Tinnibot: Your Tinnitus Companion

The Tinnitus Awareness Week (1-7 February 2021) is a great opportunity to showcase digital innovation to help tinnitus sufferers.

People experiencing tinnitus for the first time can often feel worried, hopeless and not understood. It can be difficult to navigate through a sea of misinformation. Living with this condition is challenging and can result in anxiety and depression. Therapy is often difficult to access and extremely costly. Now, imagine having a tinnitus therapist available anytime at the convenience of your pocket. A digital companion that is always ready to listen and help manage your tinnitus when you need it the most.

Tinnibot screenshots

Tinnibot iPhone Screenshots

Tinnibot was created with the goal of providing a comprehensive tinnitus app that offers cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxing soundscapes that can be individually customized, and meditation and mindfulness exercises through guided podcasts. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective treatment in reducing tinnitus distress and Tinnibot delivers this in the form of a virtual coach that helps the user navigate through the process. The app aims to empower the user by providing knowledge about their tinnitus and greater understanding into overcoming the daily challenges associated with it. There will also be the capability of accessing in-app psychology counselling for those that need additional support.

The team at Hearing Power, composed of medical professionals and tinnitus experts, are passionate about providing a comprehensive tinnitus solution that is effective, accessible and affordable.

Tinnibot is a chatbot that helps users manage their tinnitus. Co-founders Dr Fabrice Bardy and Dr Matthieu Recugnat along with the team at Hearing Power have been working on Tinnibot’s artificial intelligence-based capabilities to provide tinnitus care to everyone, sooner, cheaper, and more efficiently. More information available at www.hearingpower.co