Julia Métraux

Health Writer

Julia Métraux is a health and culture writer with hearing loss whose work has appeared in Narratively, The Tempest, BUST, and Poynter. Check out her portfolio.

Can COVID-19 Really Cause Permanent Hearing Loss?

Emerging evidence suggests there may be a connection between COVID-19 and hearing loss. We asked the experts for an update on the science.

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Planning a Virtual Thanksgiving? 5 Ways to Boost Communication

Virtual catch-ups with loved ones are the new normal, but video calls can be tricky. They’re more challenging still when those with hearing loss...

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Hearing Loss and Dementia: Are They Connected?

Difficulty hearing may also play a role in cognitive decline. This represents a significant risk for America’s aging population.

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Face Masks Make It Harder to Hear

Four hearing researchers weigh in on the challenges of hearing speech in the era of face masks. Some masks are better than others, and these...

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