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Signia Styletto IX Hearing Aid Review

Reviews, Prices, and Sound Samples

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Hands-Free Calling Yes
iPhone Streaming Yes
Android Streaming Yes
Rechargeable Yes
IP Rating IP68

Styletto IX is a slimline receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid introduced by Signia in March 2024 and represents the "next step" in technology following the company's popular Styletto AX. Featuring Signia's flagship "Integrated Xperience" platform, Styletto IX is offered for about $4,000 to $6,000, depending on the dispensing outlet. Beyond its unique design, this hearing aid boasts a new enhanced speech-in-noise algorithm for dynamic listening environments, advanced Bluetooth LE audio streaming, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a full charge.

Signia Styletto Ix

Signia Styletto IX carries over the slim-line design of Styletto AX hearing aids.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Signia Styletto should have a giant ego to match its chic, elegant curves. It was the first hearing aid to adopt what has since become known as the “Slim RIC” style, making RICs look more like a high-tech communication device than a hearing aid. The Slim RIC style, first introduced by Signia in 2018, is now found in several hearing aid lines, including the Phonak Slim Lumity RIC, Widex SmartRIC, and Rexton BiCore SlimRIC, as well as Sennheiser All-Day Clear Slim OTC hearing aids.

Who makes Styletto IX?

Signia has its origins in Siemens Hearing Instruments, one of the first manufacturers of hearing aids and a company that went on to make everything from toasters to nuclear reactors. A pioneer in microelectronics, Siemens developed some of the first directional microphones and was the first to create wireless ear-to-ear connectivity that coordinates the sound inputs between two hearing aids.

As part of a massive company reorganization, Siemens spun off its hearing aid division in 2015. Not long after, the company was renamed Signia as it merged into the WS Audiology group based in Denmark—the world’s third-largest hearing aid manufacturer that includes Widex and Rexton hearing aids and also makes Sony OTC hearing aids. WS Audiology is headquartered in Lynge, Denmark, and Signia's US headquarters are in Iselin, NJ.

Signia Staff At New Hq

Signia staff members celebrate their new headquarters in Iselin, NJ, in June 2023.

What we love about Signia Styletto IX

High-tech slim receiver-in-canal (RIC) style resembles an audio/communication device more than a hearing aid
Made and backed-up by one of the world leaders in hearing aids
Uses newer Bluetooth LE for higher sound quality, better battery life, and is Auracast-ready
Advanced RealTime Conversation Enhancement processing designed to hone in on and independently process speech in noisy, dynamic listening environments
Allows for wireless audio streaming and phone calls on both Apple iOS and Android devices, with hands-free calling for compatible iPhones
20 hours of battery life per full charge
Two charger options, with a standard portable charger that carries an impressive 5 on-the-go charges
Own Voice Processing is designed to improve the quality and comfort of the wearer's own voice
Fitness tracker includes steps taken and time spent in conversation
Tap controls for starting/stopping audio streaming on iOS devices
Exceptional tinnitus features with masking noise therapy and Signia’s unique notched amplification
CROS/BiCROS option for single-sided-deafness (SSD)


Does not have onboard control buttons for quick volume or program changes; you have to use the app or a remote control for these adjustments
No hands-free calling with Android phones without accessory
Although can pair with numerous devices, it allows only one active Bluetooth connection at a time
No telecoil option
No disposable battery option

Who is Signia Styletto IX for?

  • Adults with mild-to-severe hearing loss who want a full-featured rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aid.
  • People who prefer a design that looks more like an advanced communication or audio device than a hearing aid.
  • If you find yourself in dynamic listening places with a lot of talkers (e.g., work, meetings, events, parties, etc.) and are at least minimally tech-savvy and comfortable using an app, then Styletto IX may be for you.

