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Starkey Hearing Aids: Models, Features, Prices, and Reviews

In 2023, Starkey introduced Genesis AI, a completely new hearing aid platform “reimagined from the inside out” that the company believes will come to define AI-assisted hearing healthcare.
Starkey Hearing Aids

The My Starkey app, when paired with Genesis AI, allows you to adjust volume and program settings, stream calls, count steps, monitor your health-related data, translate languages, transcribe speech, and more.

Starkey hearing aids are the flagship brand of Starkey Hearing Technologies, one of the world's top hearing aid manufacturers. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Starkey is the only US company among the "Big Five," a group of companies that collectively controls more than 80% of the global market for hearing aids.

William (Bill) F. Austin founded Starkey Hearing in 1967, initially as an earmold fabrication and repair service shop for hearing aids. The company soon began building its own hearing aids and gradually expanded sales worldwide. In the past decade, Starkey has invested heavily in research and development, delivering innovations in sound processing, wireless technologies, and miniaturization. Today, Starkey Hearing has more than 5,000 employees and operates in more than 100 countries.

Starkey hearing aid technologies

Starkey makes premium hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss, programmed by a hearing care professional (HCP) based on the results of your hearing test. In recent years, the company has established a position as a leading developer of emerging hearing aid technologies, including artificial intelligence-driven hearing aids. Here are some notable Starkey "firsts":

  • In the 1970s, Starkey created waves in the industry by establishing one of the first trial periods available for hearing aids—now a standard consumer safeguard for professionally dispensed hearing aids. It also introduced some of the first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids.
  • In the 1980s and into the 1990s, Starkey was among the first to advance miniaturization technology to deliver "invisible hearing aids" that sit deep within the ear canal.
  • Starkey was also an early entrant in the Made-for-iPhone hearing aid market with its Halo and Livio hearing aids.
  • Starkey claims its artificial intelligence (AI) sound processing system, Starkey Sound™, makes it easier for hearing-aid wearers to understand speech in noisy environments.
  • In 2018, Starkey introduced what it called the "first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence”; for example, a sensor-based fall-detection feature alerts medical responders if you take a spill.
  • In 2020, Starkey began selling their Livio hearing aids with integrated sensor technology in a rechargeable custom-fitted form factor, and also launched a table microphone for improved hearing in groups.
  • In 2021, Starkey launched Evolv AI, which offers health sensors, fall alerts, telehealth capabilities, and hands-free phone calls on iPhone.
  • In 2023, Starkey introduced Genesis AI, a completely new hearing aid platform “reimagined from the inside out” that the company believes will come to define AI-assisted hearing healthcare.

In addition to iPhone compatibilities, Starkey added native audio streaming for select Android smartphones in early 2020.

Starkey hearing aid prices

Starkey hearing aids range in price from $2,190 to $3,871 per device, depending on the model. Popular models include the Evolv AI and Genesis AI.

About Our Pricing Data

Average retail prices are calculated based on data from HearingTracker’s advertising platform. Consumers save an average of $637 per device on Starkey hearing aids when using Hearing Tracker’s hearing aid discounts platform.

Starkey hearing aid models

Starkey provides a broad line of hearing aids for all forms of hearing loss. Multiple levels of technology and features accommodate users' individual needs. Its model styles include custom invisible in-the-ear (ITE) and receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids as well as powerful behind-the-ear (BTE) solutions.

Starkey Genesis Ai All Styles

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids are offered in many the different hearing aid styles, including (l to r) Invisible-in-Canal (IIC), Completely-in-Canal (CIC), In-the-Canal (ITC), In-the-Ear (ITE), mini-Receiver-in-Canal (mRIC), and RIC models. There currently is not a Behind-the-Ear (BTE) model.

