Announcing: 2nd Future of Hearing Healthcare Conference

Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), a leading online resource for hearing professionals and consumers with hearing loss, is pleased to announce the second annual Future of Hearing Healthcare Conference will take place from May 24-26, 2022.

The three-day virtual event, hosted by HHTM, will provide attendees with insights into the latest treatment and technologies that will have a hand in shaping the future of hearing care.

“The Future of Hearing Healthcare Virtual Conference 2022 provides attendees with a magnified view of the present and impending opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing-related issues,” said Amyn Amlani, PhD, conference chair. “Having this perspective empowers each provider with knowledge to improve the diagnostic and treatment interventions that they provide to patients on their journey towards improved health and quality of life.”

"What impresses me about this conference is not just the professional power but also the eager appetite for next steps and novel solutions,” said Dr. David Eagleman, Stanford neuroscientist and founder of neurotech startup, Neosensory. “I’m greatly looking forward to participating again in this year’s event to learn and share the new frontiers in hearing technology.”

Attendees participating in the event can earn valuable CEUs (up to 13 contact hours) from leading experts in clinical audiology, neuroscience, hearing aids, consumer technology and more.

Among the topics being addressed during the conference:

  • Hair Cell Regeneration
  • Clinical and Practice Differentiation
  • Forensic Audiology
  • Haptic Tech for Hearing Loss
  • Balance & Vestibular Care
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Cerumen Removal
  • Going Beyond the Hearing Aid

“As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘the most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.’ With that spirit the annual Future of Hearing Healthcare Conference is not only a great way to learn about future trends and possible disruptors, but to shape that future with ingenuity, creativity and inclusiveness. I’m looking forward to another memorable event.” commented Brian Taylor, AuD, one of the event’s featured speakers.

Individuals interested to learn more about the event, please visit:

Tickets are available at an early-bird rate of $99, if purchased by May 6th.

Tickets are available here.

The first 100 registrants will also receive a free copy of Brian Taylor’s upcoming book, Indispensable: What Four Acclaimed Late Audiologists Can Teach Us About the Value of Customization in the Era of Self-directed Care, set to be released in late May 2022.