing person gets :) I have purple sparkly earmolds full shell. Love, Love

Member 14 August 2018

This is the first time wearing hearing aids, it was an improvement for me. Plus its's bluetooth compatible with my smart phone.

Member 14 August 2018

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Edward R. 14 August 2018

I think that the clip-on microphone is a brilliant aid. Otherwise this hearing aid is not as good as the previous Starkey in the ear X series.

Member 14 August 2018

My hearing aids are much improvement over previous aids.

Member 14 August 2018

I love my HA’s. They are comfortable to an amazing degree. I forget that I am wearing them. The best thing about them is the natural sound that they produce. Other aids that I have had were “tinny” and, at times, irritating. They are one of the first things on in the morning and the last off at night. I can’t imagine not having them. I have Dr. Aird to thank for that.

Member 14 August 2018

Have had these aids for over two years now. I chose them because at the time they were the only aids that connected with, and could be controlled by, an iPhone app. Generally am satisfied with their performance, my loss is only moderate and mainly in the upper frequencies and as an amateur musician and an audiophile I wanted to improve my music listening experience. At first the upper frequency boost was too great and made music harsh but eventually I obtained programming equipment and software and learnt to program them myself. I don't use the iPhone app as much as I had expected to as the range of bass and treble control is too limited and also it is quicker to change a program by pressing the button on the aid. I have had problems with the battery holders in that the tip of them both has broken off several times when opening the holder, even though since the first occasion I open the holder very carefully, seems to be a design fault.

Member 12 January 2018
I´m an amateur musician myself and I had the same experience as you with the linx2. Where did you obtain programming equipment and software? Any tips would be very helpful.
Lawrence B. 14 August 2018

I've experienced a vast improvement with sound quality, comfort, and recognizing subtle sounds I had never noticed before. But in 9 months there have been easily 7 follow up visits to resolve problems with these hearing aids.

Lyn C. 14 August 2018

I really like my hearing aid. I wish it would link with my Android phone.

Member 14 August 2018

I just had an acoustic neuroma removed two months ago and I'm now SSD on the left side. The VA is apparently ordering one (only have one ear now) Resound linx2 TS-61 mini RIC hearing aid for me. I've seen 61-7, 61-9, 62-7 and 62-9 listed as well as a linx 3d. what's the difference between all of them and the one the VA ordered for me?

Robert H. 14 August 2018

I had a problem with perspiration getting into the battery compartment. A pair of Ear Gear covers fixed that. I was originally fitted with open domes. While that was a big help for higher frequencies, it left me still having some trouble with speech recognition. It seemed to me that even the very short time it takes the HA to process sounds caused some slight distortion. Some sounds would go directly into my ears while also going through the HAs. The same sound arriving in my ear twice, one slightly delayed, made some speech less than clear. I was just fitted with tulip domes which have helped, but not eliminated the problem. I believe I need a more closed dome or even molds.

Member 03 November 2017
I had the same problem. Do this, get some of those flesh colored expandable foam ear plugs at the pharmacy, one at a time, smash them flat horizontally and cut them in half with a razor, let them expand back out then mash them flat vertically, while they are still flat, punch a hole right through the middle of them with a small hole punch, the punch I used was just a little too big so I wrapped the speaker part with a few layers of teflon plumbing tape to fatten it up a bit. Ok....after you have punched yoir hole, let the foam expand to its natural size and work it on to the speaker, roll it around in your fingers like you would with an ear plug and then insert it into your ear and let it expland for a custom fit. It will behave like a closed fit and you will have some ocllusion but the sound quality is great, bass response is improved and there is absolutely no feedback once the foam expands. You may have to have your audiologist re adjust the feedback settings and do some other calibrations possibly. It is a great improvement and the only way I wear mine now. You have to replace the foam pieces once a week or so depending on how much you sweat. Sometimes the foam piece will stay in ear when removing ha, a pair of tweezers will come in handy for that. Also, when you cut the ear plugs horizontally you will have two different sized sections, a larger one and a smaller one, use whichever one fits you best. Let me onow how ot works out. Thomas
Barry S. 14 August 2018

Greatly improved my quality of life. Television not so loud now and can hear and understand Wife and grandchildren. Can not wear at work due to loud noise environment.

Kevin M. 14 August 2018

(Engineer with moderate high freq. loss.) So far, I have only compared this Resound Linx 9 3D model to the Widex 440 beyond. During first few days I experienced random painfull feedback on Resound ; make sure a feedback test is done on these. A return trip to my hearing Professional with this specific complaint fixed this problem with the clinic interface. Music streaming has some noise and clicking on both Resound Linx 3D 9( RIE) and Widex 440 Beyond RIE. Update: JUST FOUND THAT MY TILE APP ON MY IPHONE WAS CAUSING THE PROBLEM: Evidentally that apps pings devices using bluetooth and causes interference. I turned of the bluetooth within the tile APP and the interference subsided. Microphones on Resound more open (to water and wind noise?) compared to Widex which have shields over microphones. Sound profile sharper than the softer-sounding Widex (some may like that). Surprising how few hearing aid professionals employ "Real Ear Measurement" equipment to see if hearing aids really compensate the hearing loss curve with accuracy. They just rely on manufacturers software. Bottom line: Resound and Widex seem equal in quality. It is a toss-up. Selecting a quick learning, tech savvy hearing professional is the most important factor with direct-to-iPhone hearing aids.