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid

In February 2023, Starkey launched its latest flagship hearing aid, Genesis AI, which the company bills as having "all new everything”: an all-new processor, all-new sound, all-new design, and an all-new app and patient experience. The new Genesis AI is powered by one of the fastest and most advanced chips in the hearing industry, with 6 times more transistors, 10 times more memory, and 4 times faster processing than its Evolv AI predecessor. According to Starkey, this enables it to "redefine" AI and machine learning in hearing aids; it can make over 80 million adjustments per hour and mimic the human brain to quickly and more accurately “fill in” the gaps produced when our hearing system falters.

The new Genesis AI comes in most styles, ranging from the tiny Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) custom in-ear product to its Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) models, as shown in the photo above. It also retains all the "healthable" and fitness tracking aspects (step-counting, social engagement tracking, etc.) and unique fall-detection and language translation features, among other attributes, found in Evolv AI.

HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop provides his initial thoughts about the new Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid product line. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

But the primary goal of a hearing aid is to help you hear better while seamlessly integrating itself into your world of sound. The deep neural network (DNN) and Neuro Sound Processing inside Genesis AI is designed to hear speech in noise more intuitively and naturally, hear soft sounds without distracting noise, and reduce your overall listening effort. Starkey has also widened the dynamic range of the hearing aid by 20 dB, meaning you'll be given a more transparent listening experience when in quiet and loud environments without hearing a lot of distortion.

Genesis AI offers Bluetooth streaming (except in the non-wireless CIC and IIC models) for Apple iOS and Android, with hands-free calling for compatible iOS devices. Using a new antenna, the hearing aids have improved their wireless range by up to 40%, so you can be farther away from your iPhone when taking calls, listening to music, or when using the Starkey TV Streamer. It also provides 2-way audio for iOS devices so it essentially acts like a set of high-quality headphones during video conferences on FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, etc.

Starkey Genesis AI

3.5 stars stars
11 reviews

Listed prices are for a pair of hearing aids in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and may vary by region.

Here are some of the key features and unique offerings available from Genesis AI:

Key features of Genesis AI

The following features are available in Genesis AI. Many are also available in Evolv AI and a comparison chart below is offered below for a full breakdown of features in the two product families.

  • Onboard DNN processing and Neuro Sound Technology - Evolv AI’s primary sound processing engine relies on DNN and a patented additive compression system designed to reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity in multiple environments.
  • Edge Mode+ - A kind of "booster" when you're in a challenging listening situation, when you hit the Edge Mode+ button in the MyStarkey app, the aid conducts an AI-based analysis of the environment and makes smart and immediate adjustments. New in Edge Mode+ are controls so you can orient it to favor either "Comfort" or "Speech Clarity."
  • Hands-free calling - Evolv AI supports hands-free calling on iOS devices running iOS 15 or higher.
  • Long battery life - Genesis has some of the longest advertised battery life—for both rechargeable and disposable batteries—available.
  • Fall detection - Detects when you fall and sends an alert message to selected contacts.
  • MyStarkey App - New with Genesis AI, the MyStarkey app is an upgrade over the former Thrive app, giving you control of the hearing aids while letting you see and share information like step counting, hearing aid usage, social engagement, and more, with pre-selected people.
  • Translate - Communicate with people who speak other languages via a translation tool—now upgraded to 70 languages from 27 in the Thrive app.
  • Transcribe - Conversations are transcribed into text that can be saved or shared.
  • MultiFlex Tinnitus Pro - Creates a comforting and customizable sound stimulus that you and your hearing professional can fine-tune to soothe the unique, irritating sounds you hear.
  • Find My Phone - Using your hearing aids and Thrive Assistant, you can now locate your lost or misplaced phone by having it ring.
  • Step counting - Tracks your daily steps, measures movement and monitors more vigorous physical activity.
  • Brain tracking - Monitors the brain-health benefits of wearing hearing aids by tracking active listening.
  • Tap controls - Enables you to easily stop or start audio streaming by simply tapping your ear twice.
Starkey Genesis Ai Recharger

Genesis AI with charger.

