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Rexton Hearing Aids

Models, Features, and Pricing for Costco, HearUSA, and other hearing aid dispensing offices
Rexton BiCORE hearing aid

Rexton's BiCore B Li M Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) rechargeable hearing aid.

Rexton is an established brand name in hearing aids, offering its products at Costco starting at about $1500, and also in independent practices within its parent group's dispensing networks which include HearUSA and HearCANADA, and Helix, as well as the online portal

Rexton was founded in 1955, and the company was acquired by Siemens Hearing Instruments in 1994. As part of its 2015 worldwide restructuring, Siemens sold its entire hearing aid division to what is now WS Audiology (WSA) headquartered in Denmark; Rexton's US headquarters are located in Minneapolis. Through growth and acquisitions, WSA is now the world’s third-largest hearing aid manufacturer, with brands that include Rexton, Signia, and Widex, as well as the aforementioned retail networks.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Rexton hearing aids, highlighting their technology, top models and features, and prices.

Rexton technology

Due to consolidation in hearing healthcare, some of the past technological achievements of today's smaller companies, like Rexton, are sometimes overshadowed by their much larger parent groups.

Perhaps Rexton's most notable contribution to hearing technology was the first patented Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid system in 1995. Although it wasn't called a "RIC” at the time, Rexton engineers designed and patented the “CIC-BTE,” a hybrid Completely-in-Canal hearing aid attached by a wire to a Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid processor (Rexton later sold the patent to Sebotek). RICs now constitute over 80% of the U.S. hearing aid market.

Today, Rexton hearing aids contain technology that closely resembles that of its sister company, Signia. For example, hearing aid models like the Rexton BiCore Slim RIC and the Signia Styletto AX share very similar award-winning designs and specifications.

While Rexton may be known for being a “budget brand,” its history and the in-house knowledge transfer from WSA guarantee its quality is on par with premium brands. In short, Rexton is a well-respected company that offers exceptional hearing aids at a very good price.

Photo of 5 color varieties of the Rexton Slim RIC hearing aids against yellow background

The Rexton BiCore Slim is available in 5 different color combinations and is very similar to WSA's award-winning Signia Styletto AX in terms of its design and technology.

  • Multi-voice focused processing - Rexton’s latest sound processing technology, found in Reach and BiCore hearing aids, splits the sound captured by bidirectional microphones into independent audio tracks. Speech directed at the hearing aid user is then processed separately from other environmental sounds. Rather than amplifying speech at the cost of background noise, Reach and BiCore processing achieves maximum speech intelligibility, while keeping the user attuned to what’s happening around them.
  • Speech Preservation Technology - Patented technology found in these hearing aids helps eliminate noise while boosting speech, so you can catch every word.
  • Binaural Link - The left and right hearing aids remain synchronized through this link—a technology Siemens/Signia pioneered.
  • Motion Sensor - This feature, first introduced in the MotionCore (M-Core) line, detects your movements in real-time and, using Rexton’s High Resolution Soundpro technology, automatically adapts its sound settings to your hearing situation.
  • Direct Audio Streaming - Most models support Bluetooth streaming from both iOS (via MFi) and Android (via ASHA), including hands-free streaming for compatible Apple devices. Models in the MotionCore and MyCore line only support iPhone streaming, although a transmitter (sold separately) can connect them to other Bluetooth devices, including an Android phone or a TV.
  • Lifeproof - Rexton touts the durability of BiCore hearing aids; they are designed to be impact, sweat, heat, UV, vibration, and chemical resistant, within reasonable limits.
  • IP rating - The IP68 rating of the BiCore B-Li Rugged model means it has water resistance to up to 30 minutes in 2 meters (6.4 feet) of water. The rugged case of the TruCore Mosaic HP 6c is IP67-rated, offering complete protection against dust over an extended period of time and water resistance during brief immersion in up to 1m (3.2 feet) of water.
  • Rechargeable batteries - Rexton Reach and BiCore R-Li models clock in at up to 24 hours per charge, while the MotionCore B-Li HP hearing aid offers up to 61 hours of runtime per charge. The travel chargers for BiCore hearing aids hold three full charges. You’ll find models with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in all of Rexton’s current product lines.
  • Tinnitus function - If you suffer from ringing in the ears, your hearing provider can unlock a program to match and mask your tinnitus (not available at Costco).
  • XPhone (Cross Phone) - While Rexton’s TruCore hearing aids lack Bluetooth streaming capabilities, they do feature XPhone technology, which makes it easier to hear conversations on any type of phone. As you’re holding the telephone receiver to one ear, XPhone will capture the audio signal and send it to both hearing aids.
  • ATEX certification - This EU certification clears a number of Rexton’s hearing aids for use in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres, for example, petrochemical plants, flour mills, or mines. However, the certification isn’t recognized outside the EU.

