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Matthew Allsop is the Video Content Manager at HearingTracker.  He has over 12 years’ experience in audiology, and has practiced in both the NHS and the private sector. He is accepting new patients at Harley Street Hearing in London.

What Makes Tinnitus Worse? Avoid These 8 Things.

There is no remedy for tinnitus at the moment. However, this article should assist you in identifying factors that are either causing or...

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Hearing Aids for Tracking and Improving Your Health: The 2022 Phonak Audéo Fit Media Event

How hearing aids can improve your health and become an important component in tracking health status were the themes of a recent media event held...

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The Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus in 2022

Hearing aids are the #1 most popular tool for tinnitus relief. That’s because tinnitus is most often a symptom of hearing loss. And when you have...

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Noopl Review: iPhone Accessory that Makes it Easier to Hear in Background Noise?

Noopl 2.0 is an iPhone accessory that makes it easier to hear in background noise. It works by removing background noise and...

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Olive Pro Expert Hearing Aid Review

Olive Union wants to eliminate the stigma associated with hearing loss by normalizing the use of wearable hearing technology. Their vision is...

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