Unitron Hearing Aids

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David Copithorne

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Unitron is a leading brand of the Sonova Group, the world's largest manufacturer of hearing aids. Based in Canada with a U.S. headquarters in Minnesota, Unitron operates in more than 70 countries around the world and has a major presence in North American and European markets.

Unitron Hearing Aids

Features and technology

Unitron makes premium hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss, programmed by an audiologist or other hearing health professional based on the results of a hearing test. The brand has drawn on its parent company's R&D leadership to help deliver high-performance hearing aids—especially products offering universal wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

At the same time, Unitron has maintained brand independence and differentiated its products and services with unique offerings such as its FLEX experience, which enables prospective users to try out their hearing aids before buying them. Distinctive offerings include:

  • True Bluetooth hearing aids: Unitron and its Sonova-owned sister company, Phonak, both offer true Bluetooth hearing aids. They are currently the only two brands providing a universal wireless solution that can stream stereo audio directly to and from any of the millions of standard Bluetooth-enabled audio devices in the world today. This includes Android phones, which currently account for more than 85% of the global smartphone market. Unlike other hearing aids, the Sonova products don't require an intermediary audio streamer to connect with Android phones. Unitron's Bluetooth hearing aids currently include Moxi Jump R, Moxi Fit and Moxi All models.
  • FLEX experience: Unitron has long been known for its innovative "try-before-you-buy" FLEX experience that gives an easy introduction to the sometimes disorienting world of hearing aids. Your hearing care provider gives you a complete hearing test and creates a "first-fit" hearing aid program that delivers a comfortable initial sound experience. You get a trial set of hearing aids programmed to your personal audiogram and take them home that day for an extended trial. During the trial, the hearing aids store performance data. On your follow-up visit, the data and and your satisfaction with the trial hearing aids help the hearing care provider recommend ones that will work best for you. You can decide whether to buy hearing aids at that time. Later on, if your hearing changes or you want more functionality, the hearing aids can be upgraded, a benefit that only Unitron currently provides.
Say hello to the FLEX experience
  • Artificial intelligence: Using machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, Unitron hearing aids compare sounds you are hearing against a massive database to identify and classify your current listening environment. The hearing aids automatically adjust as the soundscape changes.
  • SoundCore sound processing software: Unitron's sound processing recognizes and responds to various acoustic environments, automatically adjusting the hearing aid settings as environments change. A spatial awareness algorithm helps you locate sounds and improves your understanding of speech in noise.

Unitron hearing aid models

In 2019, Unitron introduced its Discover technology platform that powers its two newest hearing aid models. Unitron also has a very broad range of hearing aid models based on its Tempus technology platform, introduced in 2017.

Unitron Discover hearing aids: optimized for the FLEX experience

Unitron Discover hearing aids, introduced in April 2019, include two RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing instruments: Moxi Fit with a 312 battery; and Moxi Jump R with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Both provide Unitron's latest connectivity options, including universal Bluetooth streaming of phone calls, and digital media from mobile devices to both ears, hands-free.

Among other things, the Unitron Discover hearing aids keep a record of the listening environments where you spend the most time during the trial period and beyond. Discover hearing aids also take advantage of improvements to FLEX that make things easier than ever for first-time hearing aid wearers.

For instance, a librarian, a construction worker, and a musician experience very different acoustic environments. Even with identical hearing profiles on their audiograms, they might require quite different fine-tuning for their hearing aid programs.

SoundCore - Classification is key to the best sound in every situation

Unitron's SoundCore processing software identifies and classifies seven distinct acoustic environments. They include quiet settings, extremely noisy environments too loud for easy conversation, conversations in small, medium and large groups, and music.

Then “Log-it-All” technology tracks all the listening environments you experience. The technology also tracks how much streamed audio you listen to from your calls or music on your phone MP3 player. Your hearing care provider analyzes all that data and then personalizes the programs to your distinct hearing needs.

Unitron also released a new version of its smartphone app—Remote Plus—to work with Discover hearing aids. In addition to controlling volume and balance and program settings, Remote Plus also lets you rate the performance of the hearing aids in different listening situations. Your hearing-care provider accesses those ratings to help determine what programming changes may be needed.