Member 03 February 2018
Hi Kevin – I am a long time Widex user (CIC), love the sound, however tried lately Linx9 3D and Oticon OPN over Widex due to the size, both OPN and Linx are smaller than Widex. As you write the comparison 9 3D and 440b – both are great but there are small differences. Quick coparision: OPN > Plus - Great speech recognition, soft and perfect fit cables to mic in ear, no wind noice, no hair noice, good battery time. Minus – App in iPhone not so hi/tech, music sound to crispy/artificial and lacking mid-range & base, in noisy environment ex. restaurant they seemed to pick up "deeper" voices even far away to much – a little strange feeling when you have to search with your eyes over the tables who's voice it is. 9 3D > Plus - Music sounds really good – was overwhelmed of the quality. Great speech recognition. Overall more "crisp" sound than both Widex and Oticon which have more "soft" sound – but we managed to adjust it with my Audi. Very good iPhone and settings possibilities in App. Minus - Pick up a lot of wind and hair noice. cables to mics in ear hard, sticking out a little more than they should. Battery eating devils... May I ask what did you go for? Widex or ReSound? I am just about to invest and still at a crossroad...
Amy M. 14 August 2018

I recently purchased the Resound Linx 3D with Bluetooth and LOVE them--I hear so much more crisply , and in fact simpler sounds are actually loud now--in a GOOD way! They are very comfortable and there are times in the day that I actually have to tap the microphone part to make sure they are on and in well. I LOVE being able to control the sounds with my phone depending on my social situation and my hearing specialist is a huge factor in why my hearing aids are so successful for me. I highly recommend.

Member 14 August 2018

I was using Lyric which was an excellent Aid, but after 4 years I could not wear them anymore. So, I had to go to these expensive an marginal aids. I had some trouble understanding speech with the Lyric but it was much better than these. I bought a pair of ReSound aids before the Lyrics and quit using them because I couldn't tell they were doing enough to warrant the hassle. My current ReSound aides are much better than the first ones.

Richard B. 14 August 2018

I had another make and model hearing aid and was having a difficult time hearing in different situations. Because of that I wasn't using them. I have an iPhone so the VA gave me this model. LS962-DRW (RIE) I'm hearing much better. I use the ReSound Multi Mic and the iPhone app that goes with these aids. The app allows me to adjust volume, to correct the treble, base, background, and wind noises. This app makes it much easier to adjust these settings in different situations making it easier to understand conversation. I really like the control I have with these aids. The GPS feature allows for the hearing aid to automatically change these settings that you've previously programmed for a different areas. (Home vs work) I really like this hearing aid. Thank you ReSound I wasn't paid or given anything for this review. I just found a product that really works for me. I guess I suppose to receive some batteries but that's not the reason for the review.

Lee A. 14 August 2018

Assistive Listening Devices - remote & phone Mike - less reliable than HAs.

Anonymous (verified) 14 August 2018

I was quite surprised. Until I started using them on a regular basis, I was not aware of how much of conversations I was missing out on. The best example was when I had lunch with my daughter in a very noisy restaurant, I was able to hear and participate in our conversation without straining to hear. Most of the time I forget they are in my ear, and I don't believe anyone really notices them.

Vincent R. 14 August 2018

Things are going pretty good. My hearing was so bad, it dramatically affected my career, all aspects of my professional life, my social life, my family life. Having these hearing aids (first ones) has dramatically turned my life around. However getting them tuned optimally has taken effort. And the Level 5 doesn't appears to have enough frequency fine tuning to achieve my optimal objectives. I wanted level 7 or even level 9 but they were cost prohibited (I had to fight tooth and nail to get these level 5s -- they were subsidized). Now the level 9 has spatial sensitivity -- I have trouble hearing in church with the 60 foot ceilings. Overall, these hearing aids use up the batteries too quickly, but I do ample phone call streaming with an IPhone. The app on the IPhone which lets me control the volume setting somewhat is extremely important and very cool. It has GPS related auto settings once you set it up for a location They do appear to be very durable, albeit I have only had them about two months. So the high cost might be justifiable, but the overall cost is still prohibitive so sometimes I question the value. I am pretty sure the audiologist amply marked up the cost over the MSRP (I have a lot to say on what my efforts were as a consumer from heck -- I got things I was told I would NOT EVER get but what tenacious and pushy -- and I did get mostly what I insisted on). Due to back to back lay offs, I have only part time work right now, and am in a negative cash flow. I am rationing batteries (only wearing one in the better ear). Please expedite the supply for answering this survey if you can (size 312) Also, it has always bugged me that hearing aids are not MANDATORY coverage in health plans. Virtually everything else is -- including ocular prosthetics which don't provide sensori restoration. My audiologist not listed: Sophia Berhmann Advanced Hearing Center Albertson 11507 and NYC Also, I would more than happy to add my audiograms. But I'd prefer to just upload the PDFs I have. Can I do that? BTW, when I answered that the batteries last 5 days... that's the max. I am finding the right device uses more power than the left. and as I exploit them (which I do limitedly because of the battery usage issue, but for example with Pandora) it is typically more like 4 days (sometimes less). I asked for devices that had rechargeable capability but got a 'no, you're not gonna get that.' Another update: Regardless of the initial response I gave to 'comrot of my hearing aids, let me elaborate. I came up with this analogy, most people I have shared it with, including my AuD , think it is a good analogy. 1) as a first time user, it does take a couple of weeks to get used the device presence. but in time: 2) think of it like a good pair of snug but comfortable sneakers. You put them on in the morning, tie up the laces, and you know your are wearing them, but am aware of them for just a short while. As the day goes by, you don't notice or feel having footwear on. You don't feel them. When you get home, you still don't really feel or notice them.. until you sit in your recliner and then you think about them, and you push them off, and go 'aahhhh'.

