Signia Launches My WellBeing App to Promote a More Active Lifestyle and Consistent Use of Hearing Aids

Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) hearing aid wearers can now monitor their fitness levels while gaining meaningful insights into their hearing health.

TORONTO — Hearing aid innovator Signia is launching My WellBeing, a new app-based toolset designed to improve the hearing health of Signia hearing aid wearers by encouraging a more consistent and prolonged use of their hearing devices. The tool, available through the Signia app, offers four features that help wearers stay motivated to remain physically active and engage in social interactions while wearing their hearing aids.

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Signia's My Wellbeing App offers four features that help wearers stay motivated to remain physically active while wearing their hearing aids.

In addition to helping patients hear better, Signia AX’s built-in motion sensors now allow wearers to see exactly how many steps they take each day through the My Steps feature in the My WellBeing app. Additional features My Activity, My WearTime and My Conversations help monitor for physical activity, time wearing the hearing aids, and time spent engaging with others. All user data is only stored and visible in the Signia app.

“Hearing well is a fundamental component of feeling well. Our latest innovation, My WellBeing, is adding attractive features to help hearing aid wearers stay motivated to engage in physical activities and feel their best,” said Michele Dostaler, Audiology Team Manager with Signia. “We are committed to educating our patients on the importance of a consistent use of their hearing aids, and to making the interaction between their hearing devices and their daily routines a seamless and enjoyable experience.”

Signia hearing aid users can enjoy an accurate step counter, better than wrist-worn trackers and smartphones due to the strategic, ear-worn positioning of the motion sensor, and useful insights into their physical activity that can be shared with their family doctors.

Initial consumer testing conducted by Signia revealed that the new My WellBeing features drove increased user engagement with their hearing aids, encouraging them to wear their devices more consistently. If untreated, hearing loss could be a greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Studies have shown that aged-related hearing loss can be slowed down with improved physical activity and better cardiovascular health. Additionally, using fitness trackers, like those included in the My WellBeing tool, is scientifically proven to help maintain and improve physical activity.

Social interactions also play an important role in achieving holistic wellness. The new My WellBeing app and its My Conversation feature will especially benefit seniors, who are often at a higher risk of experiencing feelings of isolation when compared to other age groups. Social isolation in seniors has been linked to increased emotional distress and prevalence of depression, increased number of falls and use of health and support services, among other health risks.

The My WellBeing toolset is available through the Signia app. Download the Signia app on iOS or Android. Visit to learn more.