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Oticon More miniRITE-R

Oticon More Hearing Aid

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About the Oticon More

Oticon More™ is the latest flagship hearing aid family from Oticon. More picks up where Opn S left off, advancing Oticon's BrainHearing™ philosophy with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) that runs onboard Oticon's new Polaris sound processing platform.

What does it all mean for you? Oticon claims the new DNN-powered approach will make it easier for you to "enjoy, follow and engage in conversations." Recent research from Oticon's Centre for Applied Audiology Research suggests that More provides a 15% increase in speech understanding, and reduced listening effort when compared to Opn S.

Highlights of the new Polaris Platform:

  • 15% increase in speech understanding*
  • 16x more capacity to execute advanced algorithms*
  • Twice the computation speed*
  • 64‑channel sound processing
  • Onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN)

*Compared to previous generation, Velox S

More Family Overview

As of January 2021, Oticon has only released one model, the Oticon More miniRITE-R. The miniRITE-R is a rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid with great wireless connectivity, an onboard telecoil, and a hybrid volume control / push button rocker switch. The miniRITE-R has an IP68 rating for moisture and dust protection, and should be considered as good as it gets in terms of moisture protection in the world of hearing aids. It comes in a variety of skin and hair colors, and also includes a new pink option. 

More models are expected to arrive sometime in 2021. We expect the hardware family to look a lot like the Opn S family, with two more miniRITE models with disposable batteries (one with a telecoil and one without) and two power behind-the-ear aids that use disposable batteries. There is currently no CROS compatibility for those with single-sided deafness, but we also expect to see a CROS arrive in 2021.

Audio Streaming and Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, More is a stellar performer. The new product family is compatible with the full suite of Oticon wireless devices (except the CROS), and works well with most modern smartphones. More is also future-proof, in the sense that it will work with Bluetooth's new LE Audio protocol, which promises to usher in a new era of robust audio streaming.

Oticon has a very well-established track record when it comes to making great Made For iPhone (MFi) devices, and with More, they are also introducing one-way audio streaming from Android devices with Android 10 and Bluetooth 5.0 via Android's new Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) protocol. So far the list of compatible Android phones includes most new Google Pixel, Samsung, and OnePlus phones. For a full up-to-date list of compatible iOS and Android devices, check Oticon's compatibility guide.

For those who need to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, like laptops, you'll need to purchase the Oticon ConnectClip. The device will connect to any Bluetooth audio device and transmit low-latency high-quality audio to your hearing aids. The ConnectClip can also be used to have hands-free calls with More. Without the ConnectClip, you'd need to use your phones microphone to pick up your voice. If you'd rather not purchase or use an accessory to connect to your laptop or have hands-free calls, consider the Phonak Paradise as a great alternative product. 

The Oticon On App

The Oticon On app serves as the central hub for controlling modern Oticon hearing aids. The app lets you control volume, switch between sound programs, check your battery level, and adjust the EQ for streaming audio. Aside from acting as a remote control, the app offers a variety of other functions:

  • Use your phone as a remote microphone
  • Access tinnitus relief sounds
  • Control other wireless accessories like the EduMic or ConnectClip
  • Set personalized listening goals
  • Allow your hearing aids to trigger IoT devices
  • Receive notifications on your hearing aids from IoT devices

The last thing to mention about More is that it is fully compatible with Oticon's new RemoteCare app. The app allows you to connect with your hearing care provider remotely (from the comfort of home) to have counseling sessions, and to receive hearing aid tweaks without the trip to the office. Being that we're still in the middle of the pandemic in most of the world, this feature is a must! 


Oticon More Videos

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