Abram Bailey 10 April 2017
Thank you for your thorough review Vincent. We have added your audiogram to our system and will be in touch soon regarding your free hearing aid batteries. Thanks again.
Mark S. 14 August 2018

I have not had my hearing aid long, but I am hearing sounds that I haven't heard in a long time! Right now, the sounds are a little overwhelming, but as I adjust to the hearing aids more and more, I will be greatly pleased with them.

Mary D. 14 August 2018

I wish now I would have went back to my original audiologist and gotten the Oticons. I purchased these on Feb 1, 2017 and would not recommend them to anyone. First time that I went to my audiologist, she turned them. up. Next time, I had her turn them down....they were way to loud. So I went back again because it sounded like I was in a vacuum and she adjusted them. Went back again telling her I am having issues with hearing soft spoken people and straining to hear the TV. She asked how close these people were to me and I told her they were in the same room with me. Her response was that you need to make those people aware they need to speak up a little more or touch my arm to get my attention. As far as the TV, she said that is normal because volumes go up and down. Last night, I went to a meeting in a small cubicle. The lady right beside me spoke directly me to and I could not hear her...I had to ask her to repeat her message. With my Oticon aids I was able to hear the buzzer go off on my stove while I was in the next room. That is not the case with these. I am not a happy camper. Just read the paperwork and it says I had 45 days to return for a full refund. I have been in and out so many times trying to adjust, by being patient and now I am angry.

Sab W. 14 August 2018

I can't do without them my world is silent without my resound

Harry 07 March 2017

The Resound Linx2 961 aids were purchased to replace ten year old Phonak BTEs. The hearing improvement is excellent in a quiet environment, but no better than the Phonaks. I purchased these because it has Bluetooth features that the Phonaks do not have. The app on the iPhone makes it possible to tune the aids in specific environments, which is a plus. It will also stream all audio from the iPhone, including calls. However, do not expect the hearing aids to be a good replacement for headphones (or even earbuds). Although the Resounds are excellent hearing aids, they do not even come close to the audio quality of even the cheapest earbuds when streaming music/voice from the iPhone. In fact, I would rate them unacceptably poor for the price I paid for these aids. I will most likely return these soon.

Malcolm M. 17 February 2017

Still adjusting to them. Hadn't noticed a dramatic difference myself, but my wife notices improvement when we watch TV together and says they help keep me from speaking too loudly at times.

Gregory C. 13 July 2017

Had for 2 weeks may return tomorrow

Member 13 July 2017
You are not much help, worthless review
Troy W. 28 December 2016

So far so good, still getting used to them, I'm finding feed back while certain frequency sounds occur such as when my wife's phone rings.

Jolanta M. 15 October 2016

I just bought the a few days ago and am in the process of adjusting it. Still believe that Costco audiologist will be able to adjust the noise that I hear. However, the most uncomfortable feature of this hearing aid is the metal thing that is just behind the domes. The heart my ear very much, unlike the Resound from five years ago bought in Costco as well has the metal hidden under the plastic. Jolanta Mirczewa

Dean T. 13 July 2017

The receivers are long and angled unnaturally, it rubs my canals and makes my ears itch. I am told resound is one of the few manufacturers that still angles the receiver toward the canal in this way. If you like relative quiet and lots of background suppression, these are probably good hearing aids for you. Sometimes I find it hard to hear who I want to hear if there are louder mouths around, I feel this is an inaccuracy of the suppression. I did a trial of Oticon OPN hearing aids and liked the fuller environment better, but ultimately was turned away by the lack of Android streaming support. The Linx2 9 are good hearing aids, but they are not my first choice.

Member 13 July 2017
I had my wires customized with the use of a hot air gun to conform them to my ears. If you have a decent dispenser, they should be able to get those wires to fit much better for you.
David H. 27 September 2016

Lost one aid while running a tractor. Used the ReSound app on my iPhone to locate it---on the ground, covered with so much dirt I had to dig it out by hand. Wiped it off and re-inserted it. It still worked! The other great thing is they ring only in my ears (purchased iPhone just for this) and my wife is delighted that she no longer has to listen to loud ringtones or the conversation of the person on the other end of the call.

