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Stu Nunnery is a writer, speaker, recording artist and hearing activist. He has recently returned to making music after a 35-year hiatus and presents workshops and performances about his journey with bilateral hearing loss.

Cutting-Edge Hearing Protection For Music Listening

Isolating your ears from background noise is a great way to reduce your noise exposure while listening to music on the go.

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Auditory Training – Brain Training That May Help You Hear Better In Difficult Situations

One often-overlooked hearing enhancement tool is auditory training, a “brain training” technique for the ears, that is often used to improve...

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Hearing Loss, Music, and Brain Health

Now research suggests that musical training may benefit those parts of the brain that underlie “selective attention” to speech. Musicians display...

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Hearing Loops Make It Easier to Hear With Hearing Aids

When wearing hearing aids, hearing loops (or telecoil loops) can help improve your hearing. They are installed in a variety of establishments.

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End your Isolation – Join a Hearing Loss Support Group

Most if not all states have their own agencies or commissions on deafness and the hard of hearing that provide leadership, advocacy and education...

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Noise at Weddings

Planning a wedding? Make sure you get the noise right by following these 6 actionable tips. From room acoustics to DJ breaks, our guide has...

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