Here's a Signia-produced video in which Signia Audiologist Barinder Samra explains how Styletto IX and its stigma-breaking design and features are helping bring more solutions to hearing aid wearers. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Signia Styletto IX features and technology

Apart from the cool appearance of Styletto, it’s what’s under the hood that matters when it comes to hearing aid performance, sound quality, and speech-in-noise processing. The "IX" in Styletto IX stands for “Integrated Xperience,” which builds on the company’s successful “Augmented Xperience” (AX) technology. It uses what Signia calls “split processing”: a front-focus stream to pick up the conversations in which you’re engaged, and a “surround stream” consisting mostly of sounds from the back. These two streams are processed independently, meaning speech sounds are separated from the background noise.

Styletto IX is offered in three technology levels (3IX, 5IX, and 7IX), with the 7IX being the highest tech tier and offering the most advanced features. We found a website that reports that the aid is available in other form factors, but it is only available in the Slim-RIC style. Having said that, both Styletto IX and AX are available with a CROS hearing aid option for people with single-sided deafness.

Signia's RealTime Conversation Enhancement

Essentially, Signia IX takes the split processing in AX to another level by dividing the front "focus stream" into three separate snapshots of sound. This means a total of four streams (three in front and one in back) are processed and analyzed independently. If speech is detected in the focus stream, the hearing aid increases the volume (gain) of that speech signal while reducing noise.

Signia Styletto IX

0 reviews

Listed prices are for a pair of hearing aids in US dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and may vary by region.

Busy Café
With device
Quiet Office
With device

Signia Styletto IX also employs motion sensors. Using spectral cues and information from your head movements, it can lock onto a talker in your group and increase the volume by steering the beamforming microphones to pick up speech signals. Called RealTime Conversation Enhancement, the goal is to amplify the speech of a person of interest—even if they’re moving or you’re turning your head.

According to Signia, the hearing aid does this by analyzing 192,000 data points per second, building a picture of the listening situation. It then augments the voices in the conversation while updating and adapting to the dynamic sound environment up to 1,000 times per second.

Signia Own Voice Processing

Another unique tech feature of the Signia IX is its Own Voice Processing (OVP) system. Experienced hearing aid users know that your own voice can sound strange or too loud when amplified, and it’s sometimes difficult to adjust to this problem. OVP is designed to allow the hearing aids to recognize your own voice and minimize its amplification without sacrificing other sounds you hear.

In this video, Audiologist and HearAdvisor Cofounder Steve Taddei, AuD, provides a look and listen at the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids—which use the same technology platform found inside Signia Styletto IX. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Wireless connectivity and controlling the device

Styletto IX is a Bluetooth hearing aid compatible with iPhone® (MFi) and Android™ (ASHA) for audio streaming. It also employs Bluetooth LE Audio and is Auracast-ready (with a future firmware update)—one of the first hearing aids to offer this exciting wide-area broadcast technology.

Styletto IX offers hands-free calling for iPhones, which means you will hear the person on the line through your hearing aids while also being able to talk with them without speaking into your phone, which can remain in your pocket or purse. For Android devices, you’ll be able to hear the person on the line through your hearing aids, but you’ll need to talk into your phone receiver like you normally would. Unfortunately, this device does not offer a telecoil option.

If you want to connect to a non-compatible device, the StreamLine Mic is a good option. This accessory provides hands-free audio streaming from most Bluetooth devices. Like all accessories, the StreamLine Mic comes at an additional cost to the hearing aids, but it can also work as a remote microphone. (We cover accessories in more detail below.)

Unlike most RIC hearing aids, the Styletto IX does not have onboard control buttons for adjusting volume, changing programs, or initiating phone calls and audio. However, compatible iOS (Apple) devices can utilize a tap feature. With this, you can double-tap on the hearing aid to accept a phone call or to start/stop other streamed audio. For people who want quicker access to the hearing aid's controls, Signia also offers its miniPocket remote control.

Signia app

The Signia App allows for volume and programming changes, as well as additional features such as tone control and fine-tuning of the directional microphones. There is also the My WellBeing App, a health and fitness tracker that keeps tabs on your number of steps taken, overall activity level, hearing aid wearing time, and estimated social interaction (conversations).

