Indispensable: New eBook by Brian Taylor Shows How Hearing Care Professionals Can Differentiate from Self-Fitting Devices

Why should patients settle for “good enough” when they can have optimized outcomes?

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor, AuD

Buying amplification devices over the counter without the direct involvement of a licensed professional is not really new. After all, companies have been selling hearing aids through the mail since at least the 1970’s. What has changed, however, is the way these types of devices are fitted.

Today, individuals who chose to self-direct their care can use a simple push button or an app to fit and fine-tune their hearing aids, purchased OTC. Research even suggests many individuals can self-fit successfully and arrive at a “good enough” outcome.

But why should patients settle for “good enough” when they can have optimized outcomes, delivered in a caring manner from an expert professional?

A new e-book by Brian Taylor, AuD, provides some answers. Given the rise of self-fitting innovations, hearing care professionals must focus on practices and techniques that optimize outcomes for the individual—ones that cannot be duplicated by self-fitting OTC devices.

By looking back over the past 40 years of audiology research, Dr. Taylor’s new e-book summarizes several proven ideas, originally published by four renowned, late researchers, HCPs can use to customize patient care, optimize outcomes and outpace DIY approaches.

Indispensable: What Four Acclaimed Late Audiologists Can Teach Us About the Value of Customization, is now available at the HHTM bookstore.

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