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Sonova Announces Its First OTC Hearing Aids: Sennheiser All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim

Sennheiser All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim are full-featured over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids that also provide the option of support from a hearing care professional
Sennheiser All Day Clear Otc

Sennheiser All-Day Clear Slim over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, charging dock, and app.

Sonova Holding AG has announced the launch of Sennheiser All-Day Clear in the United States, the company's first over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid. Available in two form factors, this new self-fitting hearing aid is designed to offer the convenience of an OTC purchase with the added option of support from a hearing care professional (HCP). Sonova, headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, is the largest hearing healthcare group in the world and, in addition to Sennheiser, is the parent company of Phonak and Unitron, as well as cochlear implant maker Advanced Bionics.

The introduction of the Sennheiser All-Day Clear family expands the range of Sennheiser-branded solutions to people with early-stage hearing loss, ranging from prevention and situational assistance to OTC hearing aids, says Sonova. Typically, hearing loss progresses gradually through a person's lifetime, and hearing aid use has been thought to be limited by issues related to affordability and accessibility. Both current and prospective customers of HCPs in the United States will now have access to Sennheiser All-Day Clear OTC devices and other solutions, enabling them to establish connections with HCPs at an earlier stage if desired.

All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim are FDA-approved OTC devices that will be available starting in mid-July on the Sennheiser website and via select retailers and hearing care professionals for $1,399.95 and $1,499.95, respectively. The free All-Day Clear App will be made available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

New OTC hearing solutions for consumers–with optional professional support

Sennheiser All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim are two devices with matching benefits focused on speech intelligibility and a host of practical accessories. Both products are designed to deliver clear vibrant sound and feature intelligent scene detection that monitors the person’s environment for seamless optimization of conversations, says Sonova. Wearers can expect up to 16 hours of battery life and lightweight comfort from these small rechargeable devices.

Sennheiser All Day Clear Case With Has

Sennheiser All-Day Clear OTC hearing aids with charging case.

Each product comes with a set of hearing aids, a charging case, and accessory kit, and the Slim wear style also includes an equally compact carrying case. On both Android and Apple mobile devices, each style can be set up and customized in less than 5 minutes using the All-Day Clear app. Additional capabilities include Bluetooth® music and podcast streaming from mobile devices, a personalized sound profile, wind noise management, and more.

As with other competing OTC hearing aids, consumers can research, purchase, and customize Sennheiser’s hearing aids from the comfort of their smartphone. However, for those seeking the simplicity of an OTC purchase and the peace of mind that a local hearing care professional can provide, there is the option to purchase an In-Clinic Care Package. Both devices come with a 45-day risk-free trial.

“We made the entire ownership path effortless—especially for those who feel they’re not ready for the prescription approach,” said Jill Goosen, Sennheiser All-Day Clear Product Manager, in a press statement. “Still, for those DIY consumers who may want the safety net of a hearing care professional at a later date or to purchase their hearing aids from a hearing care professional, All-Day Clear provides the best of both worlds.”

An important strategic goal for Sonova

Sonova announced its acquisition of Sennheiser only two years ago. The deal was significant for numerous reasons, providing Sonova with a popular consumer-electronics brand name and Sennheiser with new hearing healthcare technology.

“Just over a year after our acquisition of the Sennheiser Consumer Division, we have now met an important strategic goal of providing Sennheiser-branded hearing solutions which are available to consumers across the early stages of their hearing journey,” says Sonova CEO Arnd Kaldowski. “With the upcoming launch of All‑Day Clear, we are offering the HCP a great opportunity to connect to consumers sooner and the option to expand their engagement over time.”

Sonova previously had a global supply agreement with Nuheara and has developed other devices, like the HelloGO which has a similar form factor and features. However, the Sennheiser All-Day Clear device is the group’s first product specifically targeted at the US OTC market. As an established consumer electronics brand, Sennheiser has the name recognition to compete with other OTC products that currently include Jabra, Sony, and Bose. Additionally, by expanding its collection of early-entry devices designed to provide hearing support in specific situations, Sonova broadens its attractiveness to both consumers with milder hearing losses and the HCPs interested in serving this promising, albeit slowly developing, market.

“We are now very well placed to meet the needs of modern, tech-savvy consumers, thanks to the broad range of medical and consumer distribution channels across Sonova, as well as a growing range of hearing solutions under the Sennheiser brand,” says Martin Grieder, Sonova’s Group VP of Consumer Hearing. “With Sennheiser All-Day Clear, we bring consumers ready-to-wear hearing aids with clear, vibrant sound and seamless optimization of dialogue, alongside self-fitting features which can be customized from the comfort of their smartphone and an upgrade option for further support by an HCP.”

Those consumers seeking the peace of mind and clinical expertise that a local hearing care professional can provide will also have the option to purchase the In-Clinic Care Package. In this way, the barriers between hearing care professionals and consumers from all walks of life may be lessened.

Sennheiser Tvs200 And Conc400

Sennheiser's TV Clear for television viewing and Conversation Clear Plus earbuds.

Last week, Sennheiser issued a press release that detailed its recent products for adults with hearing problems, as well as for the hearing care professionals who cater to this large patient population estimated at 37.5 million in the United States:

  • Conversation Clear Plus helps users understand speech in noisy restaurants, while TV Clear enhances television audio. Sonova is currently widening its distribution channels to offer two dedicated options for HCP customers, namely ConC 400 and TVS 200.
  • SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus high-fidelity hearing protection earplugs equipped with advanced membrane filter technology aim to prevent hearing damage in loud environments and concerts.

With the launch of Sennheiser All-Day Clear and its other hearing-related devices, Sonova Holding AG continues to deliver new innovative products for the diverse needs and situations of consumers with hearing loss.

Sources: Sennheiser and Sonova


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