The Signia Apps works on both iOS and Android-compatible devices. You can check your phone's compatibility using the Signia Compatibility webpage. The webpage says hearing aid streaming is possible with Android OS version 11 or higher and Apple 11 or higher. Be sure to talk with your hearing provider about connectivity prior to purchasing your hearing aid, and sometimes it's a good idea to request a demonstration.

The Signia App's rating has improved significantly in just the past year. Currently (April 2024), it has a 3.1 (out of 5) star rating on Google Play for Android devices and a 4.2-star rating for Apple iOS. Historically, hearing aid apps have had low ratings due to complaints about pairing and losing connection, so it's great to see this trending more positive.

Audiologist Matthew Allsop shows how to pair your Signia IX hearing aids to the Signia App. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

One downside with Signia connectivity is that although you can pair several devices to your hearing aids, only one can be connected at any given time. If you use a lot of different devices (e.g., switching between a phone and a tablet) during the day, you may find this to be a hassle.

The app can help you manage connectivity and audio streaming, directional hearing, and sound balance, along with volume control and program changes. It also keeps you closer to your hearing provider with CareChat where you can contact them via text message or request a voice or video call. Some providers also allow for virtual appointments via the app, reducing the number of times you may need to visit the clinic.

The Signia App also features the AI-assisted fine-tuning tool Signia Assistant, which enables real-time adjustments to your hearing aids in various listening environments, enhancements to sound quality, and personalized programming without clinic visits. It provides answers to basic queries about device usage and troubleshooting via built-in guides and videos. However, online connectivity is required for Signia Assistant to function optimally, and programming changes are limited to the universal listening program, excluding enhancements for streaming audio.

Signia App Screenshots

Along with volume and program changes, the Signia App lets you control the directionality of the hearing aid, configure and personalize your programs using the AI-driven Signia Assistant, contact your hearing provider by video, text or phone, and monitor your activity levels with the My WellBeing feature.

All-day rechargeable power

You can expect up to 20 hours of use with Styletto IX on one charge. It comes with a new and unique charging case. While most charging cases only provide 1-3 extra charges, if any, the Styletto IX case gives you five full charges on the go before necessitating a recharge. Additionally, you can charge the case using a standard cable and outlet or via Qi wireless charging pad technology. There is also an optional Dry&Clean charger, which as its name suggests, helps to dry the devices while disinfecting them via UV light.

Signia Styletto Ix Chargers

The portable Signia Styletto charger and the Dry&Clean charger. Not shown to scale.

Durability and service life: How long do Styletto IX hearing aids last?

Depending on your environment, use, and maintenance, you should expect 3-6 years of service life out of your Styletto IX hearing aids.

Styletto IX has an Ingress Protection rating of IP68, which is the “gold standard” or highest level possible for moisture and dirt/debris resistance in hearing aids. Technically, the IP testing rating means Styletto IX can be submerged in water up to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) for up to 30 minutes—but they are not waterproof and we strongly suggest you keep them clean and dry!

Because Styletto IX is rechargeable and uses a sealed lithium-ion battery, it doesn’t have a battery door and is even more resistant to dirt and moisture, helping prolong its service life. But, like the lithium-ion batteries in your cell phone, the batteries will lose 10-15% of their power capacity per year; Signia says you can expect 80% of the battery's initial capacity after 2 years of use. This is true for all rechargeable batteries of this type, not just hearing aids.

In general, you should expect to get a minimum of 3 years of use from the hearing aids and a maximum of 5-6 years, depending on the conditions and how well you maintain them. Over this period, you will almost certainly need to have the in-ear receivers and possibly other parts replaced.

Some experienced hearing aid users request an “end-of-warranty refurbishment” prior to the manufacturer warranty’s expiration date (typically 2-3 years, depending on the vendor). Although there is usually a charge for this refurbishment, the hearing aid should come back operating essentially as if it’s new, extending its service life beyond 5 years. The downside is you may be without your aid for a short period, and you will be delayed in receiving the "state-of-the-art" technology that you'd get with the purchase of a new hearing aid.