Bill B. (verified) 10 September 2016

The regular hearing aid function works flawlessly, but the bluetooth connection, which the devices use during phone conversations, is pretty unreliable. Sometimes it works well, but more often the sound quality is mediocre, and sometimes the connection drops out entirely for several seconds at a time during a conversation. In addition, every now and then one or both hearing aids will beep once or twice for no apparent reason.

Rick H. (verified) 23 August 2016

I really like the wiFi connection & hearing is more equal on Rt & Lt ears

R K. 15 July 2016

I just received this pair less than a week ago (my second set and the first from Resound) .

Shankar N. 30 June 2016

Hearing Aid Resound LS 961 provided by Veterans Admin. I am still learning the fine adjustments. My batteries last 4-5 days only. I can hear the highs better. I have parakeets as pets and when the screech it is extremely loud. This is connected to my iPhone 6.

Chester C. 28 November 2017

do they make a dome that stays in my ear seems like it slides out of my ear? I use two hearings aid.

Member 28 November 2017
Me too....they come out constantly. They did some adjustments but still come out.
Dawn C. 26 June 2016

I am brand new to hearing aids and this is only day 2 of wearing them, so keep this in mind as you read my responses. I also have only mild-moderate loss, basically high frequency, consonants, difficulty in loud settings, and tinnitus. Thus, I have much to learn, and will report back as my experience increases. I did some research on my own, and got the LiNX 2 962 for 1/4 the price of retail on eBay, and they pre-programmed them via an Informal work audiogram and a free COSTCO screening audiogram. Next I am going to a university hearing and speech clinic, who said they will take a look at them and see if they are appropriate for my needs. I have no warranty, paperwork, accessories, etc., so we'll see if it is a good investment or not, but I have 60 days return option, so I can't lose. I really hope they work out! I am 50, my mom got aids at 60 and wished she had gotten them much earlier.

Member 14 June 2016

This set of hearing aids is a vast improvement over the last set that I had. Of course they were 6-7 years old and were no longer functional for my growing hearing loss. These hearing aids are wireless and provide tinnitus masking which is exactly what I need on a daily basis. I have two programs outside of the masking program on the hearing aid that I can utilize anytime I want. They vary from soft to loud depending on what I need and where I want the noise. The versatility of having a wireless hearing aid helps with use of the iPhone which is new to me but also helps with talking on the phone, navigating on the road, reading my emails or texting my husband/daughter. Questions answered with Siri or whatever her name is - is even an interesting activity that has helped me a pinch. It's too bad I didn't have this years ago. But I have it now which helps when I have memory loss more frequently and need to have more help on a regular basis. Thank you for this very expensive but useful instrument with the telecoil that works marvelous.!!!

John B. 13 July 2017

Fine, except it doesn't seem to help my tinnitus as much as I had hoped.

Member 13 July 2017
There is no cure to Tinnitus.
Brenda J. (verified) 21 June 2016

I am really noticing big differences with my hearing aids. Speech is much more clear and it is much easier to distinguish conversation from background noises.

Paul T. 16 May 2016

Love the iPhone Bluetooth app and controls. It is so nice not have another device to carry around.

Samuel M. 05 December 2017

I love my Linx2 9 hearing aids. I love understanding what my family is saying again and hearing birds sing. The hearing aids are powerful and easy to forget you are wearing them. I don't feel like I've got my fingers in my ears any longer. Sounds are normal. This is the third set of hearing aids I've used and they the best. Connect to my iPhone was a breeze. Connection is strong. Switches to my car stereo when I go for a drive so I don't have to do it myself. I love everything about them. The price was great as well. Saved over $2000 going with a place online. Not sure I'm supposed to mention their name on here but they are a great company. Could not ask for better service or quicker turn around. By far these hearing aids have excelled my expectations. Price, service, functionality, comfort. All are top notch. Wish I could say the name of the company.

Thomas G. 16 April 2016

I refused to believe I needed hearing aids. Well two annual hearing tests later, I accepted. So SORRY I did not do this SOONER. The benefit is amazing. I enjoy being around people, I can understand the conversation.

Janet S. 03 April 2016

I am amazed at some of the sounds that I can hear now such as The turning blinker on my car, the creaking of the hardwood floor, and the birds singing in the trees by our house. Wearing a hearing aid has been a great choice for me and has improved the quality of my life.

Member 20 March 2016

I'm a first time user of hearing aids. I was recently diagnosed with moderate hearing loss which consisted mostly of loss in the higher frequencies. This caused me to have a tough time making out certain words; especially consonants. After being fitted with the Linx 2 my word comprehension improved dramatically. As I really don't have a huge need for increased volume, the ability to program the hearing aids to individual needs is very impressive. I had also heard from some people that they quit wearing their hearing aids due to whistling, hissing and other types of feedback. After 6 moths of continuous use of the Linx brand, I have not once experienced any of these issues. Love my new ears!!