Battery life and recharging Genesis AI

Another thing that jumps off the page when reviewing the Genesis AI is battery life. The advanced processing, sensors, and streaming that enable the above key features all require power. When considering their very small size, extending battery life in hearing aids is a real challenge for hearing aid engineers.

Starkey Genesis AI has one of the longest battery lives of any hearing aid on the market with up to 51 hours. The mRIC, is the smallest rechargeable mRIC with sensor technology and offers up to 41 hours of battery life; the custom ITE and ITC rechargeable hearing aids provide up to 42 hours on a single charge.

Also new with Genesis are the charging case options. For RICs and BTEs, the StarLink Charger and StarLink Premium Mini Charger serve as a charging station and case. Both come with on-board turbo charging—which can rapidly charge the hearing aid, providing 3 hours of use time with only 7 minutes of charging. The Starlink Premium charger has an onboard battery that holds 3 extra charges for people who need it on the go; the StarLink Charger does not include an onboard battery and must be plugged into an external power source to charge the hearing aids.

The in-ear wireless models (ITC and ITE) can use either the Custom or Premium Custom Chargers, with the Premium Charger having an onboard battery. These chargers are almost identical in appearance to those used for Evolv AI custom models (see below).

Genesis AI models with disposable batteries

The newer wireless RIC 312 and CIC both use size 312 disposable batteries and last for 5-6 and 7-8 days, respectively, depending on streaming.

The non-wireless CIC model uses either size 10 or slightly larger size 312 zinc-air batteries with an expected battery life of 5-7 or 8-10 days, respectively, for all but the ultra-power receivers. The non-wireless IIC uses a size 10 battery and these should last for 5-7 days.

StarLink Premium Mini Charger

StarLink Premium Mini Charger

Unique StarLink Premium Mini Chargers for Genesis AI mRIC R and RIC RT hearing aids – same design but with different charging slots to ensure secure hearing aid placement. These new chargers include on-board turbo charging for three hours of hearing aid use time in just seven minutes of charging and an on-board battery for on-the-go charging.


  • Battery Charger

Compatible Aids

A note about Starkey custom hearing aids and the genuinely unique Starkey Genesis AI and Evolv AI CICs

Starkey is well regarded among audiologists and hearing care professionals for their expertise in manufacturing custom (in-ear) hearing aids. In fact, Starkey founder Bill Austin is credited with being a major catalyst for the rapid growth and acceptance of custom hearing aids in the United States that started in the 1970s. And, even today, when BTE and RIC hearing aids make up about 85% of all hearing aids, Starkey remains a strong advocate for greater use of custom in-ear hearing aids and earmolds.

Today, both the Genesis AI and Evolv AI CICs are good examples of Starkey's "go-to" reputation for custom in-the-ear hearing solutions. These CICs are the industry's only rechargeable, Bluetooth-compatible, almost-invisible hearing aid for both Apple and Android, with fully hands-free phone calls for iPhone.

The video below by Audiologist Matthew Allsop provides details about the Evolv AI wireless CIC; the Genesis AI wireless CIC has almost identical features and benefits with the added bonus of some more advanced processing.

HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop comprehensively reviews the truly unique Starkey Evolv AI CIC hearing aid. The wireless Genesis AI CIC has all these same features and adds the more advanced processing found in the new line. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Starkey Signature Series of custom hearing aids

In February 2024, Starkey released a new line of extremely small custom non-wireless hearing aids called the Signature Series. The new product line, which utilizes the Genesis AI chip, includes two completely-in-canal (CIC) models in rechargeable (R) and disposable-battery options and a battery-powered invisible-in-canal (IIC) model:

Signature CIC R NW: Starkey reports this is the world's smallest rechargeable hearing aid, but is still able to operate for up to 38 hours before charging.

Signature CIC NW: A non-wireless CIC with a size 10 battery that provides up to 6 days of use before a battery change (with 16 hours/day use).

