Mara Brooks

Health Writer

Mara Brooks is a longtime journalist and native New Yorker now living in Barre, Vermont. She is the communications coordinator for the Community of Vermont Elders and editor for community newspapers The Charlotte News and The Hardwick Gazette. In her spare time, Mara studies law and classical music. 

Is It Safe to Remove Earwax Myself?

It’s tempting to clean your ears at home. Many of us were raised to believe a cotton swab in our ears was a daily personal-hygiene ritual, like...

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Why Do My Ears Itch? Causes and Treatments

Itchy ears can have many causes, from dry skin to a fungal infection, or even a reaction to a soap or shampoo. Here's what to do if your ears...

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Ear Cleaning at Home: What to Know

If you are considering removing your own earwax at home, please review these important tips and words of caution from medical experts.

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Earwax: Why Its There and How To Remove It

Impacted earwax—the term for too much earwax building up in the ear canal—is a common problem. In fact, it’s the leading cause of conductive...

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Earwax Removal: Why You Need a Professional Cleaning

To properly diagnose and treat ear issues, a medical professional must be able to look inside the ear canal. Only then can it be determined...

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New Sony Partnership Makes TVs Easier to Hear

Sony's new SRS-WS1 Immersive Wearable Speaker now supports fully personalized audio to help overcome your unique hearing loss profile.

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