Maudey Patient Post-Fitting Education System Recognized with Innovator Award

The award honors a new patient-centric platform for bringing patients through hearing goals they wish to attain

Fredericksburg, Va – Healthcare Technologies and Methods, LLC (HTM) took top honors in the "Remote Care" category for its Maudey™ hearing aid education and communication system in the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™. Maudey is a new platform conceived to enhance patient-centered care from the initial hearing aid fitting through the trial period and beyond with home-based after-care instruction with minimal additional office visits. The clinician can track the patient’s progress and focus on more timely support resulting in fewer, but more impactful, hours of aftercare for each patient, according to the company.

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Maudey is designed to integrate into your workflow with patient-centered content and instructions that your patients can access at home.

Maudey as a Patient-Centric Care Tool

Maudey has been designed for integration with the protocols of hearing care professionals (HCPs) who are dedicated to patient-centric care. The platform allows HCPs to enroll their patients into Maudey in less than 5 minutes after the hearing aid fitting and a 12-minute training video. When the patient returns home, Maudey helps them select their personal hearing goals and start their enhanced hearing aid journey, says the company.

By viewing Maudey’s videos via its TELLYHealth platform, patients master the use and care of their hearing aids and learn important new communication strategies at their convenience. Additionally, the HCP can track the patient's progress and continue to reinforce their expert hearing healthcare after-care.

Gail Linn, AuD, owner of Potomac Audiology is quoted on Maudey website as saying: "Using Maudey, with its TELLYHealth platform, in the NIH clinical trial unleashed a series of benefits that exceeded my very high expectations. First, it became clear that the Maudey videos on hearing aid use and care, health-related conditions such as tinnitus, and communication strategies helped my patients ask better and more pointed questions.

“Also, aided by the Maudey alerts and Problem Solver, my patients and I were able to resolve their hearing aid problems faster and earlier in the newly streamlined process,” Dr. Linn continues. “And most importantly, all of the patients achieved their personal hearing aid goals during their successful hearing aid trial periods. Now we're enthusiastically integrating the commercial version of Maudey, with all the benefits of the TELLYHealth platform, into our practice's workflow.”

The platform is available to HCP practices and businesses via a subscription plan and if patients are enrolled and don't use Maudey, there is no cost for that patient, according to the company's website.

Maudey was invented by Alan and Stephanie Letzt who have master’s degrees in engineering and molecular biology, respectively. Alan's minor in psychology spurred his career specialty in human factors and usability, while Stephanie’s work in medical research inspired her specialty in public health. Their first product, AccuNurse, enabled nursing assistants, through a headset, to listen to their plans of care and document resident care by voice while their actions were tracked by supervisory nurses in real time. It was eventually purchased by Honeywell.

The Maudey management team includes Chief Medical Advisor Ronald Klayton, MD; Director of Audiology Maureen Wiskerchen, MA; Director of Client Support Elizabeth Segall, and Executive Consultant Thomas Powers, PhD.

Winning 2022 HTTM Innovator Award in the “Remote Care” Category

Commenting on the company's recent win in the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards, HTM's co-founder, President and CEO, Alan Letzt said in a press release, “HTM's talented and experienced interdisciplinary team has applied their skills in audiology, 'usability for the aging' and health literacy to develop a system that is extremely easy for all consumers to use—including older adults and others who are not technology savvy...As we enter the new era of OTC hearing aids joining prescription-based hearing aids as consumer options, Maudey's ability to streamline the education and support processes will provide a foundation for continued provider effectiveness and profitability. Also, Maudey will simplify and accelerate consumers' hearing aid use, maintenance and adaptation."

“The goal of the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards is to recognize the organizations and people who bring new hearing care ideas to life,” said the 2022 Awards Program Chair, Jerry DeRosa. “Technologies being developed by companies like HTM are helping drive innovation forward across the industry.”

The development and clinical testing of Maudey has been supported by $4 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institute on Aging. Now patented, Maudey is offered to consumers through their hearing aid providers. More information about Maudey is available at