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Widex SoundRelax: Enhanced Tinnitus Relief System

SoundRelax is a new feature from Widex offering a range of calming sounds designed to manage tinnitus, soothe anxiety, and boost concentration.

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Widex Zen Tones

Widex has consistently been a frontrunner in tinnitus feature innovation since the birth of their Zen tinnitus management program in 2012. Rather than use traditional tinnitus masking sounds, such as white noise, Widex created Zen Tones—harmonic, melodic sounds that are reminiscent of wind chimes.

What sets the Zen therapy apart is its application of fractal tones. These tones are entirely random, a characteristic that has played a pivotal role in helping many individuals manage their tinnitus symptoms. If you're interested in a more in-depth exploration of Zen tones, I've discussed and demonstrated all six of them in a separate video.

Widex SoundRelax: A New Frontier in Tinnitus Management

Now, it's worth noting that there hasn't been any major changes to the Zen tones since their debut in 2012. However, Widex has recently launched the Moment hearing aid family and the Widex Sheer Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid, alongside other tech updates. One of these exciting new features is Widex SoundRelax.


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On their website, Widex makes some promising claims about SoundRelax. They suggest that their new Sheer hearing aids, featuring SoundRelax, can help users regain inner peace with a whole new range of calming sounds. SoundRelax is not just intended to help those with tinnitus manage their symptoms but also to assist all hearing aid wearers in addressing anxiety, soothing the mind, and boosting concentration. It's a powerful proposition that begs the question: Where can we sign up?

A Closer Look at SoundRelax Tones

To offer a better understanding of what SoundRelax brings to the table, watch the video above and listen for the following sounds:

  • Winter: Soothing chime melody
  • Blossom: Soothing chime and wind melody
  • Summer: Soothing chime and wind melody
  • Swells: Wind and waves gently surging
  • Seaside: Wind and waves surging
  • Spring: Soothing chime and wind melody
  • Autumn: Soothing chime and wind melody
  • Breeze: Soothing bell and wind melody

After listening to these samples, did any of them particularly help to mask your tinnitus, or did you feel more relaxed, soothed, or focused? Keep in mind that a short clip can't fully demonstrate their potential impact. However, if these new SoundRelax features pique your interest, I'd recommend getting in touch with your audiologist to arrange a more thorough trial.

Customizing Your Experience with Widex Zen Therapy

One of the strong suits of Widex is the customization they offer with their Zen therapy. They allow full control over the tempo, pitch, and volume, enabling you and your audiologist to tailor the most effective treatment for your unique needs.

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Matthew Allsop is the Video Content Manager at HearingTracker.  He has nearly two decades' experience in audiology, and has practiced in both the NHS and the private sector. He is accepting new patients at Harley Street Hearing in London.