Paul M. 18 March 2016

I recently acquired the ReSound LiNX 2-9 aids to replace my LiNX 9 aids, and, by far, they are the best hearing aids I have ever used. In 2014 I tried several aids from the Resound LiNX 9, the Phonak Naida, Starkey Halo, and the Otocon Alta (I believe), there was no comparison to that of the LiNX in any listening situation. Not only did the LiNX 9 and LiNX 2-9 stop my withdrawal from the listening society (so to speak) by improving virtually every listening situation, including phone calls, with the exception of noisy environments, restaurants, parties, crowds, etc., however, with the MiniMic that problem is acceptably solved. What ReSound should do is offer the ability to use multiple MiniMics simultaneously (at least 4), for restaurants, meetings, etc.. The interface with the iPhone makes phone calls understandable, finally! The music streaming is incredible, as are the various listening programs and fine tuning adjustments from the iPhone/ReSound app! And, finally, the TVStreamer2 absolutely solves the hearing part of watching TV. I highly recommend the LiNX 2 to anyone who wants the very finest hearing performance device.

Member 31 December 2016
Do you like the LiNX 2 better than the LiNX 9? I have a cookie bite hearing curve and like the 17 channels with the 2 vs only 7 for the 9.
Margaret H. 07 March 2016

It's still a little early to say overall. I am just getting used to the apps and how to find and use them. Also, there are functions that I don't yet have on my hearing aid. I can say that it provides a discernible improvement in my ability to hear. Restaurants are still the most challenging.

Sally R. (verified) 15 February 2016

Works well for me but not great. Cuts out occasionally and randomly, when I have to remove aid and wait several hours or overnight before restarting. Volume control is not terrible customer friendly. I like having the I-phone connection but it slows me down at times navigating to just exactly what adjustment I am seeking. (This is probably just operator error) I love the filter options.

Member 26 January 2016

I have spent many months trying to decide which hearing aids would suit me best. I had a bad experience in the beginning trying to get them with AARP United Health Care Complete supplemental insurance to Medicare. That practitioner led me to believe I may have a brain tumor. After testing and discovering I did not have one, I was fitted with the hearing aids they offered. The hearing aid company is owned by the insurance company. Those aids were behind the ear but did not have a receiver in the ear. Instead, the receiver was behind the ear and they were horrible. I returned them. My next attempts were not through insurance. After much research, I chose the Resound Linx2 hearing aids because of their ability to stream through my i-Phone. I got the new i-Phone 6s Plus at the same time I got the hearing aids. My audiologist helped me set up the app and create some settings for me to choose from. I have been extremely pleased with the results! I work as a Realtor and I take all of my calls through the hearing aids. I can also listen to a conference call on the hearing aids. | The only issue I have is that I must have the phone with me at all times because I must answer the call on the phone to have it then stream on the aids. Auto-answer would be extremely useful in the sense that i could get a call even if I did not have the i-Phone on me. It is large and because I seldom have pockets, it sometimes is left in the next room. When that is the case and a call comes in I must run to the phone to answer it before the caller goes to voicemail. I suppose that is something Apple would need to offer. Other than that one issue, I love the way it works. I end up showing many people how it all works instead of being embarrassed to show my hearing aids! The #13 batteries make the battery drain from streaming not an issue. They seem to last me nearly a week most of the time. The only issue I am working with is being able to understand words distinctly in an area with all hard surfaces such as hardwood floors. I have a special setting but it is still more of a struggle than in any other situation for me. Otherwise, I am thrilled with my choice of the Resound Linx2 hearing aids!

Hiren M. 02 March 2016
Hey, I have some queries regarding linx2 hearing aids. Does linx2 connect to laptop and android's Bluetooth directly?
Ken P. 24 April 2016
It will connect with up to 8 Bluetooth devices beside the iPhone
Nancy Caudill - COHC 04 October 2016
the aids will connect to your android, and you will be able to control the volume function and change programs through the app, but you will not be able to stream phone calls with the android unless you have the phone clip. So if you're looking for "streaming" services with your android platform you would have to purchase the accessory.
Thomas j. H. 19 January 2016