Signia Styletto Ix On Kemar At Hearadvisor

Signia Styletto IX on the KEMAR test manikin in the HearAdvisor lab.

Styletto IX earns an A-grade for hearing aid performance in HearAdvisor lab testing

HearAdvisor testing shows that Signia Styletto Charge&Go IX offers great audio performance scoring on the higher end of prescription hearing aids with an overall SoundGrade of A. This is consistent with previous Signia products which have also performed well at HearAdvisor.

When comparing Styletto IX performance across Initial and Tuned tests, scores were similar, indicating Signia’s software does a good job recommending the appropriate settings from the get-go (although probe tube measurements are still recommended to verify performance on your ears). Overall, you can expect excellent audio performance with plenty of options for personalization between your hearing care provider and Signia’s mobile smartphone app.

Below are the lab scores for Signia Styletto IX7 for the five test parameters and two test conditions evaluated at HearAdvisor. The Initial Fit can be considered the results you'll get if the hearing care provider uses the manufacturer's "first fit" programming and the device is not optimized with procedures like real-ear measurement (REM); the Tuned Fit is the best fit an audiologist is typically able to achieve using best practice techniques typically used for optimizing hearing aid performance (REM, etc). In this particular case, the Initial and Tuned fittings were fairly similar. For the overall scores and to hear sound samples, please see the sidebar at the top-right of this page.

SoundScore (Grade) Speech in Quiet/Mod Speech in Noise Feedback Own Voice Streamed Audio
Initial Fit 4.6 (A) 4.0 2.6 4.6 3.7 2.7
Tuned Fit 4.4 (A) 3.9 2.4 3.6 3.7 3.1

HearAdvisor lab scores (0 to 5, with 5 being the highest performance level) for the Signia Styletto IX hearing aid in the five HearAdvisor parameters. The SoundGrade is determined by weighting the factors considered most important by consumers.

Excellent speech performance

Styletto C&G IX was found to offer excellent speech performance scoring at the higher end of flagship prescription hearing aids. Both Initial testing, which is based on manufacturer recommended default, and professionally adjusted Tuned settings performed similarly. Audio performance did decrease in noisy settings though this is expected of all devices given the technical challenge of keeping speech clear in loud noise situations.

Good overall feedback control

Minor sound quality artifacts and feedback, or squealing, were present when testing Styletto C&G IX. These were only present in extreme conditions when completely cupping the hearing aid and ear with my hands. This was good overall feedback performance and could be altered by changing the hearing aid programming and or the ear tip attachment, though this will affect other elements of audio quality such as speech clarity and or own voice.

Will your voice be boomy or sound unnatural?

Styletto IX scored relatively well in this category thanks to Signia’s vented sleeve ear tips. Unlike some ear tips, these should leave your ears feeling unplugged without a “boomy” voice quality. Signia hearing aids also offer Own Voice Processing which can further reduce sound quality issues while speaking.

Streamed Music

Styletto IX’s streaming audio quality was consistent with other prescription hearing aids and lower than other earbud-like hearing devices. You may experience better quality while streaming if your hearing aid is adjusted for music performance.

Subjective testing of Styletto IX

Dr. Taddei also evaluated the Styletto hearing aids on several important measures that can make a big difference in satisfaction with hearing aids. The table below summarizes his findings.

Side and back of head photos of Dr. Taddei wearing Styletto IX hearing aids

Here is how the Styletto IX hearing aids looked on Dr. Taddei during his testing at the HearAdvisor lab.

