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Olive Union Launches Olive Max OTC Hearing Aids with Stylish Earbud Design

New over-the-counter hearing aids advertise wireless music and call streaming from Apple and Android devices, clear conversations and background noise reduction, with 10 hours use time for under $400
Olive Max Otc Hearing Aids

The Olive Max has a cool wrap-around design that gives them a contemporary look more akin to high-tech sporting earbuds than traditional hearing aids.

Olive Union, based in Japan, has announced the introduction of its Olive Max over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, a 2-in-1 hearing device that doubles as sporty earbuds for $398 (currently discounted to $319 on the company’s website). The aids are designed for people with mild-to-moderate (26-55 dB HL) hearing loss and improve upon the features of the company's previous-generation Olive Pro and Olive Smart Ear devices.

Olive Max earbuds are designed to offer an enhanced sound experience compared to the company's previous flagship device, the Olive Pro, with the enhanced ability to amplify clear and loud sound, while reducing background noise. The new earbuds provide a range of utilities, including listening to music, gaming, movie watching, and making calls via smartphones.

According to the Olive Union website, Olive Max offers:

  • FDA Regulated OTC Hearing Aid
  • Wireless music and call streaming from Apple or Android with Bluetooth
  • Clear conversations and reduced background noise
  • Rechargeable battery: 10 hours use, 30-minute quick charge with case.
  • 4 preset Hearing Modes for easy situation-based switching.
  • Equipped with a focus function to control microphone direction
  • IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Free shipping, 30-Day returns, 1-Year warranty

The sleek, wrap-around design of Olive Max gives them a contemporary look more akin to high-tech sporting earbuds than traditional hearing aids. This is congruent with Olive Union’s mission to reduce stigma associated with hearing loss and deliver attractive, affordable, and engaging hearables to a wider range of people.

Olive Max Unboxed

Unboxing of Olive Union's Olive Max OTC hearing aid.

“We are thrilled to start 2024 with the arrival of the Olive Max,” says Olive Union Founder Owen Song. “This is the next step in our continued mission to bring affordable and attractive wearables to the hearing loss community and help reduce the stigma associated with hearing loss.”

As with its predecessors, funding for the Olive Max included an Indiegogo campaign, from which Olive Union has raised a total of $1.2 million from 4,145 backers in three campaigns, according to the website. The company had opened pre-orders for Olive Max in April 2022.

Source: Olive Union


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