I cannot compare ReSound to other hearing aids but I can speak to my experiences with made for Iphone Hearing aids. I have been using my second pair (Linx 2) for about 9 months. Before that I had Resound Alera. The Aleras were good. I got all the peripherals; bluetooth TV listener, remote controller, microphone, and the Iphone app that paired with it. No complaints on hearing quality, battery life, or any of the remotes BUT the Iphone app was very unstable. It would pair then quit and often to re-pair I had to forget on bluetooth and re-install the app. I complained a lot to the audioligist. She even brought in a company rep from regional office. Part of problem was too many Bluetooth LE apps on my part - Pebble watch, Ford bluetooth in my car, BT on my computer, etc. Bluetooth LE gets confused easily in such scenarios. I switched to Linx 2 and have been very pleased with the "made for Iphone" aspect. I no longer have to worry about the BT pairing getting confused about pairing. It is a totally separate "always on" BT LE connection. I can even start it on the lock screen of the Iphone with a triple click to "accessibility shortcuts" that lets me instantly turn the Iphone into a remote mic or allows me to change settings on the fly. That is a great advantage as I recently learned in a noisy hospital emergency room when I could start the mic and hand it to the doctor so he could talk to me about my wife's accident. I did have to change TV accessory when I got the Linx 2, but the remote mic still works. Remote control does as well, but not much need for it with new set-up. An advantage to the Linx 2 is the battery life. The p13 batteries are larger and last longer (up to a week vs 3 days with Alera's p312s). One small downside is metal detectors at security checkpoints sometimes beep for the larger batteries - a minor annoyance. So for the most part, I love the Linx 2 aids. But there are always buts. I use the feature called "Live Listening" that allows you to use your Iphone as a microphone and found it to work pretty well. Most recently I made good use of it in emergency room after my wife was in a severe car accident. By using the phone as a mic, I was able to hear the emergency room personnel ask critical questions - that in a very noisy atmosphere. That was a GREAT help! You can access it from the lock screen by triple clicking on the home button, so it is always ready to go. Great in an emergency! In more relaxed atmospheres, I use a remote mic that Resound sells. This lets me put the mic on the table in a restaurant so I can hear people on the other end of the table even in a noisy place. It is also better to risk leaving that behind than the iphone! My current frustration with the hearing aid setup is caused by Apple. I want reminders, calendar updates, and so forth to come through as sounds in my hearing aids not as sounds on the iphone. It is a privacy issue. The ideal thing would be for the Resound app to default back to sounds on the iphone when the batteries on the hearing aids die or when I open the battery door, but Apple does not allow for that option. I can set the Iphone to vibrate for reminders, etc. but alert sounds come on the Iphone rather than hearing aids. Resound says that is something Apple must fix. Resound and Apple teamed up to make them "made for iphone" but they need to take things further! I thought I had the direct to hearing aides issue fixed when I used a text to speech app to create an MP3 file and set it as a ringtone which I then used on the alarm app built into the Iphone. I could set an alarm and have it say "Take your blood pressure medication now." I thought it was going only to my hearing aids since that is what happens to the PHONE ringtone when I get a call but no, it went to both the aids AND the phone so everyone around me could hear! My contact at ReSound says that maybe if I got an Apple Watch and an Iphone 6 I could get this but I am not convinced yet. I think there is a market out there for an app that would do what I want done. After all, older people like me tend to have hearing loss as well as a potential for dementia and Alzheimer's. I already use the Iphone as a calendar and reminder tool for daily tasks. And it works up to a point but there is still a ways to go. In Australia, theatres have closed captioning devices for smartphones that you can use in your seat. I Have not found a similar app here but it would be great at the opera. Most of the hearing loop devices in U.S. theatres are pretty worthless. Having an audiologist that understands your needs is critical in my opinion. My provider, Bridget Elliot at the Medical College of Wisconsin is always willing to assist me in getting my hearing aids tuned to my needs. She also is very supportive of consumers like me that ask for a lot of technological assistance: using the aids with a Pebble Watch and a Raspberry Pi computer, programming things with text to speech apps, etc. Whether you are a technophile or technophobe, be sure to get in sync with your audiologist.

Member 09 November 2015

I have mild to moderate hearing loss, but DID NOT WANT HEARING AIDS. However, the company I worked for had Cigna health insurance and used Amplifon for hearing aids. When our company lost a re-compete for a contract, several of us were not picked up and were going to lose our health insurance so one of the older gentlemen checked into hearing aids and found out that that our Cigna/Amplifon benefit would pay 100% of hearing aid costs! Long story short, I had a hearing test done by an Au.D. (audiologist). The questions she asked were what hearing issues bothered me most. For me, trying to hear conversation in noisy environments (restaurants, public spaces), hearing in a car, wind noise, and listening to music. These are issues that push one further up the ladder for a higher power/expense hearing aid. I knew there were now digital hearing aids that you could adjust yourself by using your smartphone or a remote device. I wanted the smartphone device adjustable ones so I didn't have to keep up with another piece of hardware or wearing something around my neck. Currently (October/November 2015) that means ReSound, a brand I was unfamiliar with. Krystin Farrell, Au.D.,Maico Audiological Services in Newport News, VA got me in, we talked about my hearing issues, the urgency that I had to act with in getting the aids before my benefits expired, and they made everything happen in TWO DAYS. Absolutely amazing. I was SO dreading getting used to wearing hearing aids. Both of my parents wore them so I was quite familiar with the issues. However, these were comfortable! They actually sounded just like real life! No 'Charlie Brown's teacher' or tinny old time speakers! I am beyond impressed. I have an iphone 6, but these work with Android phones as well from what I understand. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the ReSound LINX2 962. I have the Blue behind the ear aids with the receiver in the ear.

Member 19 August 2015

While the hearing aids do an excellent job improving my hearing capability, the expensive price that includes "great" extras like bluetooth are not worth your money. The iphone app causes phone conversations to move from ear to ear and sometimes cut out altogether. You can watch the connection failures on the phone. Very disconcerting for a mature technology like bluetooth. Seems like they could do a better job for the price. I can't even use the functionality I paid for. I have to turn it off to have a conversation.

