2021 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards - Winners Announced!

Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), an online resource for hearing professionals and consumers with hearing loss, has today announced the winners of its second annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™. Through the annual awards program, HHTM honors technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry.

This year’s expanded program received dozens of entries from companies across the globe and saw over 22,000 votes cast during the public voting period.

“We were thrilled to see so much support for this year’s awards program,” said Kevin Liebe, AuD, HHTM President and CEO. “As a result, we not only had the opportunity to showcase some amazing innovations, but we were also able to successfully raise over $8,000 to support the work of the Hearing Health Foundation and the Hearing Loss Association of America”

2021 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards announcement video

Category Winners

Hearing Aids

  • Receiver In Canal - ReSound ONE
  • Behind The Ear - Phonak Naida Paradise
  • Design - Signia Active X
  • Direct to Consumer - Bose SoundControl

Personal Listening Device

  • Wearable Listening Device - BeHear Smarto
  • Remote Microphone Technology - Noopl
  • Hearables/Wireless Earbuds - Olive Pro
  • Wireless Headphones: Over Ear - Audeara A0-1

Assistive Technology & Software

  • Mobile Apps: Hearing Devices - Whisper Hearing System
  • Captioning Technology Software - CaptionCall Phone
  • Captioning Technology: Mobile Apps - Hi There Solutions
  • Personal Amplification & Assessment - Nuheara's Ear ID


  • Hearing & Balance - Interacoustics TRV Chair
  • Consumer - PHONEDRS Q10
  • Otoscopy & Ear Scanning - Natus Otoscan
  • Mobile Testing - hearX Self Test Kit
  • Verification & Validation - Inventis Trumpet Wireless REM Probes

Service Delivery

  • Tinnitus Management - Oto
  • Hearing & Auditory Rehab - Cochlear CoPilot
  • Clinical Products - OtoSet Ear Cleaning System
  • Telehealth & Remote Care - Lexie Care

Auditory Implants

  • Cochlear Implants - Advanced Bionics Sky CI M
  • Middle Ear Implants - Esteem by Envoy Medical
  • Bone Conduction Implants - Cochlear Baha 6

Prevention & Therapeutics

  • Hearing Loss Prevention - Minuendo Lossless Earplugs
  • Hearing Loss Treatment - FX-322 Frequency Therapeutics

Innovator of the Year: Noopl

This year’s Innovator of the Year title has been awarded to California-based hearing health startup, Noopl. The company received the most votes by an independent judge’s panel, based on the following criteria.

  • Innovation – Technology that represents novel thinking in addressing habilitation of acquired hearing loss, its treatment and delivery.
  • Effectiveness - Technological advances that best address limitations of previous generations of technology
  • Efficiency – Advances that best close the distance between hearing care and the end-user
  • Utility – Innovation that promotes greater ease of use by the end-user and/or practitioner

“The team at Noopl is thrilled and humbled to win the Innovator of the Year award,” said Tim Trine, Ph.D., Noopl President & CEO. “It is amazing to receive validation from experts in the field of hearing.”

Noopl Screen

Noopl 2.0 attaches to the base of iPhone.

About the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

The Hearing Technology Innovator AwardsTM is an international awards program designed to recognize and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry. Learn more.

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