Feature Score Comment
SoundGrade A Signia Silk IX exhibited excellent audio performance when tested by HearAdvisor receiving the highest SoundGrade of A.
Support 5 Prescription devices like Styletto IX should offer you the greatest level of hearing care. You can also enjoy remote support from your hearing care provider through your mobile device using Signia Telecare.
Comfort 5 I found Styletto IX lightweight and a comfortable fit on my ears. Your hearing care provider can also assist with any comfort issues that may arise.
Battery life 4 Styletto’s rechargeable batteries will last up to 20 hours per charge (less with streaming). This is shorter than some other hearing aids but should be enough for most people.
Build quality 5 You can expect excellent moisture and debris resistance with Signia Styletto IX given their Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP68. Both the hearing aids and case are sturdy and built well.
Bluetooth 5 You should experience seamless Bluetooth capabilities with Styletto IX as it offers wireless streaming and hands free calling for both iOS and Android users. Styletto can also receive future updates to get the most out of Bluetooth Low-Energy, including being Auracast-ready.
App features 5 I found the Signia App to offer many useful features for personalizing hearing aids. Several of the features are unique to Signia, such as Mask Mode and Directional Hearing, and are a nice addition beyond the standard Volume control.
Handling 4.5 I had no issues with Styletto IX or the SIgnia App. The new black body color offers a nice contrast for those with low vision and the receiver-in-ear style should be manageable for nearly every user.
Design 4.5 Signia has done a good job with their new Styletto IX and color options. It has a modern look and offers a unique slimmer design on the standard receiver-in-canal hearing aid.

Subjective evaluation and comments about Signia Styletto IX hearing aids from Dr. Taddei.

What do users think of Styletto IX?

Styletto IX was released in March 2024, so there are few online comments from actual users. While they are different in some key ways, the newer Styletto IX is based on previous Styletto AX designs, so it's likely they share similar performance characteristics. If so, that’s a good thing because Styletto AX was one of the top-scoring hearing aids that the HearAdvisor lab has tested, earning a HearAdvisor Expert Choice Award. HearAdvisor notes that Styletto AX “achieved a great SoundScore of 4.2, which is only slightly lower than Styletto IX.

Comments from Styletto AX users on the Hearing Tracker Forum are very positive. For example, one user wrote:

I have Signa Styletto 7AX’s and am very pleased with pretty much everything about them. They’re small, lightweight and usually so comfortable that I often forget I’m wearing them. The only time I’ve needed to adjust the audio settings was once when trying to clearly hear a conversation in a very echoey room with loud music playing from a boom box. Using the iOS app I temporarily changed the hearing aid microphone direction to directly in front of me (where the speaker was sitting) and changed the “Balance” (as the app calls it) to 'soft.' That worked like a charm.”

— gyropilot in HearingTracker Hearing Loss Forum

We'll keep a lookout for Styletto IX user comments and report them in the next update of this article.

Final Verdict

One thing we don’t like about Signia Styletto models is their lack of onboard push-button controls. However, this hearing aid is completely automatic, offers tap controls (for iOS devices), and comes with a good app and optional accessories for adjusting settings—so this really isn’t a deal-breaker. But we are fans of having the option to manually change the volume/program via push buttons, a feature Styletto doesn't offer.

Overall, the Styletto IX is an advanced hearing aid that should satisfy users who are looking for good sound quality, audio streaming, and hearing-in-noise performance with rechargeability—plus a cool, elegant design. This is an excellent choice in hearing aids that scored very well in HearAdvisor testing, earning it an "A grade” in overall performance.

Where can you purchase Signia Styletto IX?

Styletto IX is available from state-licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists' offices and many local Hearing Care Providers. Signia's parent company, WS Audiology, also owns the retail hearing care network HearUSA, provides online hearing care and referral through, and the third-party managed care administrator TruHearing.

Accessories for Styletto IX

Below are the most popular accessories for Styletto IX. At the time of this writing, they cost about $160 to $200 each on Amazon. Note that some of these items may be purchased at Costco Hearing Centers, as Signia hearing aids use the same accessories as Costco's Rexton hearing aid line.

Signia Streamline Tv Streamline Mic And Minipocket

Signia Styletto IX accessories (r to l): Streamline TV, Streamline Mic, and miniPocket remote control. Images not shown to scale.