Anonymous (verified) 19 August 2015

I'm so happy with these, they have changed my life for the better.

Anonymous (verified) 06 July 2015

Without my hearing aids, people talked with mush in their mouths. Now they speak more clearly! I am hearing sounds that I have been missing, like the clicking of the automobile turn indicators, birds singing, people talking to me, etc.

Anonymous (verified) 04 June 2015

I was recommended these hearing aids because of the versatility they offered for use in varying environments. My daily life includes solitary time, one on one meetings, public meetings, seminars, dinners, outdoor sports, theatre, etc. The hearing aids will adapt to the environment I'm in to a certain degree and the audiologist can prepare different programmes that I can select when going into a known environment. The environment programmes can be changed by touching the aids as well as volume and for more control I can use my smartphone or tablet as a remote control. The aids are capable of receiving streaming of phonecalls and media directly from a smartphone or tablet using bluetooth but I haven't tried this yet. The aids are pretty small and come in different colours with an almost invisible microphone wire into my ear, nobody appears to notice I have aids until I tell them. To date after a few weeks I'm very happy with these aids.

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Robert D. 16 February 2016
Hi Can someone tell me the didderence between the 7 and 9 in this hearing aid Thanks Robert
Hearing Tracker 11 March 2016 Replied to Robert D.
Robert, the 9 is the top level of technology. The 7 is one step down. Basically the 9 has 2 more gain handles to help the provider fine tune the hearing aid a little better, and also has improvements on the following features: Adaptive Directionality™, Environmental Optimizer, NoiseTracker™ II, Expansion, Windguard™, Sound Shaper, and Low Frequency Boost (UP receiver only). See page 19 of this brochure: link
Member 21 February 2016
One defect: the batteries only show up full or empty on the app. One needs a warning when the batteries are getting low. All one gets is a peremptory signal saying that the battery is empty. In certain circumstances it is not possible to put in a fresh battery.
Member 11 April 2016
[moved this to the comments section below] Hi all, my father is about to trial these hearing aids. Does he need to get any of the middleware (Unite phone clip) if he wants to connect his late model android phone to them? Cheers.
Member 11 April 2016 Replied to Member
Yes, he needs phone clip. These hearing aids support Bluetooth Low Energy and this technology is directly only supported by Apple with iOS 7 and higher and iPhone 4S and newer.
Member 28 May 2016
Hi. I am planning to buy new hearing aid. Does anyone have experience about the battery time of the ReSound Linx2 5? The battery is size 13. The hearing aid would be intensively used for 16 hours/day. It would be connected to an iPhone both for listening to music and for making phone calls.
Member 30 June 2016
Right ear peice some time turns off And can't find all features on app iPhone
Member 14 July 2016
Linx broken down again just had them a year spent more time at the repairers charlie
Member 30 March 2018 Replied to Member
I've had my Linx2 for 25 months, two of those months they were back at Resound. I had to send them back after 1 year. Got "totally new everything but the case". So, OK, they fixed them, right? But then, less than a year later the sound quality went bunk again. I should have sent them back sooner. Still waiting to get them back from Repair #2. Once I can forgive, but a repair that lasts less than a year? Now I have 9 months on my warranty -- . I think that, at the least, Resound should give me a 3 year warranty from the date of the current repair. That would be the least they should do given the problems and hassle and grief I've dealt with with the HAs they sold me
Member 26 July 2016
I ma using this new pair of Hearing Aids ReSound LiNX2 9 RIE 61 . It has changed my lifestyle and attitude. I was hiding from meetings and small groups for not been able to hear very well and been laught about. Now I can talk and participate in day by day company and family events. Thank you!!
Member 26 July 2016
I ma using the new pair of ReSound LiNX2 9 RIE 61. It have changed my life for the better. I am very happy with being able to hear and participate in company and family events. A big Thank you !
Member 12 September 2016
My resound hearing aid for the right side fell apart. Put it back together and th tip fell off inside his ear. Had to get it out with a hair pen. Thank god it didn't go down into the ear canel. Then the lock fell off also but not in the ear.
Member 12 September 2016
The right hearing fell apart, we bought them 11-02-2015, the black tip came off first. I put it back on and it fell off again in his ear, I had to get it out with a hair pen. Thank god it didn't go into the ear canel. Then the lock fell off in the box he puts them in at night. I don't think they where worth $5,000 dollars.
Member 11 October 2016
I had a problem with my initial set and gave just received a replacement set, but I can't seem to get the wifi connection to my iPhone going again. Might have to revisit the audiologist
Chittari B. 15 October 2016
Today my son akhil age 10 years complited hearing aid By V50
Member 02 February 2017
I have had my LINX2 9 ITC DW for six months now,i work in all sorts of environments,noisy outdoor and inside buildings etc,i have not been happy with my hearing aids from the beginning. In the first month one aid packed up all together and had to be sent away for 2 weeks. My biggest gripe with these aids are the background noises (Kitchen utensils, plates, doors etc). I have no clarity with voices - mine and other peoples, I just cannot decipher what people are saying to me. Using the phone is so difficult. I have been back to my local store many times and my aids are no different after they have so called been 'tweaked'. I bought the most expensive product and I feel its rating is very low, the batteries that are supplied with them last between 1-3 days (if I'm lucky). I have therefore reached the end of the line with these aids now, I am now taking the aids back to my local Amplifon store and hoping to get my £3,000.00 back (fingers crossed). Now, I have no choice but to look for another product.