Rexton-produced video about the advanced features for its BiCore hearing aid product line.

Rexton hearing aid model releases

Costco Hearing Aid Centers

August 2023: BiCore B-Li M Rugged BTE and R 312 RIC

June 2021: BiCore R-Li 80 and T80 RIC, MotionCore (M-Core) B-Li HP BTE, M-Core iX instant-fit CIC

Other dispensing offices & networks

August 2024: Reach R-Li, Reach iX-CIC Li

April 2023: BiCore Rugged, BiCore B-Li M Rugged, BiCore B BTE (M/P/HP) MI BT, BiCore Slim RIC (SR), BiCore R-Li/Li T

October 2022: BiCore Li RIC/T†, BiCore Custom Li, BiCore Slim RIC†, BiCore R 312 (R Li, T) RIC†

March 2021: MotionCore (M-Core) B-Li, M-Core Slim RIC, M-Core R-Li, M-Core R312, M-Core iX instant-fit CIC, Sterling 8C

2018-19: MyCore Mosaic M/P 8C BTE, inoX CIC 8C, Sterling 8C CIC/IIC/ITE/ITE†

2016-17: TruCore Mosaic RIC and HP 6C BTE

Includes at least one CROS option for unilateral/single-sided deafness.

Rexton’s product line includes a comprehensive selection of prescription hearing aids in many styles. The following models are currently available at Costco Hearing Aid Centers:

  • BiCore R-Li RIC (receiver-in-canal), optionally with a telecoil
  • BiCore B-Li Rugged BTE (behind-the-ear)
  • BiCore R 312 RIC
  • M-Core B-Li M BTE (also in P & HP power models)
  • M-Core iX instant-fit CIC (completely-in-canal)

Most of these models support receivers that are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. The BiCore hearing aids offer Bluetooth streaming from both iOS (via MFi) and Android (via ASHA); M-Core hearing aids, except the iX CIC, offer iOS streaming although you'll need an accessory device for Android device streaming. All feature rechargeability except the R 312 RIC and the CIC which use disposable batteries.

We anticipate the Reach hearing aid line will make its way into Costco in the near future.

Other dispensing offices and clinics outside Costco (e.g., HearUSA, HearCanada, Helix, and some private clinics) may offer additional Rexton hearing aid models, including the new Reach family, Slim RICs, in-the-ear (ITE) and in-the-canal (ITC) devices, with some requiring custom earmolds. These hearing aids may also come in as many as 5 different technology levels, with more features and higher prices as you progress up the technology ladder or into custom products. For example, Rexton told HearingTracker that HearUSA “is mostly focused on the Essential technology levels with the Rexton brand,” but HearUSA does offer a "price match guarantee" program.

Costco, however, offers only the highest technology levels for all its hearing aid brands, including Rexton's competitor hearing aids Philips HearLink 9040 and Jabra Enhance Pro. Whether you purchase a Rexton hearing aid through Costco, one of WS Audiology’s own providers, or an independent practice, all are fit by licensed hearing care professionals after performing a hearing test.

Reach R-Li / R-Li T

Newest flagship RIC rechargeable hearing aid

Introduced in March 2024, Rexton Reach is the company's latest flagship hearing aid family. Reach builds on Rexton's BiCore technology—which splits speech into two separate processing tracks—to feature four focus tracks or beams. It is designed to scan the soundscape 1000 times per second, monitor the changing positions of speakers and their changing voice volumes, and then boost the prominence of speakers of interest.

A set of two black Rexton Reach receiver in canal hearing aids

Rexton Reach R-Li.

Rexton Reach is currently available in a rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model: R-Li T (T = Telecoil). It boasts a remarkable 39 hours of battery life, or 34 hours with 5 hours of streaming.

Reach hearing aids offer both iOS and Android connectivity, with hands-free calling with iOS phones. That means you can use them like a headset, hearing the caller and speaking to them through your hearing aids without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. For Android phones, you can hear the caller through your hearing aids, but you'll still need to speak into the phone receiver like you normally would to be heard.

Importantly, Reach also features Bluetooth LE and is Auracast-ready, making it "future-proof" for these exciting new technologies. Reach comes in 4 colors and is ATEX-certified.

Rexton Reach at Costco

Rexton Reach is now available to purchase at Costco for $1,499.99 a pair, including travel charger.

The NEW Costco Rexton Reach is Launched: Top Features Reviewed. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

BiCore R-Li / R-Li T

Rexton's advanced RIC rechargeable hearing aid

The BiCore R-Li is Rexton’s advanced Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid. It’s equipped with Rexton’s Speech Preservation Technology, ultra-fast synchronization (BiCore), an optional telecoil (T), and a new analog-to-digital converter that supports audio input of up to 117 dB, meaning it can handle loud sounds without distortion. It also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, hence the "Li" in the name.

