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Widex UNIQUE Passion 440 Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Rated 8
  • Dust
    Rated 5
IP Rating (Liquid)
IP Rating (Solid)
Disposable Batteries
Tinnitus Relief
Release Date: 21 October 2015

Widex UNIQUE Passion 440 Product Information

You might recognize the new Widex UNIQUE 440. On the outside it looks very similar to the Widex Dream 440, and Widex Passion 440, but on the inside it sports a few significant changes. The new UNIQUE platform introduces "Sound Class Technology", which provides "automated classification of sound environments and optimal sound processing determined by the sound classes," four wide-input analog-to-digital converters and a new "Wind Noise Attenuation" that Widex claims provides dramatically reduced wind noise. 

Widex UNIQUE Passion 440 Videos

Widex UNIQUE Sound Class Technology

  • Sound class technology – means less need for changing programs
  • Distinct sound classes – automatically classifies the sound environment
  • Speech detector - determines whether prominent speech is present
  • Intelligent internal controller - assures optimal audibility or comfort in each sound class
  • Smooth transitioning between controller settings - ensures that users aren’t disturbed when the hearing aid changes between listening environments

Widex UNIQUE Analog-to-Digital Converters

This Widex video explains the benefits of their new 4 A/D converter system:

  • 4 dedicated A/D converters - deliver full feature functionality with all input types
  • 113 dB SPL upper limit - means fewer artifacts in noisy environments
  • 5 dB SPL lower limit - gives access to more soft level sounds
  • Linear throughout the range - means a full soundscape across the whole frequency range

Widex UNIQUE Wind Noise Attenuation

Benefits of the Wind Noise Attenuator (WNA):

  • Improved speech understanding in wind
  • Better sound quality in windy conditions
  • Less chance users will need to remove their hearing aids when outdoors

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Widex UNIQUE Passion 440 Features

The Widex UNIQUE Passion 440 has ip rating (liquid), ip rating (solid), disposable batteries, directionality, and tinnitus relief.

Hardware Features

IP Rating (Liquid)


IP Rating (Solid)


Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 10

Software Features


Tinnitus Relief

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