Member 02 February 2017
linx 961 square is this one or is a totally diferent hearing aids?
Dwayne L. 09 February 2017
The hearing aids have made my life so much better....I can watch and understand TV shows now which I could not do before. My wife is so glad she doesnt have to repeat everything she says now... Thanks so much
Member 10 February 2017
Tengo audífonos ReSound Link 2 961 . Hoy compre el 962 , que tiene de diferencia?
Member 07 March 2017
From what I've read the RIE 62 takes a battery size 13, not the 312s.
Member 24 March 2017
Rubbish the aids produce a harsh metallic unnatural sound you can hear background noise at huge volumes eg water or paper but when it comes to speech they are as clear as mud!!! Music is very tinny and no equaliser is included in the smart app!!
Member 13 July 2017 Replied to Member
You obviously were fit by someone unable to address your issues with the plethora of adjustments available in these devices. Consider where you got them.
Mark S. 04 April 2017
Just ordered my Resound hearing aids today, they should arrive in a couple days. Having never tried a hearing aid before, I am anxious to try them out and I will pass my thoughts on to you.
Member 21 May 2017
I have had these three years and after numerous adjustments they are still unsatisfactory. I have trouble with TV, radio, or engaging in multi-person conversation. While riding in a car I have difficulty hearing the person alongside me and even often have to ask my wife to repeat herself under normal conditions.
Member 07 June 2017
New from the VA. The highs seem too bright, to the point of glaring. Because of the automatic volume control I can't reduce the volume to compensate. My Audiologist says that I need to give them a chance and am hearing things I couldn't hear with my previous Phonaks. I should note that I have combat related traumatic hearing loss, not fading hearing, so my experiences may be different than the norm. I've had hearing issues since 1966 when this happened. I was also given a Resound Micro-Mic for my wife to wear. For the first time ever I could clearly hear her in noisy environments without her constantly having to repeat herself and talk directly at me. Wonderful accessory. Slightly bulky that may be problematic wearing with lightweight clothing but worth the bother.
Member 13 July 2017 Replied to Member
You can adjust the volume if your Audiologist would enable your push buttons for operation. Download the app for I-Phone and you can adjust the low and high frequencies to match your liking, as well as volume.
Richard B. 16 August 2017
I had another make and model hearing aid and was having a difficult time hearing in different situations. Because of that I wasn't using them. I have an iPhone so the VA gave me this model. LS962-DRW (RIE) I'm hearing much better. I use the ReSound Multi Mic and the iPhone app that goes with these aids. The app allows me to adjust volume, to correct the treble, base, background, and wind noises. This app makes it much easier to adjust these settings in different situations making it easier to understand conversation. I really like the control I have with this hearing aid. The GPS feature allows for the hearing aid to automatically change these settings that you've previously programmed for a different areas. (Home vs work) I really like this hearing aid. Thank you ReSound I wasn't paid or given anything for this review. I just found a product that really works for me.
Kevin M. 03 September 2017
Deleted: See updated review done separately comparing these to Widex.
Member 21 September 2017
I just had an acoustic neuroma removed two months ago and I'm now SSD on the left side. The VA is apparently ordering one (only have one ear now) Resound linx2 TS-61 mini RIC hearing aid for me. I've seen 61-7, 61-9, 62-7 and 62-9 listed as well as a linx 3d. what's the difference between all of them and the one the VA ordered for me?
Member 09 November 2017
Can anyone explain the differences in "Manually Accessible Listening Modes", and how they compare in concrete terms? I have not been able to find any details in the literature.
Member 22 November 2017
About 2 years ago I received a pair of Resound Lynx hearing aids from the VA. I was given the customary 90 day trial period. I realized that a week before the trial period was up that my hearing seemed to have no significant improvement with or without wearing the hearing aids. I make the appointment at VA to discuss this situation and was informed that my original hearing test showed that I was one of the people that was a 'borderline' case as to needing hearings aids. I was also informed that most audiologists (particularly 'for profit businesses') will recommend the purchase of them in this situation. I do understand this. The audiologist at the VA gave me the option of keeping the hearing aids or returning them. I decided to return them. I am now (2 years later) returning for a new updated hearing test to reassess my hearing needs. Morry K.
Member 12 June 2018
Good product, where can I purchase replacement receivers L/R
Member 06 October 2018

I have a pair of LINX2 TS 62 STD RIC   The VA got them for me. At first they seemed ok  . Now less then a year they have been returned  to the VA techs once with some success. I have a pretty severe high frequency loss and these help with some of the irritating noisey sound but still pretty weak with language etc. I substitute in elementary school libraries and for that they are almost completely useless. The very frequency they are supposed to enhance , very little improvement . I would not suggest spending the money for these hearing aides .

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