Signature IIC NW: Starkey's tiniest hearing aid that uses the Genesis AI platform for people who want the ultimate discreet solution for their hearing. The IIC uses a size 10 battery that lasts up to 7 days before a battery change.

Starkey Signature Cic In Hand

The Starkey Signature brand is designed "to establish the industry's premier choice for an invisible custom" hearing aid.

All Signature hearing aids are IP68 rated—the gold standard for Ingress Protection in hearing aids for dust/dirt and moisture protection. Although these hearing aids are too small to have directional microphones, they do feature premium transient noise reduction, wind and machine adaptations, music enhancement, and feedback cancellation.

My Starkey App

The My Starkey app acts as the control center for Genesis AI beyond the push-buttons on the devices. It allows you to adjust volume and program settings, stream calls, count steps and monitor your health-related data, and translate languages, set reminders, and more. Some of its features include:

  • Audio streaming - Steam music, TV, and other audio devices directly from your smartphone or wireless devices
  • Edge Mode+ - Now on the front screen of the app, you can access this function to enhance hearing in challenging listening environments
  • Smart Assistant - Use your voice to adjust settings, set reminders, and ask questions
  • Personal health monitoring - Track steps, social engagement, and achieve well-being goals
  • Fall detection - The app continues to employ the industry’s first and only fall detector that, when activated by your HCP, can detect if the user has fallen and alert a loved one or caregiver
  • Hear Share - With your permission, your HCP can set it up so a friend or family member can see the health and wellness data for added peace of mind
  • Learning Center - Starkey offers an impressive array of instructional videos and tutorials on how to use Genesis AI and the My Starkey app
  • TeleHear - Your HCP can use this function to make remote hearing aid adjustments in some cases, saving you a trip to the clinic
  • Firmware updates - You can update your hearing aid system at your convenience without visiting your HCP

The app is compatible with Apple iOS 14 and higher, and Android 7.0 and higher. Check the Starkey compatibility listings for full details about your phone.

Starkey Mystarkeyapp

The My Starkey app is the control center for Genesis AI hearing aids.

Starkey Evolv AI hearing aid

Introduced in August 2021, the Evolv AI hearing aid family has many of the same features you'll find in Genesis AI, but most notably lacks advanced DNN processing, extended battery life, and wireless range found in the newer device. However, Evolv AI does provide direct audio streaming (iOS and Android), hands-free calling (iOS only), sensor-based accelerometers to detect falls and monitor real-time health information, and AI software designed to improve speech understanding in background noise.

Starkey Evolv AI

4 stars stars
13 reviews

Listed prices are for a pair of hearing aids in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and may vary by region.

Evolv AI is available in a wide range of form factors. Wireless connectivity is available in all but the very smallest IIC hearing aid. The BTE and RIC options come in a variety of color options ranging from black, white, and silver to espresso, bronze, and champagne.

Evolv Lineup

The full Starkey Evolv AI lineup.

Starkey Sound™ for clear speech

When Starkey launched Evolv AI, Chief Technology Officer Achin Bhowmik, said “Evolv AI hearing device will make 55 million adjustments - automatically”. Starkey Sound is a proprietary sound processing platform that monitors and adapts to your listening environment to optimize sound—Starkey claims that the system is “designed to automatically suppress background noise and designed to increase speech audibility and intelligibility with machine learning technology”.

Starkey Evolv AI expert reviews

HearAdvisor recently reviewed the Starkey Evolv AI hearing aid and the hearing aid made the independent test lab's 2023 Expert Choice Winners list, obtaining an exceptional SoundScore of 4.1 on a 5-point scale (you can listen to sound samples of the device at the above link).

Also see what HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop has to say about their performance in the video below:

Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Charging Evolv AI

There are two charger types available for Evolv AI, the Standard Charger and the Mini Turbo Charger. The Standard Charger is a portable plug-in charger that comes with Evolv AI RIC R and delivers three full charges on the go. The Mini Turbo Charger is a pocket-sized charger that is sold separately and delivers four charges on the go.

