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Phonak Unveils Expanded Product Range for Spring

Phonak’s Lumity family has been designed to optimize speech understanding in the many settings people often find themselves during their daily lives.

Bill Bielski, AuD on
Mask Use in Audiology: Pandemic Use and Current Opinions

The 2023 survey summarizes audiologists' mask usage during the pandemic, highlighting the communication challenges with masks, the perceived value...

Dr. Anne McIntosh on
Innovating for Customer Satisfaction: Phonak's New Wax Protection System for Hearing Aids

Your patients can now choose CeruStop (SDS 5 receivers) or CeruShield (SDS 4.0 receivers) when placing orders for most RIC devices.

Abigail Poyser, AuD on
The Sound of Growth: Hearing Aid Sales Strong in Q3 2023 as Markets Normalize

After a flat 2022, US hearing aid sales have rebounded in 2023, showcasing steady growth. Most global hearing aid manufacturers are reporting...

Karl Strom on
Warner Tech-Care Products, Intricon, and Tuned Partner to Assist Hearing Care Professionals in OTC Hearing Aid Market

Warner Tech-care Products LLC has teamed up with Intricon and Tuned as the US distributor for the new Tuned Lumen 155 OTC self-fitting hearing...

Karl Strom on
How Can You Meet the Needs of Patients with Complex Listening Needs?

The new Lumity product line uniquely caters to individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss, unilateral hearing loss, and pediatric patients,...

Abigail Poyser, AuD on
GN Hearing and Audio Divisions to Merge, Corresponding Leadership Changes Announced

GN Store Nord has unveiled plans to merge its GN Hearing and GN Audio divisions into a single entity, streamlining governance and bolstering...

Karl Strom on
Hearing Aid Sales Vault Upward by 9% in First Quarter of 2023; OTC Comprises 1% of Sales for Largest Manufacturers

First-quarter 2023 hearing aid sales statistics from the Hearing Industries Assn. (HIA) were substantially better than anticipated with a 9.1%...

Karl Strom on
Michael Andreozzi Joins GN Hearing and Beltone to Help Grow Its Independent Network

A 40-year veteran and second-generation hearing aid dispenser, Michael Andreozzi will be joining GN Hearing and Beltone as Beltone Brand...

Staff Writer on
Phonak CROS Paradise Hearing Aids Now Compatible with myPhonak App

Phonak has announced that its MyPhonak App is now compatible with Phonak's CROS Paradise hearing aids. CROS P wearers can simply download the...

Staff Writer on
Every Patient Is Unique and So Are Phonak Virto™ Paradise Custom-Made Hearing Aids

Phonak’s ITE Patient Expectations Checklist has been thoughtfully designed to systematically aid in your discussion regarding the benefits and...

Brandy Heckroodt, AuD on
High-Tech Details of Starkey Genesis AI Explained in New Podcast by Drs. Achin Bhowmik and David Fabry

Starkey's CTO Achin Bhowmik, PhD, and Chief Innovation Officer David Fabry, PhD, take a deep dive into the high-tech details of what sets Genesis...

Staff Writer on
GN at a Crossroads: Shareholders Reject Proposal to Raise Capital by Issuing New Shares

Reports from the GN Store Nord and its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held this morning indicate the company will need to seek other alternatives...

Karl Strom on
Real World Solutions for People with Hearing Loss: 2023 OticonNEXT Conference Looks at Latest Hearing Aid Research and Technology

Hosted by hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, the two-day conference focused on new research and innovative technology designed to strengthen the...

Staff Writer on
Today at 11AM CST: Starkey Hosts

To mark World Hearing Day 2023, Dr. Dave Fabry sits down for an extended conversation with Dr. Sara Burdak and Michael Scholl on a wide range of...

Staff Writer on
Hearing Aid Sales in 2022 Flatten Due to Economic Headwinds

U.S. net hearing aid sales in 2022 increased nominally by 0.8% in 2022, or about 36,000 more units than in 2021 when pent-up demand caused sales...

Karl Strom on
Nuheara Announces HP Hearing PRO Now Available through Fuel Medical Member Clinics

Australia-based Nuheara has announced its HP Hearing PRO self-fitting over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid is now available through Fuel Medical's...