Tempus hearing aids offer something for everyone

Unitron's Tempus Moxi RIC family of hearing aids provides solutions for every level of hearing loss, with numerous connectivity and color options. The Tempus technology platform, introduced in 2017, remains a workhorse for a broad range of hearing aid needs. It is a major improvement over Unitron's previous North technology platform, delivering 50% more accuracy and 36% faster processing.

Tempus Moxi Fit hearing aids come in the small, popular receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) form factor that runs on a size-312 battery. It is able to deliver ear-to-ear audio streaming, wireless streaming, and T-coil support for hearing loops.

Other notable features include frequency compression, tinnitus masking, the FLEX ecosystem, and compatibility with Unitron's uControl™ app (available on iOS and Android). Tempus Moxi Fit also runs Unitron's high-performance SoundCore sound processing. SoundCore automatically adjusts for various listening experiences and acoustic environments.

Unlike the Discover hearing aids, Unitron's Tempus hearing aids require an intermediate streaming accessory to connect with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, music players and other devices.

Other Tempus Moxi RIC hearing aid models include Tempus Moxi Now, Tempus Moxi Kiss, Tempus Moxi Dura, and Tempus Moxi All.

Other Unitron hearing aid models

To help avoid feedback, many consumers, especially those with severe hearing loss, need behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE) rather than RIC hearing aids. Unitron provides a range of BTE hearing aids based on both the Tempus platform and its earlier North technology platform.

  • Unitron Stride hearing aids include the Stride M, which uses a size-312 battery, and the Stride P and Stride P Dura hearing aid models that both utilize size-13 batteries.
  • Unitron Max 20 SP and UP are super-power BTE hearing aids for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

And for consumers who want discreet in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, Unitron's Insera family provides five form factors that include a near-invisible model that sits deeply within the ear canal. The Insera hearing aids are based on the Tempus technology platform.

Accessories and apps

For Tempus hearing aids that do not directly connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices, Unitron's wireless streaming accessories provide comprehensive smartphone and Bluetooth hearing aid connectivity. Unitron also provides a remote microphone, a TV streamer, and remote-control devices. Smartphone apps available for both iOS and Android phones also enable wireless control of volume, program settings, and management of Bluetooth accessories.

uStream and uDirect 3 streamers

Streamers receive signals from Bluetooth-enabled devices and send them wirelessly, in stereo, to the Unitron hearing aids. The uStream device is small enough to be carried in your pocket or clipped to your shirt. And the uDirect3 streamer hangs from the neck. Both give you direct, hands-free connections to mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players.



Hangs from the neck and streams stereo audio directly to your hearing aids from Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhones and Android smartphones, TVs, remote microphones, and music players.

Compatible hearing aids

uTV 3 and TV Connector

The uTV 3 and TV Connector attach to the TV and stream audio wirelessly to your hearing aids, in stereo. No additional intermediate streamer is required.


TV Connector

Delivers sound from the TV, laptops and tablets directly to both hearing aids. Works with Unitron’s Discover-platform hearing aids.

Compatible hearing aids



This personal wireless microphone system lets patients hear their companions more easily in challenging listening environments. Attach uMic using the built-in clip or lanyard loop and wirelessly send audio directly to both hearing instruments, through uDirect 2.

Compatible hearing aids

Charging stations for lithium-ion batteries

Unitron provides easy-to-use charging stations for the lithium-ion batteries in its rechargeable hearing aids. The charging station for Moxi Jump R batteries comes with an optional secondary power pack to provide additional overnight charges even when you don't have access to a power outlet.


Charger Power Pack

An optional charger power pack is available for occasions when an electrical outlet isn’t nearby. Works with the Unitron Charger for Discover-platform rechargeable hearing aids.

Compatible hearing aids

IIC Remote and Remote Control 2

The Remote Control 3 can easily fit in your pocket, and the IIC Remote can even attach to a keychain. Both are wireless controllers that let you adjust volume and switch programs in the hearing aids.


IIC Remote

A handheld remote controller small enough to attach to your keychain, it can adjust volume and change programs in your hearing aids.

Remote Plus and uControl smartphone apps

Unitron's smartphone apps let you share in-the-moment impressions of your hearing instrument performance with your hearing care provider, who can use the information to improve your program settings. The apps also let you adjust volume and program settings on your hearing aids.


Remote Plus App

An app for iPhones and Android smartphones that not only lets you change programs, control volume and adjust the balance of your hearing aids, but also send in-the-moment reports on their performance to your hearing care provider.

Compatible hearing aids