Evolv AI Chargers

The Standard (left) and the Mini Turbo Chargers both provide on-the-go rechargeability.

Evolv AI Custom

Evolv AI Custom is a custom-fitted in-the-ear version of the Evolv AI. The Custom is rechargeable, and includes the same embedded sensors as the behind-the-ear model. Metal charging contacts, a push button, and microphone ports are seen on the exterior faceplate of the Custom. Edge mode is also available via a double-tap.

Evolv AI

Recharger for Evolv AI custom hearing aids.

Comparing Genesis and Evolv

Genesis AI represents a big step forward for Starkey, as it improves upon at least four major facets of the user experience: sound quality and speech in noise, battery life, streaming, and the enhancement of the user-device interface via the My Starkey app—items that directly impact benefit with the device. There are, of course, many other improvements in Genesis AI; for example, the number of languages translated increased from 27 to over 70, Edge Mode+ now includes new controls for specifying if you want to emphasize comfort or speech clarity, and much more.

However, the table below demonstrates that Evolv AI also has many of the same features as Genesis AI; it's just that some key listening advances are missing and its chip processing platform isn't as powerful. The bottom line: Evolv AI remains an exceptional product in terms of both features and performance, and it has also scored high in our Hear Advisor ratings.

Genesis AI Evolv AI
When introduced Feb 2023 Aug 2021
Neuro Sound & DNN processing
Long lasting rechargeability
Rechargeable station options
Onboard control buttons
Tap control
Edge Mode ✓*
Apple iOS and Android streaming
Hands-free calling for iPhone
2-way audio**
Wireless accessories
Personal health monitoring
Fall detection and alerts
Hear Share for caregivers
Language translation
Speech transcription
Telehear for remote adjustments
Hearing aid self check
My Starkey app
Thrive app
Advanced tinnitus technology
CROS/BiCROS options
IP68 rating†

*Genesis AI:D31 Edge Mode+ with added Comfort/Speech selections

**For use with Zoom, Teams, Facetime, etc.

Thrive remote care app

The Thrive Hearing Control smartphone app works with Evolv AI and legacy Livio AI hearing aids to perform wellness tracking, activity tracking, brain health tracking, and language translation functions. All versions of Evolv AI and Livio have access to a hearing aid finder function, iOS audio streaming for phone calls and multimedia audio, hearing-aid remote control, personalized listening programs, geo-tagged listening programs, audio notifications, an adaptive car mode, and accessories for wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth devices.

Thrive App

Thrive App

Smartphone app that works with Livio AI hearing aids lets you make phone calls, control program settings, and view and manage health information collected by the hearing aids.


The Thrive app also activates the AI capabilities in the hearing aids. Among other things, it manages fall detection and alerts, enables voice-to-text transcription, automatically monitors hearing aid performance, translates words from 27 languages into English, allows the hearing care provider to make remote adjustments, and controls accessories.

Picasso custom in-ear hearing aids

Picasso is Starkey's value line of four in-ear hearing aids that are custom-made for the individual contours of your ears and ear canal. All use disposable batteries and are offered in 4-10 technology levels, depending on the style. From the smallest to the largest style, the IIC and CIC use a size 10 hearing aid battery; the ITC uses a size 312 battery, and the full-shell ITE uses a size 13 battery.

Picasso is compatible with Starkey's 2.4 GHz SurfLink streaming accessories, which gives you access to wireless connectivity with TVs, MP3 players, and other Bluetooth-ready mobile devices if desired. Among several features, Picasso has an advanced anti-feedback system to stop hearing aids from whistling, and systems for increasing speech audibility and overall comfort using Starkey Sound (see above). The larger hearing aids (ITC and ITE) in the product line also use an Acuity Immersion Directionality system designed to restore the natural benefit provided by the contours of your outer ear (pinna).