As with Reach, Rexton BiCore RIC and BTE hearing aids offer both iOS and Android connectivity with hands-free calling with iOS phones. However, they do not have Bluetooth LE or Auracast like Reach.

A silver matted Rexton R-Li telecoil equipped hearing aid

Rexton BiCore R-Li T hearing aid.

At up to 39 hours per charge, the telecoil model has a significantly better battery life than its non-T counterpart, which only lasts up to 28 hours (or 24 hours with 5 hours of streaming). While the T-model is slightly bigger due to carrying additional components, the battery is actually the same size. Rexton told HearingTracker that “the chipsets have different power management circuits, thus different battery life.” Consequently, a 30-minute fast charge will give you up to 6 or up to 9 hours, respectively. BiCore R-Li/T uses the stationary Charging Station, and you can also opt for the Travel Charger RIC or Charging+ Station (see "Accessories" section below).

Both models are ATEX certified and are available in 10 colors, from pearl white to black and rose gold to deep brown.

BiCore R 312 RIC

Advanced RIC with a disposable battery and CROS option
A silver Rexton BiCore 312 battery powered hearing aid

Rexton BiCore R 312 hearing aid looks almost identical to its RIC counterpart except it for its battery compartment.

Like the Rexton BiCore R-Li / R-Li T flagship models, the R 312 RIC is equipped with Rexton’s latest technology, including direct audio streaming from Android and iOS. However, instead of a rechargeable battery, it comes with a replaceable 312 button-cell battery, which has a runtime of up to 89 hours. Even with 20 hours of streaming audio, you can still expect 72 hours of use time, says Rexton.

As with the R-Li / R-Li T, the R 312 RIC is available in 10 different colors. It also has a CROS hearing aid option for people with one-sided (unilateral) hearing loss.

BiCore Slim RIC (SR)

Elegant slim-line design with BiCore performance
A black and silver colored Rexton BiCore Slim RIC hearing aid

Rexton BiCore Slim RIC hearing aid.

Although not available at Costco, BiCore Slim RIC offers all the features of the above models and packages them into a sleek, elegant-looking rechargeable that looks more like a high-tech audio device than a hearing aid. Like the BiCore R-Li/T model, it offers direct audio streaming from iOS and Android smartphones, along with Multi-track Technology that removes unwanted noise, emphasizing speech sounds so you can focus on conversations even in busy environments. After a full charge, the hearing aid has a battery run time of up to 20 hours without audio streaming or up to 17 hours with 5 hours of streaming. It can use its stationary Charging Station or the Charging+ Station SR.

BiCore Slim is available in 5 different color combinations (see above) and is IP68 rated, the highest moisture/debris ingress protection available for hearing aids.

BiCore B-Li Rugged BTE

Advanced BTE with extra robust design for active users
A larger Rexton BiCore B Li M Rugged BTE hearing aid

Rexton BiCore B Li M Rugged Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid.

Rexton’s BiCore B-Li Rugged Behind-the-Ear (BTE) model is a great fit for active users. Built to resist sweat, rain, and even soapy showers, you can submerge it in up to 6 feet (2 meters) of water for up to 30 minutes—that’s equivalent to an IP X8 rating. This hearing aid is also tough enough to withstand the occasional drop from up to 6 feet (2 meters), and it’s scratch-resistant to boot. Finally, it contains Rexton’s latest technology, including a battery life of up to 39 hours, although recharging options are limited to a stationary Charging Station.

Rugged is ATEX-certified and available in 8 two-toned shades.

MotionCore (M-Core) B-Li BTE

MotionCore rechargeable aids with power
Three Rexton hearing aids and their corresponding chargers

Clockwise are Rexton BTEs: M-Core B-Li M with the Charging Station, and the M-Core B-Li P and M-Core B-Li HP with stationary charging stations.

Rexton’s M-Core B-Li rechargeable hearing aids feature an integrated motion sensor and software that helps them recognize and adapt to up to 120 hearing situations. Available in three different versions — M (moderate), P (power), and HP (high power) — the model with the HP receiver is suitable for severe to profound hearing loss, while the M and P receivers are available for moderate and severe losses. Each M-Core model supports direct audio streaming (e.g., for music, podcasts, videos, etc) via Bluetooth for compatible iOS devices, but you'll need an accessory (sold separately) if you want to stream audio from M-Core to an Android phone or device.

The M-Core B-Li HP will last you for up to 61 hours on a single charge. The P and HP can be purchased with the optional Charging+ Station (see Charging Station details below).

M-Core iX instant-fit CIC

Tiny discreet hearing aid with basic features
Rexton CIC battery-powered hearing aid against a black background

Rexton M-Core iX instant-fit Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aid with click sleeve.

Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aids virtually disappear in your ear canal, making them the most discreet way to boost your hearing. The M-Core iX’s “instant-fit” design doesn’t require a custom earmold. Instead, the hearing aid will be fitted with a click sleeve, similar to earbud tips, that’s properly sized for your ears.

Despite its compact form factor, the M-Core iX packs the MotionCore technology that can automatically adapt to your hearing situation. Although the iX can be adjusted with the app, it does not stream Bluetooth audio. Its replaceable Size 10 button-cell battery will last for up to 70 hours.

The Rexton Hearing Aid App

The Rexton hearing aid app lets you remotely adjust volume, sound balance, directionality (not available in some lower technology levels), and personal programs set by your hearing provider for specific listening situations. You can also check your battery levels and use TeleCare to share daily feedback with your hearing care provider. If something isn’t right, Rexton Assist is available 24/7 to help you adjust, troubleshoot, or fix minor issues.

Three screenshots of Rexton app controls for volume, directional control, and audio streaming

The Rexton App allows for adjusting volume (both individual hearing aids or as one slider), changing the focus of the directional microphones, streaming audio, as well as changing programs pre-loaded into the devices by your hearing provider or even contacting your provider remotely.

The app works for both iPhone and Android, and is available for all Bluetooth Rexton hearing aids. At this writing, it has a 3.3-star and 4.2-star rating (out of 5 stars) on Google Play and Apple App Store, respectively. This is an average and good rating for hearing aid apps, respectively. As with other apps, most of the complaints on the Android revolve around connectivity issues.

Check your smartphone for compatibility with Rexton hearing aids and app

The Rexton app is available for both iPhone (iOS 14.0 or later) and Android (Android 9 and later). Make sure your smartphone is compatible with the Rexton hearing aids you're considering and the wireless features you need by visiting the Rexton Device Compatibility webpage and discussing compatibility with your hearing provider.

Rexton hearing aid accessories

Rexton hearing aids come with a basic set of accessories, including a carrying case or a charging station for its rechargeable models. But you may want to upgrade.

Charging Stations

Rexton’s rechargeable hearing aids come bundled with a charging station and all of the above featured models come with at least one other charging station option. Most support 30-minutes fast charging and will charge in 4 hours. In most cases, you can upgrade to a premium model with advanced features.

Three types of chargers available for Rexton hearing aids

Clockwise from top left: Travel Charger, Charger+, and stationary Charging Station.

BiCore R-Li/T and B-Li RIC models include the Charging Station R / B, which supports 30-minutes fast charging, fully charges in 4 hours, and is powered through a fixed charging cable.

  • You can upgrade to the Charging+ Station, which can fast charge, dry, and sanitize your hearing aids with UV light.
  • If you’re on the go a lot, you might want to add the Travel Charger, which provides up to 3 charges and doubles as a carrying case. It supports 30-minute fast charging and recharges via USB-C.

M-Core B-Li BTE models’ charging station also supports 30-minute fast charging and connects to a USB charging cable.

  • Pick the Charging Station or Charging+ Station if you’d like a 2-in-1 charger and carrying case. Both charging stations support fast charging. Like its BiCore equivalent, the Charging+ Station has an integrated drying and UV cleaning functionality.

BiCore Slim RIC model's Charging+ Station offers 30-minute fast charging and 4 hours for a full charge. As above, it offers an integrated drying function and UV cleaning light.

  • Choose the Slim RIC Travel Charger 2.0 for on-the-go charging for up to 4 full charges if you're traveling someplace where a power outlet may not be available. Offers 30-minute fast charging, and charges in 3 hours via USB-C and 6 hours via Qi wireless charging.

Smart Transmitter 2.4

This Bluetooth transmitter connects to your TV or stereo system to stream audio directly to one or more hearing aids with Dolby Digital sound.

Three examples of accessories for Rexton hearing aids

Right to left: Smart Transmitter, Smart mic, and Smart Key (devices not shown to scale).

Smart Mic

Not only does the Smart Mic work as a companion microphone and remote control, it can also stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices that don’t support direct streaming, such as older Android phones. Likewise, if you have a Bluetooth hearing aid that can’t stream directly to iOS or Android, the Smart Mic presents a workaround. It connects to both your Bluetooth device and your hearing aid to relay sound from the device to your ears.

Smart Key

Resembling a car key, the Smart Key is a stealthy remote control for your hearing aids, particularly useful for people who either want a supplement to, or a replacement for, their smartphone app. You can use it to control the volume and switch between hearing programs. The Smart Key is compatible with most Rexton hearing aids, but is best-used with models in the MyCore, TruCore, and the older QuadCore and Essential lines.

HearingTracker independently reviews products and services. When you buy through our links or using our discount codes, we may earn a commission.

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