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Unitron's Moxi V-RS Joins Vivante Platform; Offers a Fusion of Style and Function

Innovative award-winning design style is set to appeal to first-time wearers and the design- focused clientele.

Unitron Moxi V Rs And Charger Vivante

Unitron's Moxi V-RS hearing aids and charger.

KITCHENER, ON – Unitron is excited to announce the launch of Moxi V-RS, an innovative new rechargeable hearing product that combines style, aesthetics, and functionality. Operating on Unitron's recently launched Vivante platform, Moxi V-RS offers a modern alternative to traditional hearing aids while prioritizing comfort and ease-of-use.

“At Unitron, we take a user-centric design approach in our product development, optimizing sound performance and style with advanced personalization options," said Paul Robinson, Director, Product Management. "Everyone's hearing journey is unique and it is our goal to provide effective, easy-to-use products that fit seamlessly into people's lives."

Moxi V-RS is equipped with individual left and right-side instruments designed for comfort and built specifically for each ear. This uniquely contoured  product is a true style alternative that breaks down aesthetic-barriers while providing next-level sound performance.

Moxi V-RS features a newly-designed sleek, magnetic charging case providing convenience and rechargeability all in one. Moxi V-RS also boasts Made For All wireless compatibility, enabling wearers to enjoy seamless connectivity with their hearing aids and multiple digital devices. They can stream phone calls, music, podcasts and other digital assistants directly to their hearing aids, easily controlling them with just a tap, thanks to convenient tap control.

Moxi V-RS joins an award-winning family of products on the Vivante platform, which enhances listener experience through personalized hearing control, improved sound performance and modern design. With Moxi V-RS, wearers will have access to unique features that empower them to personalize their listening experience to suit their lifestyles. Through the Remote Plus app, they are able to make easy in-the-moment adjustments to their devices, ensuring optimal sound performance in every situation.

Unitron Vivante V R Vr T Charger

Unitron Vivante V-R hearing aids and charger.

"With Moxi V-RS, people can enjoy our next-level sound performance with the Vivante platform in more environments with advanced personalization, inspiring confidence and amplifying their style,"  said Nicola McLaughlin, Senior Director, Marketing Unitron.

For more information on Moxi Vivante innovations, please visit the Unitron website.

About Unitron

At Unitron, we empower people with life-enhancing hearing experiences that fit seamlessly into their world. Our sound performance technology, Experience Innovations, and intuitive design work perfectly together to provide personalization and optimization. Because everyone deserves to Love the experience™.

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