Starkey tinnitus solutions

Starkey offers personalized tinnitus relief solutions with all its product models and technology levels. The company's Multiiflex Tinnitus Technology, adjustable via the My Starkey and Thrive smartphone apps, generates tinnitus masking sounds that the user can customize to bring relief from ringing and other noises in the head. There are two main components to Multiflex:

  • Audiogram-shaped noise: Because not everyone's is the same, this algorithm sets the level of each individual noise band in relation to your unique hearing configuration determined by your audiogram—and not to an overall average as some programs do.
  • Stimulus personalization tool: This expands on the above with a more customized spectral shape for the tinnitus masker with the goal of placing the masking noise in the best frequency (pitch) bands, based on real-time automatic measurements.

Now available at more technology levels within the product families, Starkey's tinnitus algorithm intelligently sets the tinnitus stimulus according to your audiogram. And up to 24 bands of frequency adjustments enable hearing-aid users to work with the audiologist to find the masking sound that works best for them. Starkey also offers its Relax app (available for both Apple and Android) that you can self-adjust to create customized relief sounds coupled with soothing images to accommodate the changing behavior of your tinnitus.

Starkey hearing aid accessories

Starkey provides a number of accessories that improve hearing aid performance in challenging listening environments, while watching TV, when on the phone, and in numerous other ways. To learn which accessories work with the hearing aids you wear, consult with your hearing healthcare provider.

Remote Microphone +

Remote Microphone + streams audio from a variety of sources to Evolv AI and Livio hearing aids. Among other things, it lets you use your hearing aids to connect directly to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Remote Microphone +

Remote Microphone +

Streams audio from a variety of sources to select Starkey hearing aids.

And the Mini Remote Microphone can be clipped to the clothing and makes it easy to hear a conversation partner from across the room.

Mini Remote Microphone

Mini Remote Microphone

A wireless microphone small enough to clip to clothing, it streams audio to Live hearing aids.


  • Remote Microphone

In February, 2020, Starkey introduced the Table Microphone, which is designed “for group settings like meetings, family gatherings or noisy restaurant environments.”

Table Microphone

Table Microphone

The Table Microphone is placed on a table to improve hearing for speech in a group setting. It contains 8 built-in microphones and transmits sound via a 2.4Ghz wireless connection.


  • Remote Microphone

TV audio streamer

When plugged into either analog or digital outputs on the TV or other audio source, the streamer transmits audio directly to your Evolv AI and Livio hearing aids.



Plugs into analog or digital outputs and streams audio to Livio AI and Livio hearing aids.

With the TruLink 2.4 GHz wireless platform, you could use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch to stream audio to your Starkey’s Halo iQ hearing aids. You could also control volume and program settings.

TruLink Hearing Control App

TruLink Hearing Control App

Smartphone control app that also works with streaming accessories to Halo iQ hearing aids.


  • Smartphone App

Starkey also offered the hand-held TruLink Remote to adjust Halo iQ hearing aids. It let you control memory and volume adjustments, mute your hearing aids, or toggle several other special features without having to use the smartphone.

Surflink accessories were used to connect Bluetooth-ready mobile devices to Starkey Muse, Soundlens and Z Series hearing aids, SurfLink streaming solutions include; SurfLink Mini Mobile for cell-phone calls; and SurfLink Remote Microphone 2, which could be worn by a conversation partner to aid one-on-one conversations or settings with multiple speakers.

SurfLink Media 2

SurfLink Media 2

Streams audio in stereo from TVs and MP3 players directly to your hearing aids.


  • TV Streamer

SurfLink Media 2 streamed audio in stereo from TVs and MP3 players to your hearing aids. Surflink Remote was a hand-held push-button controller for hearing aid volume and other functions. And SurfLink Mobile 2 was a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

Legacy hearing aid models and accessories

Starkey continues to support earlier hearing-aid models based on previous generations of its sound-processing technology. Because these models still provide high-performance functionality, some audiologist may still sell them at lower price points than the latest models.