StreamLine TV

StreamLine TV transmits audio from your television directly to your hearing aids from up to 30 feet away. It pairs automatically with the hearing aids, and supports multiple hearing aid users at once. It comes with a variety of cables to work with most TVs, including optical input and output, and it supports Dolby Digital sound.

StreamLine Mic

The StreamLine Mic acts like a clip-on hands-free mobile headset, streaming audio into Signia hearing aids from any Bluetooth device, including mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. It also functions as a remote microphone, streaming a speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aids from a distance of up to 20 yards.


As its name implies, this is a small keychain-size remote that enables push-button control of hearing aid volume and programs—a desirable accessory since the Styletto IX has no onboard push-buttons.

What are some potential alternatives to Styletto IX?

As noted earlier, people who are attracted to Styletto IX because of its elegant slim-RIC style may also want to check out the Phonak Slim Lumity RIC, Widex SmartRIC, and Rexton BiCore SlimRIC prescriptive hearing aids, as well as the Sennheiser All-Day Clear Slim OTC hearing aid. Although Rexton is a well-known brand at Costco, its BiCore SlimRIC style is not currently available there.

Slim Ric Type Hearing Aids

Slim RIC style products include (clockwise from left) the Signia Styletto IX, Widex SmartRIC, Sennheiser All-Day Clear Slim, and Phonak Slim. Note that the Sennheiser All-Day Clear Slim is an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid. Hearing aids not shown to scale.

If you were attracted to Styletto IX because of its Bluetooth LE and Auracast-ready capabilities, you may also wish to explore ReSound Nexia, Jabra Enhance Pro 20, Oticon Intent, and Philips HearLink 50 hearing aids.

If you like the health and fitness tracking features of Signia's My WellBeing app, you may want to check out the Starkey Livio AI, Evolv AI, and Genesis AI product families and the Phonak Audéo Paradise and Lumity families.

As always, we encourage you to consult the latest updated ratings on the HearAdvisor Leaderboard, as well as comments about hearing aids of interest within HearingTracker's consumer-driven Hearing Loss Forum.

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HearAdvisor Sound Performance Lab Results

SoundScore 4.6
Speech in quiet 4.0
Speech in noise 2.6
My own voice 3.7
No feedback issues 4.4
Streaming quality 2.8

Maximum score for each category is 5 points. Green triangles (if present) denote above-average performance; hover your cursor over them to see the specific data.

Busy Café
Quiet Office
Audio Stream

Adjust volume to make "Open Ear" as loud as it would be in the real world, without hearing aids. Remove hearing aids while auditioning. High-quality headphones will improve results!

Recordings are made in a sound-treated acoustic test lab an 8-speaker ring presenting ambisonic recordings and an acoustic manikin. For more important listening notes, be sure to check out our hearing aid comparison engine.

HearAdvisor partners with HearingTracker to provide objective laboratory performance data. All hearing aids are fitted and performance-tested for mild sloping to moderate hearing loss. All audio samples cutoff above 10kHz. *Specific model tested: Signia Styletto IX 7IX.

Signia Styletto IX Physical Specifications

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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Signia Styletto IX Technology Levels

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email

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Signia Styletto IX Accessories

Charger with Qi-Charger Pad

Charger with Qi-Charger Pad


  • Battery Charger

Compatible Aids

  • Styletto IX


Enables push-button remote control of hearing aid functions.


  • Remote Control

Compatible Aids

  • Styletto IX
StreamLine Mic

StreamLine Mic

A wireless clip-on mic that streams audio to hearing aids from any Bluetooth device.


Compatible Aids

  • Styletto IX
StreamLine TV

StreamLine TV

Streams television sound to hearing aids over a distance of up to 30 feet (10 meters).


  • TV Streamer

Compatible Aids

  • Styletto IX
Styletto IX Dry&Clean Charger

Styletto IX Dry&Clean Charger

The Styletto IX Dry&Clean Charger charges hearing aids and provides UVC cleaning and drying.


  • Battery Charger
  • Hearing Aid Dryer

Compatible Aids

  • Styletto IX

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