HearingUp is the New Home of Dr. Cliff Olson Content and the New HearingUp Provider Network

Dr. Cliff Olson launches HearingUp to make it easier for consumers to find information about hearing loss and find hearing care professionals who follow best practices.

Dr. Cliff Olson, AuD, one of the world’s most recognized audiologists, has launched HearingUp—a new website that provides a home for all of Dr. Cliff’s new educational content, as well as his extensive library of YouTube videos, and the new HearingUp Provider Network.  Dr. Cliff’s videos, some of which have been viewed by millions, provide information on the latest hearing aids, tinnitus, hearing loss research, and Best Practices for the audiology and hearing aid industry. HearingUp will allow Dr. Cliff to reach a larger audience and educate even more consumers about their hearing loss and treatment options.

Dr. Cliff provides details about HearingUp.

“Individuals with hearing loss are constantly searching online for high-quality, reputable information about hearing aids and audiologic care,” says Dr. Cliff.  “I want HearingUp to be a reliable source of information that consumers can trust.”

In addition to new Dr. Cliff content, HearingUp will also be the new home of the Best Practice Pro Network, now referred to as the “HearingUp Network by Dr. Cliff”. The HearingUp website will make it easier for consumers to find a local hearing care professional offering Best Practice audiologic care.

Depending on which expert you ask, it is estimated that only 10% to 30% of hearing care professionals adhere to Best Practice guidelines when providing audiologic care for adult hearing impairment. This means that the majority of individuals with hearing loss are not receiving the quality of care that they deserve.

“There are a number of accomplishments in my life that I am truly proud of, none of them more than the creation of the HearingUp Provider Network,” says Dr. Olson. “From day one as a practicing audiologist, I recognized that the best way to ensure exceptional treatment outcomes with hearing aids was to follow comprehensive Best Practices. Best Practice guidelines are the fundamentals that allow a hearing care professional to ensure that their patients are capable of hearing their absolute best with hearing aids.”

According to Dr. Olson, before the Network was created in 2019, there was no easy way for consumers to ensure that their hearing care professional was going to follow Best Practices while administering care. Since that time, he says countless educated and empowered consumers have sought the care of Network members. And now, the HearingUp Network is the easiest way to find a hearing care professional who follows comprehensive Best Practices.

“With the switch to the new HearingUp brand,” continues Dr. Olson, “we will be able to expand our reach to the hearing loss community and drive the adoption of Best Practices by more hearing care professionals throughout the world. I will not stop until every individual with hearing loss has access to an excellent hearing care professional who follows Best Practices.”

Become a Provider

Hearing care professionals that provide Best Practices are invited to join the HearingUp Network. Entry into the Network requires completion of a free 30-minute webinar, which provides background information about the Network, details on membership dues and the requirements to join, and application instructions. You will also learn about the benefits of becoming a provider.

About Dr. Cliff Olson:

Dr. Cliff Olson is the founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is a licensed Audiologist and holds his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Cliff served as a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper which is where he learned about his own hearing loss, and was introduced to the critical importance of Best Practices as they relate to all professions. After opening his clinic in 2017, Dr. Olson started the Doctor Cliff, AuD YouTube channel to educate consumers across the world about the importance of high-quality hearing healthcare.