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Phonak Lyric 4

Phonak Lyric 4 Hearing Aid

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About the Phonak Lyric 4

Lyric is one of the most unique hearing aids on the market. Unlike other hearing aids, Lyric is inserted deeply into the ear canal by a specially-trained audiologist or otolaryngologist, where it stays for months at a time. There is no need to recharge the batteries at night, and you don't need to take the hearing aids out when working out, showering, or going to bed. When the battery does need replacing, your Lyric devices would need to be removed and reinserted by a specialist. 

Is Lyric really invisible?

Yes. Lyric is the most invisible hearing aid that we're aware of. The deep insertion means it is very difficult, if not impossible, for those around you to see the device. Phonak has been marketing Lyric as an invisible device for years, and the FTC would have stopped them by now if it weren't true.

Does Lyric sound natural?

Lyric is manufactured by Phonak, the global hearing aid leader. Phonak claims that Lyric 4 achieves a "clear, natural sound" by collecting sound deep within the ear canal, rather than from microphones placed outside the ear or behind the ear (like traditional hearing aids). Considering the importance of the pinna effect, this claim actually makes a lot of sense.

How will my voice sound?

Lyric's unique deep insertion means your voice will sound much more natural than it would with other in-the-ear style hearing aids. As it turns out, the smaller the cavity between a hearing aid and the eardrum, the less the occlusion effect (the effect that causes booming in your ear when you speak, etc). 

Does Lyric help with tinnitus?

Phonak has published some evidence that the Lyric can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. This makes sense given the general role that hearing aids in relieving the symptoms of tinnitus related to auditory deprivation. But, with Lyric being worn at night, the device offers a unique approach to helping relieve tinnitus even at night, when it can be most bothersome to some. While the evidence is still emerging, it seems reasonable that many people would expect an improvement in their tinnitus by wearing Lyric.

Is Lyric 4 better than Lyric 3?

In a recent press release, Phonak outlines the new benefits of Lyric 4 over the previous generation. 

  • Comfort: A reduction of the medial portion of the module by 0.3mm led testers to rate the new Lyric4 as significantly more comfortable than the previous generation.

  • Reliability: A new debris collection design means less clogging from earwax.

  • Fitting Rate: Lyric is successful with 75% of appropriate candidates. Phonak believes the reduced medial module should improve the success rate, but this has not been measured.

Is Lyric for everyone?

Lyric is not for everyone. If you have any of the following, you may not be a good candidate for Lyric:

  • Short, narrow, or sensitive ear canals

  • Heavy earwax (cerumen) production

  • Taking blood thinners

  • Severe to profound hearing loss

  • Sharply sloping hearing loss (ski slope loss)

  • A history of ear-related medical conditions

  • Underwater swimming or diving

There may be other factors not listed above. Please consult a local Lyric provider to find out if you are a good candidate for the devices.

Potential downsides of Lyric

An annual subscription to the Lyric solution is purchased through a network of independent Lyric providers. Some have questioned the long term cost of the subscription, with most subscribers paying more than they would for a standard pair of hearing aids in that time. There is also the question of device reliability. While Phonak has made improvements to the debris collection in Lyric 4, it is still possible that your devices will die frequently and need to be replaced. This means no hearing from the ear(s) with the dead Lyric(s) until your specialist appointment. Lastly, you won't get the same connectivity options offered by modern Bluetooth hearing aids. So that is something to consider if you're wanting iPhone / Android streaming connectivity etc.


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