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Warner Tech-Care Products, Intricon, and Tuned Partner to Assist Hearing Care Professionals in OTC Hearing Aid Market

The partnership aims to give hearing care businesses new options and tools for participating in the OTC hearing aid market, starting with Tuned Lumen 155 OTC self-fitting hearing aids made by Intricon and driven by the AI-powered Tuned app.
Tuned Hearing Aid App

Warner Tech-Care Products will distribute the new Tuned Lumen hearing aids manufactured by Intricon and driven by the Tuned AI-powered app.

Hearing care professionals and their busy practices are being offered a new and reportedly more efficient customer support option when dispensing over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Warner Tech-care Products LLC has teamed up with Intricon and Tuned as the US distributor for the new Tuned Lumen® 155 OTC self-fitting hearing aids for hearing care providers.

As reported by HearingTracker on September 15, Tuned™ is an AI-powered self-fitting application for OTC hearing aids that just received FDA Class II clearance. The app has been integrated into the new Intrisound™ Tuned Lumen 155 hearing aid manufactured by Intricon. Additionally, Warner Tech-care has partnered with Intricon and its subsidiary, the online hearing aid distributor Hearing Help Express (HHE), to provide full end-user remote support and customer care via the Tuned app.

With Warner Tech-Care Products as the distributor and HHE providing customer service support, the companies aim to give hearing care professionals new options and tools for participating in the OTC hearing aid market.

“We’re proud to launch this partnership with Tuned and Intricon in the OTC space,” says Warner Tech-care Products President Lee Heidenreich. “We believe the combination of innovative software and remote support provides the best OTC solution for the professional market. For over 30 years, we’ve provided hearing care professionals with everything they need to support their patients as best they can—this is just one more step in that direction.”

Lee Heidenreich Warner Tech Care Products

Lee Heidenreich.

The new Tuned app is a vital piece in the customer support equation, says the companies. Tuned aims to revolutionize OTC hearing aids with comprehensive AI support for end-users. The app reportedly combines audiology and psychology to enhance user engagement and optimize hearing aid effectiveness while reducing issues and service costs. It features guided hearing tests, coaching, and a self-service Hearing Assistant chatbot interface for customer support. Additionally, AI is central to Tuned's teleaudiology platform, helping clinicians assist customers throughout their hearing aid journey, from onboarding to usage monitoring.

Both Warner Tech-Care Products and Intricon are located in Arden Hills, Minn, a suburb of Minneapolis. Found in 1984, Warner Tech-Care Products is a global provider of hearing aid products, accessories, and technology. Intricon has over four decades of experience as a developer of amplification technology and is perhaps the most prominent “white-label” US manufacturer of hearing aids. Tuned is headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel, and has developed the Tuned app for OTC hearing aids (the company is not affiliated with Tuned, the US employee hearing aid benefits provider).

For more information, see HearingTracker's recent article about the Tuned app or contact Warner Tech-Care Products at

Source: Warner Tech-Care Products and Intricon


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