Livio Edge AI hearing aids

Starkey Livio marked a "jumping off point" for Starkey in 2018, as it was the successor to Starkey's Halo iQ hearing aid family and represented the company's first multipurpose sensor-driven hearing aid—including fall-detection and inertial sensors, fitness and wellness tracking using a “brain and body score,” a real-time language translator, and the ability to control the aid just by tapping it. Livio was made available in multiple BTE and ITE form factors and used the Thrive app. Like Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI also supported direct audio streaming (iOS and Android) and had sensors, AI, and fall alerts. Livio AI made the list of Dr. Cliff’s top hearing aids of 2021.

Starkey Livio

3.5 stars stars
43 reviews

Listed prices are for a pair of hearing aids in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and may vary by region.

Other legacy hearing aids

Starkey Muse and Muse IQ hearing aids came in multiple styles, including RIC, BTE, and ITC. The family provided advanced sound processing and included a rechargeable RIC solution. Muse hearing aids were also compatible with Starkey's 2.4 GHz streaming accessories.

Starkey Halo hearing aids featured advanced sound processing, noise reduction, and directional microphones. The Made-for-iPhone functionality provided wireless streaming of audio and phone calls from iOS devices, and Starkey TruLink 2.4 GHz wireless enabled (with accessory purchase) wireless audio streaming from Android phones and external microphones.

Starkey Z Series hearing aids came in form factors ranging BTE to CIC. They featured frequency shifting to replicate high-frequency sounds at lower frequencies and provided a full range of connectivity options utilizing Starkey's 2.4 GHz streaming accessories.

The Starkey Xino RIC 10 was a receiver in-the ear hearing aid that had a telecoil and used size 10 hearing aid batteries. The Starkey 3 Series was a family of hearing aids that came in multiple form factors and with five technology levels.

HearingTracker independently reviews products and services. When you buy through our links or using our discount codes, we may earn a commission.

Abram Bailey Aud

Founder and President

Dr. Bailey is a leading expert on consumer technology in the audiology industry. He is a staunch advocate for patient-centered hearing care and audiological best practices, and welcomes any technological innovation that improves access to quality hearing outcomes. Dr. Bailey holds an Au.D. from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


Hi, I don't have a hearing aid.  I never had one but need one very sorely before I lose all my friends, lol!  I'd like an "invisible" one.  Do you have to have a smartphone to monitor the sound?  I just bought an Android but still learnig how to use it.  How many styles of the invisible aids do you have?  Are prices for one or a pair?  How long would i be trying them before returning for full refund if needed?  Thank you very much!   


I have had nothing but problems with my Starkey hearing aids for the past two and a half years. I have sent both of them back in to be fixed, but the right one had to be sent back a second time. It still cuts out on me for no reason. I have worn hearing aids for the past 30 years. These are the worst I have EVER had. If I had money to replace them, I would even though there is still 6 months warranty left.


I had the exact same experience - bought a pair of the most advanced Evolv AI aids (2400) last year, and had to send the Cros one back twice. Even then, it still conked out every time after an hour or two. I eventually stopped using it completely, until my last audiologist visit in Nov 2022 when they upgraded my software (took 18 minutes). I was told this would address the problem of losing charge, and since then I've been wearing both aids again - and they last much longer! So if you haven't gotten this software upgrade recently, I highly recommend it.


The Thrive app does not work as depicted in the user manual. I have a Samsung S22+ which is on the list of approved Android phones. Items are missing from the menu, hearing aids will lose their current setting when you turn off the phone display, and I have issues editing the current memory from an existing one. I also installed the Thrive app on my iPad Pro - it worked as expected, but I don't carry my iPad wherever I go, but my Android phone goes with me everywhere (I hate iPhones). My conclusion - the Thrive app for Android is not ready for primetime on Android devices, it works fine on an Apple product. I contacted Starkey directly but they could not give a crap about my issue and never responded. Don't buy Starkey hearing aids if you have an Android phone.

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