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WHO Sets Standard for Headphones That Won’t Give You Hearing Loss

The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided that when it comes to loud headphones and hearing loss, enough is enough. Along with the...

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How Will the Widex-Sivantos Merger Impact Hearing-Aid Buyers and Sellers?

Is this merger good or bad for hearing aid consumers and the hearing health professionals who serve them?

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Alango’s BeHear Hearables Take On Bose Hearphones

Alango's $249 BeHear NOW headsets compete with $499 Hearphones from Bose.

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Google Gets Serious About Hearing Loss Help

Google's new Sound Amplifier app Live Transcribe voice-to-text translation app aim to attract even die-hard iOS users to its Android smartphones...

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Lively Sells and Supports ReSound Hearing Aids Online

Direct-to-consumer Lively hearing aids offer comprehensive teleaudiology services, including web-based testing and face-to-face videoconferences...

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