Staff Writer on
Signia Extends Performance Levels and Features in Augmented Xperience (AX) Hearing Aid Portfolio

Signia has expanded its Augmented Xperience (AX) family of products with new extended hearing aid performance levels, an upgraded eWindScreen...

Staff Writer on
ESCO Appoints Paul Harkness as President

ESCO, a pioneer and the longstanding leader of loss and damage coverage for hearing aids, has announced the appointment of industry veteran Paul...

Staff Writer on
Ida Institute Fails to Secure Funding, Scales Down Operations

The Ida Institute, established in 2007 to bring person-centered care to hearing healthcare, has been unable to secure future funding and is...

Staff Writer on
ACI Alliance to Hold CI2023 Conference in Dallas on June 7-10

The American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACI Alliance) has announced that registration is now open for its annual clinical research conference,...

Staff Writer on
Phonak is for Everyone

Driven by a heritage of audiological expertise, Phonak has spent more than 75 years creating key hearing solutions that address the most...

Justin Elder on
Maudey Patient Post-Fitting Education System Recognized with Innovator Award

Maudey is a platform conceived to enhance patient-centered care from the initial hearing aid fitting through the trial period and beyond with...

Staff Writer on
Hearing Aid Sales Flatten in Second and Third Quarters of 2022

Through the first three-quarters of 2022, total U.S. hearing aid sales have increased by 1.9%, with private/commercial sales being flat (0.3%...

Karl Strom on
The Real Disruption in Audiology: States Not Requiring Hearing Screenings for Children

During a time of disruption in our profession, we are allowing our schools to mislabel our children and put them in disability categories where...

Staff Writer on
What Do Audiologists Think of OTC Hearing Aids

The goal of the survey, primarily, was to identify common objections to OTC hearing aids—from the perspective of audiologists and hearing...

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Cast Your Vote for the 2022 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

Hearing Health & Technology Matters has opened voting for its third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. Through the international awards...

Staff Writer on
Conversations Shine with Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Speech understanding is essential. It is consistently rated as a top need that those with hearing loss continue to seek improvements in. Lumity...

Justin Elder on
Where Are All the Audiologists? A UK Perspective on the Scarcity of Hearing Care Services

There is a worldwide shortage of audiologists and others who administer professional hearing care. This article focuses on factors influencing...

Scarlet Lewitt on
What's in a Number? Establishing a Consumer-friendly Metric for Hearing Loss

Consumers lack a reference or number that indicates hearing loss versus near-normal hearing. And before you say the issue is too complex, there...

New Audio CARL and CARL Platform Released by AHead Simulations

These new CARL hearing loss simulation units look to bring better realism, ease-of-use, and accessibility to education, research, and clinical...

Staff Writer on
CMS Proposes Broadening Medicare Coverage for Cochlear Implants

CMS is proposing broadened Medicare coverage for cochlear implantation from ≤40% correct to ≤60% correct in the best-aided listening condition on...

Karl Strom on
HTTM Invites Submissions for 2022 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

Hearing Healthcare and Technology Matters (HTTM) announces a call for submissions for the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards.

Staff Writer on
Introducing Three New Hearing Aids To Enhance Patients’ Well-Being

The impact of hearing loss is often underestimated. Growing evidence shows that taking steps towards hearing well is linked to a greater state of...

Justin Elder on
Rediscover the Sound of Paradise with Phonak Virto™ Paradise

Virto Paradise is custom-made to perfectly fit your ears and listening needs and provides unrivaled sound quality and universal connectivity.

Justin Elder on
Phonak ActiveVent™ Receiver: The World’s First Intelligent Hearing Aid Receiver

Audiologists often have to make a compromise between the comfort of a more open fitting and the performance in noise provided by a more occluded...

Justin Elder on
Phonak CROS P – A Paradise Solution for Unilateral Hearing Loss

Individuals who exhibit unilateral hearing loss (UHL) and the hearing care professionals (HCPs) who care for them understand that UHL is not half...

Justin Elder on
Do Today’s Hearing Innovations Meet Wearer Expectations?

Hearing Tracker more than 12,000 hearing aid wearers about the importance to them of a slew of modern hearing aid features. The findings are...

