Costco Now Offering Lexie B2 Powered by Bose OTC Hearing Aids

The leader in U.S. retail hearing aid sales offers its first OTC hearing aid

Costco is now offering its first-ever over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid, the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose. The Lexie B2 is advertised on Costco's website for $980, which is a $20 discount compared to the Lexie website. However, Costco purchasers must have a membership (a $60 annual fee), and it appears the device is not available in some states.

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Costco hearing centers account for about 15% of all the hearing aids sold commercially in the United States.

Lexie B2 Powered by Bose is the first OTC hearing aid to be offered by Costco and was named one of the Top-10 OTC hearing aids of 2023 by HearingTracker. It is a self-fitting rechargeable OTC hearing aid with good sound quality, onboard volume control, directional microphones, noise reduction, smartphone app control, and real-time remote set-up and support from Lexie. While it uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect with the Lexie app, it does not stream phone calls, music, or other audio from smartphones or other wireless devices.

Costco advertises, “No in-store fitting needed—simply order online and they will be delivered directly to your door. Comprehensive support with Lexie Experts is included for setup help or every day usage questions.”

The retail giant also offers Rexton, Philips, and Jabra branded hearing aids fitted in-person by a state-licensed hearing care professional. Although Jabra makes the Jabra Enhance Plus OTC hearing aid, it is not currently available at Costco.

HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop provides a review of the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose hearing aid. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Lexie OTC hearing aids are also available from Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, BestBuy, and other retailers.

HearingTracker published a review of the Lexie Powered by Bose hearing aids in October 2022. HearAdvisor Lab ratings for the product, found at the end of the review, are favorable for the speech in quiet and own voice, while being average or slightly below average for feedback and speech in noise, respectively. Listenable audio samples are also provided for readers.

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Costco is the largest retail dispenser of hearing aids in the United States. HearingTracker estimates the company accounts for about 15% of all retail hearing aids sold in the country, second only to the US Department of Veterans Affairs which accounts for about 18% of the total hearing aids dispensed in the United States.