Brian Taylor, AuD on
Roger On™: A Microphone Dedicated for All Conversations

Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance. With its ability to distinguish the...

Justin Elder on
Watch Eargo Inc. for Clues to Success of Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids

If Eargo Inc.’s recent 2020 financial report is any indication, 2021 may be the year direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing aid companies emerge as a...

David Copithorne on to Develop Direct-to-Consumer Strategy plans to introduce a "differentiated and lower cost direct-to-consumer retail model" which does not include appointments with hearing...

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Hearing Aid Technology Levels: Time for a change?

All hearing aid manufacturers have a system of offering varying levels of technology. It is a standardised system of 3 or 4 technology levels at...

Adam Chell on
When Science and Data Meet Paradise

Today’s patients are living in a socially and technologically complex world. They likely need to move seamlessly between listening environments...

Jo-El M. Grossman on
eAudiology: Balancing Hearing Support and Patient Safety

Telehealth technology isn’t new, but its widespread use literally exploded with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to CivicScience data, the number...

Jo-El M. Grossman on
Sonova Goes Direct with as Sales Surge

Phonak Marvel Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids drove parent holding company Sonova’s growth in the first half of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

David Copithorne on
eSolutions: Digital Tools Offer Added Benefits for Patients

Phonak's eSolutions make it easy for hearing health providers to provide remote care to patients.

Jo-El M. Grossman on
Invisible Hearing Aid Maker Eargo Recruits All-Star Talent

Invisible hearing aid maker Eargo recruited top software, marketing, and finance executives who previously worked at Apple, Visa, and Tesla.

David Copithorne on
Phonak Marvel Bluetooth Hearing Aids Power Sonova Success

The successful launch of Phonak Marvel hearing aids with universal Bluetooth connectivity helped Sonova Group post increases in revenue and profit...

David Copithorne on
Philips Launches Hearlink Hearing Aids Globally

Philips is entering the global hearing aid market with technology supplied by Demant.

David Copithorne on
Sandy Brandmeier Assumes Role of President, Sonova USA

Sandy Brandmeier has stepped up to the role of President of Hearing Instruments Wholesale for Sonova USA.

David Copithorne on
A Design Revolution Drives Hearing Aid Sales

A technology and design revolution is transforming your grandfather's hearing aids into attractive consumer products that appeal to buyers of any age.

David Copithorne on
Lantos Launches Next-Generation 3D Ear-Canal Scanner

Lantos Technologies is introducing an improved version of its FDA-approved digital ear canal scanner that scans the patient's entire ear in a...

David Copithorne on
Signia Signs Brian Taylor to Help Market its Hearing Aids

Brian Taylor, AuD, has joined the company as Director, Scientific and Product Marketing to help market its high-end hearing aids in the...

David Copithorne on
Widex and Sivantos Create WS Audiology, World's Third-Largest Hearing Aid Company

Widex and Sivantos have completed their merger, creating a new global hearing aid company with a new name—WS Audiology. With combined revenues of...

David Copithorne on
GN Hearing Reports Market-Share Gain in 2018

GN Hearing's ReSound and Beltone hearing aid brands continued to build momentum in 2018 on the strength of products based on its new chip...

David Copithorne on
CVS to Close Hearing Aid Centers

Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HHTM) is reporting that global drugstore giant CVS has decided to close all its hearing centers.

David Copithorne on
Cochlear Ltd. Cashes in on Made-for-Smartphone Hearing Tech

Made-for-smartphone hearing-aid technology is helping Cochlear Ltd. sell more cochlear implants.

David Copithorne on
How Will the Widex-Sivantos Merger Impact Hearing-Aid Buyers and Sellers?

Is this merger good or bad for hearing aid consumers and the hearing health professionals who serve them?

David Copithorne on
Hearing Aid Technology Update – What You Missed at #AAAConf18

Dr. Cliff Olson hit the expo hall at AAA Conference 2018 to discover some of the most significant product announcements.

Abram Bailey, AuD on
Are Hearables Ready for Prime Time Yet?

The demise of two well-funded “hearable” manufacturers raises the question of when this new product category will take off.

David Copithorne on